8 Girl and Beast Man 1

I'm home.
Guru? Who's that?

 Lema and Luma greeted me as I returned to the gryphon's nest.
 I jumped down from the sifo and gave the two fluffy ones my welcome back. The gryphons' fluffiness feels so good that I often pet them. Because it feels good.

"I'm back.
"Yes, I'm home, Wannon.

 I'm busy hugging and stroking my two baby gryphons, and when Wanong calls out to me, I respond.
 One of the adult gryphons stays behind to babysit and take care of the baby gryphons. Today, Wanon is in charge. The other two gryphons are asleep.

 She hugs the large body of Wanong. Their brown fur is bushy. It's the result of my brushing efforts.

"Round, round, round? (By the way, why are you stuck there?)

 (By the way, what's that stuck there?)" When Wanon said that, I looked at Gaius, who hadn't gotten off the sifo yet, and he had a puzzled look on his face.
 I thought his pouting face was kind of cute.

I forgot about .......

 When I was playing with everyone, I completely forgot that I had brought him here.

"Gaius, ......, why don't you come down?
"Oh, yeah.
What's wrong, ......?

 Gaius climbed down from the top of the sifo.
 Gaius gets off the sifo, a puzzled look on his face.

"Why is ...... Lelunda in the gryphon's nest?
"I'm ...... at home.
Hmm. After I was abandoned, ...... I'm living here.

 When I said that, Gaius had a look of surprise on his face.
 I wondered if he was a gryphon. It's amazing that the beastmen love you as a god.

"......, is that so?
Yeah. They are my family.

 For me, my family is not my blood family.
 My family is not my blood family, but my gryphons and my sifo, even though I've only been with them for a short time.

 I never had such a warm place to say "I'm home" until I came here. My parents and sister never saw me as family when I remembered.
 I never had a warm place where I could say "I'm home" and be welcomed back.
 I didn't have a place where I could spend time with such kindness and peace.
 I took it for granted that there was none.
 I took it for granted and thought that's how it was.
 But when I met everyone, I found a place like that, and I felt like everyone was my family.

"Round, round, round! (Lelanda is like my sister!)
"Guru? Gurunda? What? You're not my sister?
Guru, Guru, Guru.
Guru Guru Guru. (I think she's my sister and Lema's sister.)
"Guru, guru, guru.
Guru! Guruguru (Yes! Either way, they're family.

 Lemma and Lemma's siblings were having a very cute conversation. So cute. I don't care if you're my sister or not. I don't care if you're my sister or sister, we're still family.

I'll ask him about his father, .......

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

"Wanong, this is Gaius.
"Gaius, this is Gaius.
"Yes. He's lost his father.
"Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle? Oh, my God. Are your parents coming to deliver you, Beastman?
Yeah. I think so.
Round and round? Maybe they're at the altar.
What altar?
It's a place made by beasts. They give you stuff.

 I guess the beastmen put tributes on the altar, and the gryphons go there to get them.
 I didn't know there was an altar. I didn't know that at all.

I didn't know there was such a thing.
"Are you saying you're looking for Gaius?
"In circles." "Maybe not?

Can you get them over here?
Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru.

 Wanong then lets out a high-pitched squeal. This cry is a signal to call everyone.
 I wonder how sleepy Rumieha and Yooin are, since they're sound asleep despite their high-pitched cries. I wondered as I glanced at the sleeping pair.

 After that, "Guru? (What's wrong?) (What's going on?) and asked them to bring Gaius' relatives.

 I explained to Gaius, who had been frozen the whole time while I was having a conversation with Wanong, that he would bring them to me. But he was still frozen.

 I wonder if I should touch his ears and tail while he's still frozen. I guess I was looking at him as if I were preying on ...... him and he wouldn't notice if I touched him. I was warned by Sifo that it was a bad idea.

 Some time later, everyone brought Gaius' people to me. However, they did it in a rough way, by clawing them. I was surprised that they brought them in such a way, because I had always been carried on their backs.
 The beastmen looked pale. They were dropped into the nest with their pale faces.

 ---A girl and a beastman.
 (Maybe the girl, who is a godchild, asked everyone to bring the beastmen to her.