19 She's lost.

 I, Landono Stoffer, was currently in trouble. I'm walking around looking for Alice's sister because I have a feeling that she might be a divine child. There was a report that she had entered the forest, and although it was a good idea to go into the forest,......, the demons in this forest are quite powerful.

 I have a couple of demon repellents, so I'm safe, but I wonder if it's possible for a seven-year-old child to enter such a forest and still be safe. Such a thought even comes to my mind. However, if my sister is a divine child, I would like to think that she would not have died just because she went into the forest. I don't want to think of the worst possibility that my sister, who might be a divine child, is dead.

 If your sister is a divine child, I would like to negotiate with her to keep her close to me. I would also like to learn what the existence of a divine child actually means. In the literature, there are some records of what a divine child is, but I believe that if you actually see a divine child and examine it, you will see something different.

 Well, that is, if my sister is a divine child. If Alice is really a divine child, then you have to give up the idea of learning about divine children near them. But ...... I somehow think that the divine child is my sister.

 By the way, the reason why I don't call my sister by her name is because I don't know her name. The child who taught me about my sister also did not refer to her by her name. Rather, she did not seem to know her. I heard that your sister was treated in a manner opposite to the much-admired Alice. She was shunned. She was forced to do troublesome work in some aspects. And yet, he was rarely called by his name. ....... That's why the kid didn't know his sister's name. It was a small village.

 However, the reason why he thought that she might be a divine child was because he had heard that when someone tried to harm her, she would not be able to do so because she would fall unnaturally. I wondered if that was because she was a divine child.
 It is true that it is only in the cities that people know what a divine child is, but in small villages, people do not know what a divine child is, and this unnatural protection is another reason why my sister was said to be creepy. Even so, the idea of parents who abandon their children so easily makes me sick.

 Alice and her sister's parents are now in Agatta with Alice. I've only met them a few times, but I've heard about what they were doing when I was at the Grand Shrine as Alice's tutor. I was told that they were having a lot of fun. It seems that they were allowed to do so because they thought that they had to grant her wish since she was the one who gave birth to Kamiko-sama, but I can't help but wonder what kind of parents would abandon their daughter and go on a wild goose chase.

 Anyway, I wonder where my sister has gone.

 I wondered as I wandered through the forest. I thought that a child's foot would not have gone very far, but I could not find even a trace of my sister's whereabouts. Could it be that she did not travel on her own? It's a terrible story, but if she is dead, there should be traces of her death, and since there are no such traces, we can assume that she is still alive.

 But where did ...... her sister go?
 Alice's sister.
 Alice is a girl with the appearance of royalty and aristocracy,......, which makes you wonder if she was really born in a common villager's family, and she has a beautiful and well-groomed face that is out of this world. You can be sure that she will be a great beauty in the future.

 Your sister.
 The children of the village said that she and Alice did not look alike, so she might not have been as beautiful as Alice.
 I don't even know what she looks like. I have no clue. But I want to see my sister.

 What does she look like?
 Even though I haven't met her yet, I'm getting a little excited. First, I don't really know if I can meet her, but I want to believe I can. I want to meet him. I want to see him, so I'll try my best to see him. To be honest, I'm worried that I'll die before I get there, but I still want to see you.

I really wonder where ...... she went.

 I murmur under the pitch-black sky and the countless stars. I build a fire to keep warm. The forest at night is a bit frightening with the sounds of beasts. Even though I have a demon repellent, I feel uneasy being here alone.
 When I think of how my sister walked through this forest when she was just a child, I think I'll do my best. But I am still very anxious.

 The only food I'm eating is the emergency rations I brought with me, and some food that has gone through the process of being cooked using nuts and mushrooms from the forest, which I don't even know if I can call simple cooking.

 I've been wandering around looking for my sister, but to be honest, I don't even know where I am. I know where I'm coming from, but I'm pretty deep in the forest.

 I'm starting to feel more and more that I might be lost, but I can't just turn around and go back without seeing my sister. I want to see my sister. It was with this feeling that I steeled myself to do my best tomorrow.

 ---Miss, you're lost!
 (Probably the woman is desperate to chase after the girl who is a godson)