4 Girl and Griffon 3


 I woke up to find that my mom's gryphon had changed.
 I don't know if it has anything to do with the dream I had last night or not, but I was surprised when I woke up. Only one of the mother gryphons had a golden coat. She was also a bit bigger.

 How cool!

 I couldn't help waking up and admiring the mother gryphon as I circled around her. So cool! And that's all I could think.

Guru (embarrassed).
"Gurururu (embarrassed to be seen so much).

 With the sound of the mother griffon crying, something came in. I wonder if that's what the mother gryphon is saying.

"Embarrassing ......?
What you're saying ......, I think I've become ...... to understand.
Guru? Really?

 After having such a conversation with the mother gryphon, I thought that maybe I could have a conversation with the other gryphons. But the other gryphons were still the same.

 I wondered if the change in my mother's appearance was the reason why she was able to talk to me. I don't know, but it seems that the mother gryphon also had a strange dream. I don't remember much of the content of the dream, but the mother gryphon seemed to remember it well and explained it to me.
 She said she was asked something like "Do you swear to protect me? ...... You swear to protect me, and change will come, hmm, I don't know.
 So he accepted, and when he woke up, he was changed.

"Guru ......
"Guru ......

 While I was having a conversation with the mother gryphon, the child gryphons were making a kind of depressed noise. I asked the mother griffon to translate for me, and she said that they were sad because they couldn't speak.
 I'm also sad that I can't speak.

"Guru guru guru.
"A contract?

 The mother gryphon said to me and the child gryphons who were depressed. I don't understand what you mean by a contract.

"Name it and you can make a contract.
"Name it?

 I wonder if this is what my grandfather meant when he said that giving a name has a special meaning.
 It seems that a contract is made when you give a name to a demon, the demon accepts it, and the demon's power is bound to yours. It is said that the existence that follows such demons is called a demon hunter.

 I also learned about the family relationships of the gryphons, which I couldn't understand when I couldn't speak the language. The gryphons in this nest are a mother gryphon, her husband's gryphon and two of his children, the mother gryphon's sister and her husband's gryphon and one of their children, a gryphon who lost her husband, one of her children who is an adult gryphon, and one of her children. And a child gryphon. That's it.

 And the horse is a demon named "Skyhorse". It is said that the horse's race cannot use fire magic, but the horse was a mutant that could use fire magic and was abandoned, then raised by the mother gryphons.
 That's why he saved me, partly because he was abandoned.
 It made me wonder if such things happened to demons as well.

"Guru Guru, they want you to name it.
"Are you sure ......?

 And so I decided to think of a name.
 Ten gryphons and a horse, that's eleven names. To be honest, I had a hard time thinking of names. It's the first time I've ever given someone a name, and it's hard to think of one.

 When I was having a hard time, my mother told me that I could use any name that came to mind.

 After some deliberation, I came up with the following names for each of them.

 First of all, the mother gryphon was Raymar, her husband gryphon was Lulmar, and the child gryphons were Lema for the older brother and Luma for the younger sister.
 The wife of Raymar's sister and her husband is Lilja, her husband is Kamiha, and the female gryphon of her child is Rumyha.
 The gryphon who lost her husband is Wanong. The adult gryphon is Rion. The baby gryphon is Yuin.
 The horse is named Sipho.
 I named him Sifo. It doesn't have any particular meaning. It's just a family name. But everyone was happy.

"Guru Guru.
"Guru Guru." "I want to be golden like my mother!
"Guru Guru." "I'm Lumiha!
"Guru? Guru Guru? (Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

 After signing the contract, I felt something drained out of me. Is this what magic is? I don't know, but I sat down, a little tired, and each of the child gryphons opened their mouths.
 Lema was happy to sign the contract, Luma said she wanted to be like Raymar, Lumiha happily introduced herself, and Yuyin asked if I could really hear her.

 I replied to each of the cute little gryphons.

"Guru Guru? (Do you have any problems?)
"No ...... clothes.

 After a while, I was happy to be able to communicate with them, but then Yuyin asked me a question. He asked me if I had any problems in my life here, and I told him what I had been struggling with lately.

 Demons don't wear clothes. But I can't stay naked. All I had were the clothes I was wearing when I was thrown away, and I was starting to need a change of clothes.

 Speaking of which...
"Guru Guru!
 I'm not sure who's going to bring it to me.

 The ---- girl and the gryphon 3
 (Maybe the girl who is a godson made a contract with a gryphon and a horse.