6 Girl, meet.

"Round and round and round.
"Round and round.
"Round and round and round.
"round and round!

 The four little gryphons, Lema, Luma, Lumiha and Yuin, are singing happily. They seem to be enjoying singing. I also enjoy watching them sing.
 By the way, except for Raymer, none of the other gryphons have changed the color of their fur or gotten bigger. I don't know what made them do it, and I kind of wished to turn Luma into gold, but I feel like I was stopped in my dream. I don't know why.

 Raymar said that he became stronger after the change came. She was happy to be strong. Her husband, Rulmar, was depressed because he lost a hunt. Hang in there.

"Hihihi? (Lelanda, do you want a ride?)
"I want to ride .......

 After singing a song with the child gryphons, I decided to go for a walk with Sifo. By the way, the language that I've come to understand after signing the contract is the language that comes through somehow, so I'm not sure if they're really talking to me in that tone. However, when it comes to Rahmah, who has changed, the tone of voice seems to be that of a thinking person.
 I'm not sure.

 By the way, it seems that the clothes will be brought to you. When I asked the child gryphons who would bring it to me, they only said "someone who brings it to me", so maybe they've never met it. To be honest, I don't know.

 In the end, I didn't ask the ramers if I could get clothes.

 Sifo kicking and running in the wind. It's fun to walk on it. Feel the wind. It feels good. Traveling in the sky in the warm sunshine. I can't imagine what it was like when I was in the village.

 I'm taking a walk near the gryphon's nest. When I told Wanong that I was going for a walk, he said, "Close by," so I'm near the nest. The gryphon's nest is deep in the forest. I probably didn't get attacked by a demon until I was brought to the Griffon's nest because I'm a divine child, but that's just luck, I guess. It's not like he's actually recognized as a godson, and we don't know what his powers are.
 It doesn't mean that you will never be attacked, so you have to be careful. It's impossible for all demons to be kind to me.


 I enjoy walking on the horse, so I spin a song in a small voice.
 Since I started singing with everyone, I have been enjoying singing very much, even though it was not like that when I was in the village. When I sang, everyone seemed to be happy.

"Hee hee hee!

 Sifo tries to sing along. It's not quite right. I wonder if I'm out of tune. But Sifo seems to be having fun, so I sing along. Yeah, it's fun.
 And then I hear something move.

 Is something there? I stopped singing and turned around to see a little boy about my size. I stared at the boy's figure.

 He has ears on top of his head. And a tail, which I don't have as a human.
 Fluffy, fluffy.
 My eyes are glued to it.

 It's on a human body. I've never seen one before. I wonder if it's a beastman. I jump off the sifo.

 The sifo says, "Hihin! Sifo shouts, "Hichin! but I approached the boy, curious. The dark-haired boy is frozen in place. I wondered why he was so frozen.
 He's about my height.

"Hey, .......

 When I spoke to him, he gave me a surprised look. Why?

"Can I touch your ears and tail, ......?
"Yes? Wait, wait, wait.

 It's okay, isn't it? I thought to myself, "It's okay, right?" I was enjoying those fluffy, fluffy ears and tail. I stroked it to my heart's content. My hands had stroked the gryphons and the sifo so much and made them purr so much that I think it felt good for the boy. He tried to say something, but his voice trailed off.

 I've never seen a beastman before, but it's nice and fluffy.
 The boy who sat down after being stroked was cute.

...... satisfied

 When I was finally satisfied, I saw a little boy sitting down and screaming inaudibly.
 I wonder if those ears are wolves. There must be all kinds of beastmen. I don't know much about them. I don't know much about them, but they are different from gryphons and siefos.

Hihihiin ...... (Lerunda ......)
...... Sipho, what's wrong?
"Hyah, hyah, hyah.
Baboon, baboon.
 Oh, is that so?

 ---Girl, meet.
 A girl meets a beastman boy.