5 She worries her mind.

'No!!! Why should I, a godson, have to do that!
"Because a child is a special being and must study. Please understand.
What? I don't want to study!

 I don't want to study!" The girl ranting in front of me is Alice, who was brought from the village as a divine child.
 She is seven years old and has beautiful eyes. Her parents looked like ordinary villagers, but Master Alice does not look like a villager. She has beautiful shiny golden hair and a beautiful face. When I saw her for the first time, I was so impressed by her mysterious appearance that I thought she was a divine child.

 But now, I, Landono Stoffer, am almost distantly wondering if this is the divine child.

 I was born as the fourth daughter of a count in the Kingdom of Fairytlov, and I have been studying theology, the study of gods and divine children. Of course, I studied other fields as well, but learning about gods and godchildren was what I enjoyed the most. I went on to study, and worked as a teacher for the children of nobles. As a result of my academic career, I am now almost 20 years old and have not married.
 When I was offered the job of educator for Kamiko-sama, I nodded happily. However, Master Alice was more of a handful than I had expected.

Study is important, Alice. A divine child has various powers. You have to use them correctly.

 A divine child is a child who is loved by God. Since divine children appeared in the past more than a hundred years ago, there are few documents and I do not know the power of divine children correctly.

 However, there are records of them being loved by beings with strong influence from gods who love them, and being able to control the weather. There are many gods in this world. As a result of research, it is known that there are differences depending on which god's child you are. Even if you are a divine child, you are not all-powerful.
 For example, there is a record of a divine child who existed a hundred years ago, who was the divine child of the ice god Hyono-sama, and was close to the water spirits.

I don't know anything about that!

 "I don't know that!" Alice said, even though I told her that studying was important. Then she stood up.
"I'm not doing it!
 and walked out of the room.

 After she left, I let out a sigh.

 I wondered if that was really the Divine Child.
 It is only recently that people have begun to whisper about the possible appearance of a divine child in this country. For the past seven years, the country has been less prone to natural disasters. Before that, the country had been experiencing poor crop yields, but this has also disappeared. And the country has been prospering well. At first, it was said that this was due to the policy of the King, but it was too smooth for that.

 People began to whisper that perhaps a divine child had appeared.

 The reason for the delay in discovering the existence of the Divine Child was that the only being in this country who could hear the voice of God had died eight years ago. I heard that the reason why they were able to find out the location of the divine child this time was because a dozen or so priests performed a ritual that was transmitted to the temple and somehow managed to hear the voice of the god. After hearing the oracle, the dozen or so priests are said to be still lying down due to the effects of the ritual.

 ...... The story goes that because the country failed to nurture beings who could hear the voice of God, it could not immediately protect the divine child.
 This is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your time with your family and friends.

 I'm trying to get her to study somehow, but it's not going well.
 Also, the divine child can give blessings to living beings. And the beings who are blessed are called knights. A hundred years ago, a being blessed by a divine child was called a hero.
 As far as I can tell from the literature, not all things can be blessed and the number of beings that can be blessed is limited, but it says that if you are blessed and become a knight, you will get power.
 There are many who want to receive a blessing from the Divine Son and become a Knight of the Divine Son.

If you're going to be appearing in public as a priestess, you can't be like that. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

 There are a lot of people who want to be associated with the divine child. Royalty is no exception. If you want to get involved with royalty and nobility, you need to learn more about manners. But I didn't think that ...... Alice would be willing to learn that.

 She is told from above not to make the gods uncomfortable, to make them feel good, and so on. And yet, it's hard to ...... make them learn what they need to learn.
 I think Alice is uncomfortable just because I am telling her to study. I was worried that if I made a bad impression on Alice, who is a divine child, I would be punished by the gods, but so far that hasn't happened, so I've managed to be careful.

 I think that even if you scold her, she will not be punished by the gods ......, but if that happens, Alice will cry to the people around her. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 ...... The higher-ups are telling me to let her learn, Alice is like that, and the people around me are telling me not to bother her, what should I do?

 ---What should I do?
 (The woman who has become her sister's educator is in trouble)