15 Girl and Beast Man Village 2

 Athos and Gaius showed us to a house. It was a simple house made of wood. The entrance was large enough for the gryphons to enter. The house had been vacant for a long time, but he had made it comfortable.

Thank you.

 After saying thank you, I entered the house with Athos and Gaius. There are only the bare essentials in the house. However, I was glad that they had provided us with a place to spend the night.

 The child gryphons walked in together. The adult gryphons began to make their move, saying they would build a nest outside the house. Wannon stayed behind to watch the baby gryphons and me, and the other five adult gryphons flew off to build their nests.

 As I watched them fly away, I thought that Raymer stood out because of his golden fur.
 Sipho is relaxing outside the house.

"What did the gryphons say?
They're building a nest.
I see.
Hmm. The gryphons have names, right?

 I couldn't help but say that to Mr. Athos, because he was lumping all the gryphons together as "gryphon-sama". I'm not sure what to make of that.

...... Oh, so that's what Lelanda calls them.
Is that the name Lelanda gave you?

 "Is that the name Lelunda gave you?" Athos and Gaius each say.

I'm not sure.

 I thought that since it has a name, I should call it by that name. I think it's nice to be called by my name too. In the village, I wasn't called by my name very often. That's why I think Lerunda is happy to be called by his name.
 Athos and the others said that they were afraid of ......, but the child gryphons said, "Gururururu (I want to be called by the name Lerunda gave me)," so I started calling them by their names.

 Later that day, I went back to the village to say hello to the people.

 The next day, I was with Gaius.
 I asked Gaius if there was anything I could do, and he said that since I was a child, I should help out in various ways. So I decided to help the people of the village in various ways. To be honest, I hadn't done much with people, so I was nervous to go and ask for help, but I thought I'd do my best.

 But before I could do that, Gaius took me by the hand and said he would introduce me to the children of the village. This is the first time I've ever walked with someone's hand in mine.

 There have been so many firsts since I met Gaius. If I hadn't met Gaius, I might not be here now like this. Because I sang a song with Sifo, Gaius was curious and came to see me, which led to us being together now. Coincidence is a wonderful thing.

 The village of the beastmen had a total of about 30 people.
 Gaius pulled me by the arm and told me that there were seven children in the village, including Gaius.
 Six if you don't count Gaius.
 That seems like a lot to me.

 Gaius is my first friend. I wonder if I can be friends with all six of them. I've never had any friends. I wonder if I'll have that many friends.

 Friends. Just thinking of that word makes me excited. It makes me happy.
 I wonder if he'll be my friend.
 Gaius did, though. I wonder if those six will be my friends.

"What's wrong?

 I squeezed his hand, and Gaius asked me that.

"Will you be my friend at ......?
"The ones I'm about to meet?
Are you worried? I'm fine. I'm here too, so don't worry about it.

 Gaius chuckled and patted my head with the other hand that wasn't holding mine. Gaius, you're so kind. Gaius, you're kind. Gentleness makes me feel warm inside.

"Stroking makes me feel safe.
"I see. I'm glad.
Mmm. Thanks.

 I'm a little nervous, but Gaius is smiling, so I'm relieved.
 I felt relieved, so I decided to do my best.
 Then Gaius took me out in front of the six kids. Gaius introduced me, and I felt a little nervous because of all the attention.

 Because this is a wolf-beast village, there are only wolf-beast children. Different colors, though.
 There were two girls and four boys.
 There were more boys.

 They were a little wary of me, but with Gaius' help, I was able to talk to them and make friends with the two girls. I couldn't get that close to the four boys. My hair was long and uncut, so it got pulled a bit. I didn't cut it, but... Gaius got mad at the boy who pulled my hair.

 My bangs are getting longer, and I realized once again that I should cut them. When I was in the village, there was no one to cut my hair for me, so I just cut it myself. I had no other way to cut my long hair.

 I forgot to cut my hair while I was living with the gryphon after I was abandoned.
 We ended the conversation, hoping to get to know the boys a little better.
 I told them I wanted a haircut, and Gaius called Athos. I said I would cut my own hair, but Athos insisted, so I asked him to cut my hair.

 I asked him to cut it.
I asked Gaius, "Is it enough?
 When I asked Gaius, "Does it fit?" he replied, "Oh, yes," so I guess it does fit.

 ---- A girl and a village of beastmen 2
 (That's probably how the life of the girl in the beastman village started.