2 Girl and Griffon 1

 I wake up to the sound of a gryphon.

 It's already been a few days since the horse brought me to the gryphon's nest.
 Yes, the horse is with me. The horse and the gryphon are probably two different beings, but they seem to be getting along. While I said that my goal is to find a goal, I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to do or how I want to live.

 I'm probably a godson, though I can't be sure. But I don't feel that everything is allowed just because I am a god child. I have lived in a village where I was neglected, and I wonder if my mother and father would have changed their attitudes if they had found out that I was a godchild instead of my sister.

 As soon as I woke up in the morning, I went to wash my face. I take a gryphon to the river and wash my face. I also get some drinking water. In the gryphon's nest, there are many small things collected by the gryphons, including a water bottle, which I clean and use.
 The gryphons dipped their mouths into the river and drank the water, so the little gryphons would look at me strangely when I used the water bottle.

 I never thought that I would be able to spend time with a gryphon, a demon that I would never see if I lived in a village.
 The reason I thought it might be a godson ...... was because I didn't happen to encounter any demons or happen to have any food available. And because the horse was so kind to me. But ...... I don't think that all demons are friendly to me. If all creatures are kind to me, then I can't explain why my family and village people were like that. Maybe it depends on the creature, or something.

 But to be honest, I don't know.
 If I had been formally taken in by the temple as a child, I might have understood what the children of the gods were like.

 There's nothing I can do in the gryphon's nest.
 The gryphons come back after hunting, but to be honest, I can't hunt any living thing. I've never learned to do that. But I've heard that some of the gods and goddesses use amazing magic, so I think I might be able to use it ......, but I can't immediately use something I haven't learned.

 By the way, we eat food that the gryphons have hunted and roasted over the fire. The fire was made by a horse. What are you, really?

...... Griffon, sir.

 I talk to the gryphons. The gryphons seemed to understand my words and responded when I called out to them.
 But then again, I'm not very good at talking, since I haven't talked much.
 When the gryphon turns around, I say something to it.

I also want a job .......

 Then the gryphon made a little thoughtful gesture and said something. But while my words seem to be getting through to the gryphon, I honestly don't know what the gryphon is saying.

"...... Sorry, I don't understand.
"Guru ..........

 The griffon pouted. I'm sorry, but I really don't understand.
 It's best if you can communicate with the gryphon. ....... I can tell a little by their gestures, but it's hard to tell what they're saying by their cries.

 I'd like to be able to understand the language of the gryphons, I thought.

 I want to give something back to the gryphons and the horses because they have been so kind to me. I wonder what I can do. I'm only seven years old and I think I'm a god child, but I have no idea what I can do, and I feel useless and a little depressed.

 When I was depressed, a horse took me for a walk.
 ...... Hmm, I wonder what would make the horse and the gryphons happy. I'm sure the little gryphons would be happy to be petted by me, so maybe brushing them would make them happy. That's one thought that came to mind. But the only problem is that I don't have a brush. I wondered if I could find one among the things the gryphon was collecting.
 So after I returned from my walk with the horse, I searched for the brush. I found them. Or rather, a lot of them. I wonder if they have a habit of bringing brushes when they find them. I don't know, but after I washed the brush once, I went out in front of the little gryphons and they came at me with sparkling eyes, so I'm sure they'll be happy to have me brush them.

"It doesn't hurt, does it ......?

 I asked as I ran the brush through the gryphons, since this was, of course, my first time brushing them. The gryphon's fur is soft and comfortable to the touch. It makes me happy to hear them scream with pleasure.
 After brushing the baby gryphons, the adult gryphons and horses looked at me like they wanted me to do it, so I brushed all of them, although it was hard because there were so many of them.
 I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished brushing them all.

 ---The girl and the gryphon 1
 (Probably the girl who is a godson is relaxing with a gryphon)