17 Girl and Beast Man Village 3

"The letters are--......

 There is an old lady in front of me, smiling gently.

 She is the mother of Mr. O'Shazio, who came to the Griffon's nest, and she has red hair just like Mr. O'Shazio. Her color has faded a little due to age, but her face looks exactly the same.
 You can easily recognize her family.

 Now, I was learning to write from my grandmother, who the villagers called my grandmother. Gaius and the other village children are with me.

 It is said that the writing of humans and that of beastmen differ slightly in their habits, but they are all the same. When I was born and raised in this village, I never learned to write, and almost no one could read. I was told that there are many people who can read letters in this village, partly because their aunts teach letters to those who cannot read.
 If you learn to read, you will be able to do more things, so when my aunt said, "Do you want to learn together? I nodded happily.

 I nodded happily when she asked me if I wanted to learn to read with her. She taught me carefully, and with her kind eyes, I quickly grew to love her.
 She promised to let me read some of her books when I could read and write better.

 I'm not a good speaker, so I can't speak slowly, but my aunt listens to me and smiles. She is kind, warm, and reassuring.

 After learning to read, she helps the villagers.

 She can't keep up with the hunting, so she helps with cooking, cleaning, and making clothes.

 When I help them, they give me things in return.

 At first, some people looked at me suspiciously when I said I wanted to help, but when I did my best, they laughed and were happy.
 When I was in the village, I did chores as I was told. I was told to do these things because they could not harm me directly. I didn't have anything else to do, nor did I want to do anything else, and it was natural for me to do what I was told to do.

 There was no one who said "thank you" to me like the people in the beast village. These people would smile and say, "Thank you. It made me want to help them.

 The gryphons and sifo would help me along.

 I also learned how to hunt and how to share it with the beastman villagers.

 I also learned to cook. My grandmother knew a lot about seasonings and other ingredients that could be found in big cities, and she knew how to cook delicious food. I was amazed at how delicious the food could be with just a little ingenuity.

 There are many new things in the Beastman Village.
 There were many things I didn't know and had never done before.

 I was so happy that I was walking without looking ahead, and I fell. I scraped my knee a little.
 It's been a while since I've been hurt.

 I can't do that if someone hits me, but I can get hurt if I'm careless.
 The beastmen around me took care of it immediately. The place where they took care of me was a medicine man's house where injured people gathered. The house had the distinctive smell of medicine.

 I became good friends with the pharmacist's sister there, and the pharmacist's house became one of the places I helped.
 As I helped out at various places, I interacted with beastmen. This was the first time in my life that I had conversed with so many people. I'm anxious because it's all new to me, but more than that, I'm happy because it's new to me.

 My family is here with me, Gaius and Athos are kind to me, and I've grown to love my aunt, so I guess I'm feeling more happy.

 I like this beastman village. I like everyone.
 They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
 I couldn't help but feel that way.

"I love ...... and everyone.
"I love , I love you all." "I love you all.

 I mumbled to myself as I leaned against Raymer's golden body, and Raymer said in a gentle voice, "You know, Raymer is the only one with a golden body.
 I heard that the people in the beastman village respected Raymer more than any other griffon because he was the only one with golden fur. However, he said that they are now closer than before because they are helping the villagers and playing with the children.
 I'm glad I asked Athos if I could go to the beastman village. I was glad that I could come here.

 One day while we were having a good time, one of the beastmen came back with a serious injury.

 He had fallen off a cliff. I managed to get him out from under the cliff, but he said he was on the edge.
 He was bleeding. I've never seen someone injured that badly before. He was a beast of a man who smiled at me and said "Thank you" when I helped him.

 My mind goes blank. There was a lot of noise around me. Voices asking if I'm okay. People crying. I hate it, I thought. I hate it, I thought.

 I wished so hard I didn't want that person to die.
 I wished, and wished, and wished hard. ----.
 And then there was a flash, and I was unconscious.

 ---The Girl and the Village of the Beasts 3
 (I think the girl who is a goddess likes the village of beastmen. That's why I wished so hard.