1 Girl, be thrown away.

A child of God is one who appears in the world from time to time and is loved by God.
He is loved by God and blessed by the world. The land where the child lives is promised to flourish.
God will not allow the land where the Son lives to be abandoned.
It is said that the Son has special powers.
If a child is blessed by God, happiness is given to him.
The divine child is a child loved by God. That's why people sought him out.

 I'm Lerunda. Seven years old. I'm alone in the woods.

 I had a family I could barely call my own, but they just abandoned me.

 The reason is because my sister is considered a god's beloved child and will be taken in with my parents.
 Originally, I was born as the younger sister of twin sisters.
 But my sister and I were not alike at all. My sister was so beautiful that I wondered if she was really born from my parents. She had a different facial structure, which gave her the impression of being special. In the country village, she was much admired. They paid her tribute for her beauty. Even though she was just a child. And thanks to her, our family was wealthy for a villager. But I was discriminated against because I wasn't as beautiful as my sister. They didn't give me much food, so I ate outside the village by myself. Strangely enough, I was never attacked by demons and always happened to be able to eat.

 I didn't know anything about the outside world, I didn't know how to live, and I didn't dare to leave the village because I was afraid of the outside world even though I happened to be alive.

 I felt that my sister was a princess and I was no more than a servant.

 They said they wanted me to die soon, but I ate well and didn't die. The villagers also said it was not appropriate for me to be her sister, and threw things at me. But luckily, I didn't always get hit by them. They said it was even creepier for other people.

 My mom would raise her hand to me and I'd accidentally trip over it.
 Or when my father tried to kick me, a snake happened to pass by his feet and he jumped back, injuring him. These things happened and he was not violent. I was told I was a god of misfortune.

 But that day--the day the priests came and said my sister was the divine child in this house, I thought. I thought I was the godson.

 That would explain why I wasn't attacked by a demon when I went out of the village. It would also explain why people were unnaturally reluctant to raise their hands when they tried to do something to me.
 ......, but that was just a thought, I wasn't sure if that was the case.
 But now that my parents have told me they don't want me, and I've been kicked out of the village, as I walk through the forest I can't help but feel like I'm a godson.
 Because I can conveniently find food. I've never been attacked.

 In fact, a kind horse even gave me a ride before my feet started to hurt. I think they're bigger than the horses in the village. I think he's some kind of demon. Because he was kicking the air. But he's very kind.
 I think about the future on the horse. What I want to do now.

 I think he's a godson. The priest who came to my house said only that the children of this family were. My parents only presented my sister to the priest and didn't tell him they had a daughter. I have no intention to say I am a child. I just don't have the means to prove it, nor do I want to be.

 I honestly don't know where the horse is going. I've never even seen a map, so I don't even know what's straight ahead.

 But if I'm really a godson, I don't think any dangerous place ahead is dangerous for me. So I took it easy and was surprised to find myself in a gryphon's nest, but the gryphon was very good to me. They shared their food with me, put me on their soft backs, and more.

 I don't know what's going to happen next, but I know I'm going to survive, so I've decided to take it easy.


 At any rate, my goal is to find my goal, which I don't really understand, but that's okay, I'm going to sleep in a nest of gryphons with my baby gryphons.

 ---A girl is abandoned.
 (Maybe the girl who is a godchild sleeps in the gryphon's nest)