3 Girl and Griffon 2

"Round and round.
"Round and round and round.
"round, round, round, round, round.
"round, round, round, round, round.

 The baby gryphons are chirping in front of me. What was going on? I sang a song I had memorized, and the baby gryphons started to imitate it.
 I was surprised that they could hear and mimic the phrase I was singing in a really low voice.

 But it's kind of cute.

 In this gryphon nest, there are six adult gryphons and four baby gryphons. The baby gryphons and I spend a lot of time together. The adult gryphons do some hunting and stuff.
 All six gryphons have been very good to me. And of course, the horses. There is one adult gryphon in particular who takes very good care of me. He has a scar on his eye and I think he is the mother of two of my gryphons. Maybe. To be honest, I don't know the difference between male and female gryphons, but I asked her if she was the mother. I don't know the difference between male and female griffons to be honest, but when I asked her if she was the mother, she said "Guru", so she must be.

"Guru, guru, guru, guru!

 The baby gryphons are singing happily. I had an idea of a child gryphon choir. But I think it would be really relaxing if such a thing existed.

 If I knew more songs, I could teach them to the child gryphons, but I don't know much about singing. I don't know much about songs. Songs and music are for those who have money, and all I know is something I learned from someone singing in the village.
 The baby gryphons began to sing, circling around me. They had been singing in a line, but now they wanted to sing while moving. They seemed to enjoy singing in circles. I'm getting dizzy, so I sit down.

 I sit down in the center of the nest. This nest was built by adult gryphons. I was surprised to see them expand it after I arrived, and I was amazed at how they did it.
 After a while, one of the little gryphons got tired of singing and stuck to me. Warm. I stroked his wing. It's purring pleasantly. I'm glad they're happy.

 Then the other three singing birds came close to me, purring as if to say "me too, me too," and I stroked them all.
 They were so fluffy that it felt good.
 I was so happy to be petted and fluffed up.
 The little gryphons felt good to be petted.
 How nice for both of us, I thought.

 An old man in the village told me that demons have special meanings in their names. Thinking about it, that old man, who is now dead, used to warn my parents that they were discriminating against my sister and me too much. He was a good grandfather.
 He used to travel around a lot, and I heard stories about him. I remembered this and wondered if I should name the gryphons after him. I wondered if it would be okay to name the gryphons, and later, the horses, if naming them would have a special meaning to them. But I've been able to live just fine without naming them, so I've been putting off other things for now.
 A child gryphon is peeking at me as I ponder for a moment.
 I wonder if it's saying, "What's the matter? I don't know what it's saying because I can't understand it, but I think it's saying.

Thank you for worrying about me. ......

 The baby griffon cried as if it deserved it.
 That day, the mother gryphon gave me some things, as if she had heard something from the baby gryphon or where she had brought them from. They were things that the gryphon had stored in the nest, or fruits from outside the nest, and so on.

 What should I do now?
 I've been thinking about it, but I'm so comfortable with the current peaceful days that I haven't decided yet. For the time being, I'm just relaxing and being pampered by the gryphon and the horse.

 I've been brushing the griffon and the horse a lot lately, so I think I've gotten better at it. But other than that, I haven't done anything special.
 In the middle of the song with the baby gryphons, the adult gryphons joined in. It was fun to see the gryphons singing in what could be called a chorus. The horse tried his best to sing, but he couldn't sing as well as the gryphons and was a little depressed.

 The days went by singing, brushing, playing with the baby gryphons, and being taken care of by the adult gryphons and the horse.
 Then one day, a mother gryphon came back from hunting with a scar on her eye. It wasn't a serious injury. But it was a shock to me.

Griffon, ......

 I was shocked, but my mother gryphon comforted me. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 ...... I love gryphons, and I don't want them to get hurt, I thought as I thought of the injured mother gryphon.

 I thought about the injured mother gryphon for many days after the injury.

 Then, one day, I had a strange dream. I felt like I was being asked a question. When I woke up, I couldn't remember the content of the dream, but I felt like I nodded my head.
 After I woke up from the dream, there was a change in the mother gryphon.

 ---The girl and the gryphon 2
 (Maybe the girl who is a godchild feels comfortable living with the gryphon and the horse. And I hope she doesn't get hurt because I love her so much.