16 Princess, make up your own business

"There are areas where the sun is still shining. If this continues, we won't be able to harvest as much as last year.
"There hasn't been a lightning storm in King's Landing for several years.
There are reports of more demonic attacks than ever before.
There are also rumors of cracks in the statues of the gods in the temples.

 The royal capital of the Kingdom of Fairytlov is currently in a state of flux.

 I, Ninaef Fairley, am the fifth princess of this country. I'm the fifth princess of this country. I was born a child of a queen with a low claim to the throne. In short, I am a princess whose presence or absence makes no difference. This year, she turned ten years old.

 Recently, especially after the Great Shrine took custody of Shenzi, the Royal Castle has been somewhat hectic. I've been gathering information under the guise of innocence, and I've gotten a little bit of information.

 The Great Temple and the King's father seem to think that this is happening because of the displeasure of the godson. And the people.
 It is widely known that the child has been taken under the protection of the Great Temple of this country.

 The mere fact that he is here fills the hearts of the people. It gives them a sense of security. That is how special the divine child is.

 Such a child has not yet been presented to the public. This is because the child is not polite enough to be presented to the public. Even without the fact that she is seven years old, it has been reported that she is not good enough.

 I can't upset her.
 But we can't let her go on like that.

 That's why the young lady was chosen to be the educator who can still be cut down. And as a result, with all that has been happening in the country, it seems that she was expelled: .......

 Then, there seems to be a dispute about who to appoint as the next educator. If you displease the godson, you cannot stay in this country. On the contrary, many people are afraid that God might punish him, and they have been discussing what to do.

 I think they are like a double-edged sword.
 They give blessings, but they also pose threats.

 The country that can protect them is guaranteed to prosper. So the story goes, but I wonder if that is true when I think of the country today.

 I may be the fifth princess, but I'm still royalty of this country. I don't know if I will be able to stay in this country because I will eventually marry, but I love this country where I was born and raised.

 I don't want to see this country suffer any misfortune.
 Because of my relatively free position as the fifth princess, I sometimes go out to the castle town, and when I go out in secret, I feel that I like the people of this country.

 I wondered if there was anything I could do to help.
 That was when I was thinking about it.

 That's when my father called me.

 The king's father is a busy man. His duties as king are varied and he is very busy, and since I am the fifth princess, I have had minimal contact with him.

 I think that's the way it is with all other princes and princesses, except for your brother and sister who are still children of the queen. That's how the family relationships of royalty and nobility are.

 Anyway, what is the meaning of your father calling me at this busy time? Despite these thoughts, I took the maidservant and headed for my father's house.

The fifth princess, Ninaef Fairlie, is here to see you. What can I do for you?
"There you are, Nina.

 Your father calls me by my nickname.
 Your father is looking down at me. It's been a long time since I've seen him. It's been a long time since I've seen him. Even though we're blood-related, we don't see each other often.

"Nina, I have a favor to ask you.
"...... Your father wants a favor from me?

 I couldn't help but ask. I had never heard my father say that before.

"God child, I want you to warn Alice.
"...... me, Alice?
Yeah. If Nina, who is royalty, gives her advice, Alice might listen. I've come to the conclusion that what's going on in this country right now is due to Alice's anger. I would like you to remonstrate with her and try to bring her anger to an end.

 As I listened to her father's words, I thought.

 I'm just like the young lady who was cut down. It was because I was the fifth princess, and because I was a member of the royal family who had no problem with being cut down, that I was chosen for this role.

 If it's just a matter of a royal family member giving an admonition, then there's no problem with any other royal family member.
 I was chosen because if I offended the godson, I might have to be cut down.

 I'm aware of that.
 I was aware of this, and I answered my father.

"I accept the royal order.

 I love this country.
 I want to do what I can because I love this country.
 And this was the first time your father had ever asked me for a favor like this.
 So I decided to do it. I don't know what kind of future awaits me if I give my opinion to the godson. But I made up my mind to admonish her.

 Princess ---- has made up her mind.
 (The fifth princess made that decision even though she was aware that she might be cut down.