9 Girl and Beast Man 2

Don't be violent.
I didn't want to put him on his back. ......
"But you could have been polite when you put him down.

 I can't help but say that to Rulmer. You could have been a little more careful.

"Guru ...... (I'll be careful next time).

 Lulmar looked a little depressed at the warning.
 Perhaps it was because Lermah had been warned by me, but Lermah and the others were unloading the beasts a little more carefully. There were only four beastmen brought by Raymer and his men.

 They were all adults, five including Gaius.
 I wonder if they brought tribute to the gryphon with so few people. I wonder why Gaius came with them even though he is a child.

 Incidentally, they all had wolf ears and tails. One of them looked like Gaius in face and hair, so I think he was Gaius's father.

 The father of Gaius looked stunned when he saw me, the gryphons, and Sipho, then stood up with a crisp face and asked.

He stood up with a crisp face and asked, "Master Gryphon, why have we been brought here? We are honored to step into the Gryphon's lair. I don't think it's possible that my son, who fearfully stands by the Griffon's side, has done something wrong. I'll take any punishment I can get, so please spare my son.
"Hard ......

 I mumbled to myself.
 Because it's hard. His tone and manner were stiff. He's very formal.

 I knew from Gaius's story that he considered gryphons to be gods, but I was surprised that he treated them this way.
 And you seem to be under the impression that the Gaius here caused something to happen and as a result the Griffons brought you here. ....... I'm the one who did it. I'm the one who should be apologizing for fluffing Gaius's ears and tail as much as I could.

 In response to my mumbling, the man who looks like Gaius's father catches sight of me.

"I, Lern Da.

 I greet Gaius' father anyway.
 Gaius' father is silent. It's not like he's ignoring me, but he's having trouble dealing with me.
 Gaius was also surprised that I was here, and I think he's probably wondering why a human child is here.
 But let's just say what we want to say. So I continued to speak.

"Gaius, Dad?
"...... Sure, I'm Gaius' father, but you're ......
"Gaius, Dad, I'm sorry.

 I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I've done to your son. I've never met a beastman before, and I really didn't know any.
 I hope you can forgive me.

...... What is that an apology for?
"Gaius, I'm sorry I got all fluffy.

 Gaius's father looked at Gaius puzzled, as if he was confused by such an apology.
 He seemed to be asking for an explanation.

"Well, Dad, I heard a song and saw Lelunda and the Sky Horse. Lerunda stroked me and ...... brought me here, or rather ....... And no, I didn't do anything wrong!

 Gaius, desperately trying to say the words. But Gaius's father, who didn't seem to understand Gaius's explanation, has a puzzled look on his face. Both of them look exactly alike.
 I think they're father and son.
 Gaius' father now looks at me.

"Lelunda, is it? Can I ask you to explain?

 There is nothing more to explain than what Gaius just said. What am I supposed to explain?
 When I nodded my head, Gaius' father asked me.

"You're human, why are you here?
"We're all family. This is home.
Do you live here at ......?
Why is Gaius here?
Lost. That's why I told them, God.
Why did they bring us here?
Gaius, he's lost. So we could meet up.

 When I said that, Gaius' father and the other beastmen looked thoughtful. I wondered what was wrong. I was just stating a fact.

"Gaius, Gaius' fathers, what's wrong?
"...... They're just frozen in surprise like me. I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. It's weird that there are humans here, and it's weird that humans are living with gryphons. ....... I think he's just a little surprised because it's not normal. ......
I see.

 After I do that, I end up staring at the ears and tails of the pondering beastmen. I guess I shouldn't touch them at all while I can. I wonder if they're different from Gaius's, bushy and fluffy. I'm a little curious.
 If I stare at it, it seems that Gaius knows what I'm thinking.

"......, you can't touch it.
"Can I touch Gaius' ...... instead?

 I was sad that I couldn't ...... touch the fluffy thing right in front of me, but the gryphons and sifo came over to me and said I could touch myself, so I fluffed myself to my heart's content.
 I fuffed them until I was satisfied, and when I saw Gaius's father and the others, they looked at us with astonishment.

 ---The Girl and the Beastman 2
 (The girl, who is probably a godchild, is having a conversation with Gaius' father.