7 girl and boy.

"Then I'll take responsibility for .......
What? What are you talking about, ......?
I'm touching it now, because I heard it had a special meaning.
No, that doesn't make it any easier to say. ...... Who told you that?

 The boy's expression changed from time to time, which was interesting. He asked me who told me, so I said Sifo's name and pointed to him.

Do you understand the language?
I have a contract.
"You have a contract with ......? Does that mean you're accepted by Skyhorse?
"I don't know if I'm approved, but we're good friends.

 It's not often that a demon makes a contract, judging by the surprised look on his face. To be honest, I don't have any knowledge of such things, so I don't know what's special and what's not special.

"The boy is ......, why are you here?
"Boy, I have a name, Gaius. I'm named Gaius. We have our own gods here! I've brought tribute with my dad and the others!
Yeah! I don't know what it is, but my dad said he wanted some clothes.
Clothes: ......?

 Could it be, I think...
 I think that maybe the God that Gaius, the beast boy, is talking about is .......

I don't know how you know that. Can you read minds?

 Gaius is looking at me with great anticipation. But unfortunately, I can't read minds. I'm sure you're not the only one who can read minds. I wouldn't like it if someone could read my mind.

I can't read minds. Gaius said he came with his dad. Did he get separated?
Yeah, I heard some singing, so I came over here to check it out. ......
Me and Sifo singing?
Yeah, I got curious, and then I heard you singing "Skyhorse," and I was kind of surprised. And then you ...... flicked my ears and tail so hard! You can't do that to beasts anymore!

 My father got separated from me because of the song. That's terrible.
 But what does it mean that the gryphons are gods? And I see you got the clothes from the beastmen. He said they were tributes, so are the gryphons being paid regularly?

 I wonder if people who live in nature honor strong beings.
 Ears and tail.
 The ears and tail of the Gaius are brown and very fluffy and comfortable to touch. I don't know if I can touch them anymore. I want to touch them. .......

 So I guess I'll just go with .......

"If I take responsibility, can I touch Gaius?

 I think it's better for me to be responsible and have a lot of fluff than to not be able to touch fluff for a long time. I want to be fluffy, and I think it's good that Fluffy will be my husband.

You ...... shouldn't be so easy for a woman to say!
But I want to touch you. ......
No, you can't look at me like that!
...... Gaius, am I your number one pet peeve?
No, I don't want to! That's not what I mean. That's what my father said. I mean, my father told me that the number one is very important, and it's not something you can just decide!

 I don't mind. You're wagging your tail, are you actually happy? It's kind of cute. I want to touch that wagging tail. I want to touch his twitching ears too.
 I wonder if Gaius' father is a fluffy wolf like Gaius. I wonder if Gaius's father is a wolf like Gaius or if there are different kinds of beastmen.

"Think about it, if you want to be one, okay?
That's ...... fine, but...
It's okay. Gaius, you're cute.

 I can't help but smile at the wagging tail and the straightforward manner in which he speaks.
 Oh, Gaius froze. What's wrong?

"What's wrong with ......?
"......, nothing, nothing!
Are you blushing?
Don't look!

 I don't know what's going on. I don't know. I don't think I've ever introduced myself to Gaius. I should tell him my name.

Lern Da.
That's my name.
Oh, Lelunda. I mean, what's Lelunda doing here? People don't come this deep into the forest, do they?
I was abandoned. ......

 Gaius looked surprised when I honestly told him I was abandoned.
 Humans certainly don't come this deep into the forest. I'm sure you're not the only one.
 I had never been this deep into the forest until I was abandoned and brought here by Sifo.

Are you sure you're okay being abandoned?
I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

 She's worried about me. She's a good girl. It's nice when people worry about you.
 Oh, yeah. Gaius said he got separated from his dad and the others. Gaius's dad and the others must be really worried about him. We have to tell them that Gaius is safe.

 If Gaius's fathers brought tribute to the gryphons, maybe we can make it back to the gryphon nest.
 That's what I thought.

Gaius, let's go.
"Go? Go where?
To the gryphon.
Come on, get in.

 I got Gaius on the sifo and I got on the sifo and we headed back to the gryphon's nest.

 ---A girl and a boy.
 The girl is probably having a conversation with the beast boy.