22 Girl and Magic Story 3

"Magic, even if you can use it, is useful. If you have even one high aptitude, you will be sought after. But I can't say that it's good to be able to use magic in general, because there are things in history that were used up because they could use magic.
 Magic is the power to make the impossible possible, which those who cannot use magic can never do. Even Lerunda's wounds are impossible for a non-magical person to heal in such a short time. If Lerunda hadn't been able to heal the wound so quickly, the girl might have died. So, Lelanda did a really great thing.

 My aunt's story continues.
 Magic is the power to make the impossible possible.
 Magic is the power to make the impossible possible. It is the power to make things possible that people who cannot use magic can never do.

"If I could use magic properly, would ...... be useful to everyone?
Lelunda's a good girl. Yes, we'll be happy when you learn to use it. We'll be happy when you can use it. It's nice that you want to learn to use magic for us, but we don't want you to be overwhelmed. We don't want you to get overwhelmed. You have to study hard and only use magic when you're sure you're ready to use it.
Good answer. You have my word, Lernda.

 Because Gaius got mad at me. And because your aunt cares about you like this: ....... I'm not reckless. I don't want the people I care about to be sad.
 I'll only use magic when I've learned it and know it's safe. I don't know when that will be, but I don't want to worry people by using ...... just because I can.

Let's talk about the history of magic. First of all, magic is something that didn't exist in the world when the gods first created it.
Is that so?
Yeah. Yes. It is said that when the gods created this world, there was only the first race of people called the gods. From those gods, the current race was born. This is a strong influence of the gods. It is said that gods such as forest gods, water gods, and beast gods were involved in the formation of us beasts. It was a long time ago, though, so I'm not sure if it's true or not.

 Somehow, I feel that a bard who came to the village where I grew up told me about the origins of the world. I think the bard was talking about the legitimate descendants of the gods being human beings or something like that. He didn't talk about the beastmen. ...... I wondered if it was this kind of thinking that allowed them to do such terrible things to the beastmen.

There are many kinds of creatures in the world today, but they all originated from the first gods and god-beasts. It is said that the current races and demons were born from these beings. It is said that magic was born in the process of the birth of these creatures. This is just what I read when I was young, so I'm sure there are many other theories. It is said that the reason why we beastmen are physically superior to those who use magic is because of the influence of a god called the Beast God. The elves are good at magic because of the influence of the gods who influenced the elves, that's what the literature says.
"What about ......?
"I think humans are a bit unique. There is a widespread belief among humans that humans are the rightful heirs of the gods, but as far as I can tell, humans are the last to be born. Fewer of them can use magic than elves, they are less physically gifted than beasts, and humans are not as good as the other races. However, they have inherited the races of all races to some extent. Based on this, I believe that humans are a race that has been gradually influenced by various gods.

 The last to be born is man.

 The last born is human. That's what I thought. Beastmen are strongly influenced by the gods they were born with, but humans are gradually influenced by various gods. In other words, we are not influenced by any one god to the same extent.

So, when magic was first born, there were no established magic spells. This is natural, since the culture of language and writing was not developed yet. Magic was not as efficient as it is now, and those who wanted to use it used it as they wished. It is said that the magic of the olden days, the time of the gods, was more powerful than the magic of today, although spells for efficient use of magic have been created through years of research.

 The words you read when you cast a spell.
 It didn't exist in the past.

 The things we take for granted now were not taken for granted long ago.
 I take notes, realizing this.

But spells are designed to be efficient, with the user in mind. Casting a spell without using it is more difficult and dangerous than casting a spell and using it. I suppose that's true, considering Lerunda's fall the other day.

 Spells have been studied and combined for a long time with the magic user in mind. It's difficult and dangerous to use magic without spells.
 As I listened to my grandmother, I took notes. Gaius is listening attentively. The little gryphons are doing their best to listen when they realize that they shouldn't be bothered.

It is said that the spell was created by a magic king called Itosta Keesu. It is said that he was a human being with a huge amount of magical power and was able to use all kinds of magic. He was also a good friend of spirits. Ithsta Kiese is said to be the great one who continued to study magic and formulated spells.

 The one who created the spell. Ithsta Kiese. Yeah, it's hard to remember after you've heard it once.

 A genie, anyway. I've never seen one. I wonder what kind of beings they are? 
 That's what I thought as I listened to my aunt's story.

"Well, that's it for today. I'll tell you about the spell next time.
"Mmm, thank you.
Thanks, Auntie!

 A good amount of time passed before I realized. When Auntie said that was all for today, Gaius and I thanked her. She smiled when she heard that.

 ---A story about a girl and magic 3
 (Maybe that's how a girl who is a godchild acquires all kinds of knowledge.