20 Girl and Magic Story 1

"Gaius, you know...

 After Gaius got angry with me that day, I started to think again that I love Gaius and the people of this village and that they are important to me. I was really happy that Gaius told me that I was important. I was so happy that I started to talk to Gaius more willingly than before.

 I'm still not very good at talking, but I think I'm getting better at it than when I was in the village where I grew up. Lately, I even find it fun to talk.

 My beastman brother, whom I seem to have healed, was very grateful to me. At the same time, he also told me not to be reckless. He's so kind. Even the other beastmen were worried about me when I fell. Seeing that, I thought again that I shouldn't be so reckless that I fall down.
 The gryphons were also worried about me. The little gryphons kept hovering around me, afraid that I might do something rash. Raymer also told me to "go around and around and around" (not to be reckless because he was worried about me). Sipho said the same thing to me, which made me happy.

 I was happy to hear that she was so worried about me.
 I felt that my warm heart became even warmer.

 I began to think more about how I could be of help to others, and I wanted to be able to use magic properly. But I heard that beastmen were originally a race with fewer magic users than other races. Some of them can use body-enhancement magic, but they can't use general magic. In addition, there are only a limited number of people who can use sacred magic to heal injuries like the one I used to heal my beastman brother.

 That's why I haven't been able to practice magic. I thought that it would be nice if people who were good at magic could come to the village. But my aunt knows about magic, so she teaches me.

 By the way, the other day, we had a harvest of the crops we grow in the village. I helped out. I'm a child and not very strong, so I couldn't help that much, but I tried. When I was there, everyone was happy that the harvest was bigger than last year. It made me happy too.

 They said last year there was a lot of damage to the crops from insects. I guess that actually happens. The village where I was born and raised had a good environment, or at least as far as I can remember, there was no such damage. I think we were rather fortunate. Or perhaps it was because I was blessed and had more than enough money in my life that I could afford to pay tribute to my sister.
 Athos was happy to hear that the number of people injured by demons had decreased thanks to the gryphons and Sifo hunting demons, and he was glad that good things were happening.

It's a good thing that Lelanda and Gaius are such good friends.
"Does Lelunda like Gaius?

 The two smiling people in front of me are the children of this village. The two children in front of you are the two children of this village, Shinomi, who speaks softly, and Kayu, who is an energetic girl.
 They are the two girls who get along well with me.

 I don't get along that well with the four boys. I don't know how they reacted to me when I met them after I got my hair cut, but I'm glad that they don't tease me anymore.

"I like you a lot.

 I love Gaius, as I told him.
 He is kind, warm, and makes me happy to be with him.
 When I said I love him, Kayu kind of freaked out.

"Oh, really? How long have you loved her?
"...... Kayu, I don't think Lelanda means what you're expecting her to mean.

 Before I could respond to Kayu's words, Shinomi said something to Kayu that I didn't understand. I don't know what she's talking about. And then Shinomi asks me.

"Do you like me and Kayu, Lelanda?
"No, I love you.
Thank you. I love you too, Lelanda. I love you too, Lelanda. You love Gaius and you love us, don't you?
Hmm? Yes.

 I didn't know what he was asking me, but I nodded.
 I love Gaius.
 I love Shinomi and Kayu.
 All three of them are kind. They smile at me.

"First time. Women, friends.

 Shinomi and Kayu are a little older than me, but they are my first girl friends.
 My first friend was Gaius, but he was my first two girl friends.
 I've never had any friends, but I'm so happy to have three friends.

I love you both. I love you.
Lelanda is so cute!

 Kayu gave me a big hug. She is taller than me and a little bit older than me, so I was just pressed against her chest. It's nice to be hugged so tightly. But it's a little painful.

"Kayu! Lelunda looks like she's in pain.

 "Lelunda is in pain," Shinomi said, and I was released.

"Lelunda, I'm sorry!

It's okay. I'm glad you're squeezing me. But it's a little painful.
Would you like me to hold you less tightly?

 I nodded, and he squeezed me. A weaker hug than before. I had never been hugged before in my village, but now that I was in the beast village, I knew that being hugged made me very happy and warm.

Lelanda, are you there? What are you doing?
"Gaius, are you jealous? Are you jealous, Gaius? Do you want to hug Lelanda?
Idiot! What are you talking about? Kayu!

 While I was talking with Kayu and Shinomi, Gaius came over. While listening to Gaius and Kayu's conversation, I moved my face to look at Gaius while being squeezed by Kayu. Then I open my mouth.

"Gaius, do you want a hug?
"Lelanda, are you okay with Gaius squeezing you?
"No. Because I love you, Gaius.

 I've never been hugged by a Gaius, but I think it makes me feel warm, like being hugged by a Kayu, so I don't mind at all. I think it's nice to be hugged by someone you love.

...... Lelanda, your aunt wants to see you, let's go.
Gaius, what's wrong with your face?
...... Come on, let's go.

 Gaius turned me away. Gaius turned away from me. He said he wouldn't give me a hug after all. I wish he would. I thought to myself, "If you did, it would warm my heart.

 After saying "See you later" to Kayu and Shinomi, Gaius took me by the hand and we headed for my aunt's place.
 Gaius doesn't give me a hug, but he does pull my hand. Just having Gaius pull my hand makes me feel happy. So, I'm wondering if you could give me a big hug, because I think it would make me feel even happier and warmer than if you pulled my hand. But, Gaius, you don't give me a hug, do you? He pats me on the head, though.

 Thinking about this, I walked through the village to my aunt's place.

 Her business was to learn about magic.

 ---A story about a girl and magic 1
 (Maybe the girl who is a godchild will start learning about magic from her aunt.