23 Princess and sister

 I, Ninaef Fairley, feel nervous and my heart is tightening.

 Today is the day I'm going to express my opinion to Kamiko-sama. She is still the same as ever. It seems that the other people in the Great Hall of the Goddess of Mercy are also neglected by her, and they are afraid of being punished by the gods, so they cannot express their opinions even if they have something in mind. Not only that, but there are many people who have a great deal of faith in the Great Hall of the Gods, and their opinions are absolute, and I hear that many of them really believe that they cannot be blamed for what the gods do.

 For that reason alone, even if I had made up my mind, I would have cowered at the thought of going to him for advice.

 The Divine Child is an existence that even royalty find difficult to interfere with. Son of God. Son of God. God's beloved child. The existence of the divine child is widespread. The countries that have had them have received such blessings. But we don't know what the Son of God actually is. It is because I don't know what to do to be punished by the gods, or what the gods' punishments are in the first place, that I am afraid to admonish the gods' children.

 The fifth princess, who is not particularly inconvenienced but also not free. Someday, I'll marry somewhere and serve my country. I will be a pawn of my country. That's all I am. I don't have that kind of freedom where it's up to me to decide and do something with my own hands.

...... I'm nervous.
"Good luck, Nina.

 There are only a few maidservants in the service of the fifth princess. There is only one of them who truly serves me. When it became clear that I was going to be admonished by the godson and that I would be cut down in his tantrum, the other maidservants were not at my side. Father ...... doesn't think that my words will change his mind either. That's why I'm thinking about where the maidservants will go next.
 He said that the maidservant who is with me now will be the only one who will stay with me. That was really reassuring to me. If I fail, I will not be alone.

 Even if your father were to cut me off, he would not throw me out like the woman in question. I'm a princess. I'll have someone with me then. But I wonder how many of them will be my true allies. I was really relieved that this girl said she would follow me.

Even if things don't go well for Nina-sama, I will always be with her.
Yes, thank you. I love you.
I love you, too. Nina-sama!

 I love you too!" The maid smiled and replied to my words.

 And then I confronted Kamiko-sama.

 Kamiko-sama was in the innermost room of the Daishinden. She had such a beautiful face that I thought it was a mistake that she was born as a commoner. She was so beautiful that one could not doubt that she was a princess.

 Behind her, a number of female priests were waiting. They were carefully selected to take care of the Divine Child, and many of them had strong religious beliefs. For this reason, they regard the existence of the divine child as more absolute than anyone else. In order to protect the existence of the divine child, they do not hesitate to cast a wary glance at me, the princess. .......
 To be honest with you, I'm afraid of the eyes of the priests behind her. As a member of the royal family, I've had my share of malice and I've had my fair share of hardships, but even without that, I feel terrible when people turn on me like this.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kamiko. I'm Ninaef Fairlie, the fifth princess of the Kingdom of Fairytlov.

 She introduces herself and greets him.

 In response, she said.
"Oh, yes. I'm Alice. I'm Alice!
 She replied.

 She's only seven years old, three years younger than me, a child. She is only seven years old, three years younger than I am, and a child. She has lived her life as a commoner, so it is natural that she has not learned manners. But the problem is that he has no desire to learn them himself.

Yes, I know you're a godson. Divine Child, I have a question I'd like to ask you.
Why don't you want to learn? You are going to be appearing on official occasions. Then there are many things you need to learn, such as etiquette and the study of this country.

 Just as I said that, the eyes of the priests behind her became sharp. Scary. But I wanted to do what my father had asked me to do.

I hate those things!
"Hate doesn't mean you can't try. You're here as a godson. As a godson you have to do things you wouldn't have to if you were just a commoner. You have power, Milady. You are special. But that's why you have to learn .......

 To be special. There's hard work involved.
 The child is more special than anyone else and has more special powers than anyone else. But that's why you have to learn. What are the consequences of your actions.

"Why not? I don't want to do it!
You don't want to do it, so you don't do it, and that could get you into a lot of trouble. You don't want to ......, for example, hurt your parents because you didn't learn, do you? I don't want that to happen--
What do you mean, "why?" ......
I don't do things I don't want to do! And parents, I'm God's child, aren't I? Everyone says it doesn't matter what I do, because I did it!
Shut up! Do you really think you can talk to me like that? God will punish you for saying that to me!

 I tried my best to tell her, but she couldn't understand me.
 I wonder if the priests at the Grand Shrine continued to tell her that she could do whatever she wanted because she was a child of the gods. In the case of this child, it may have something to do with the environment in which he was raised. How did he grow up in the village where he was born?

 He doesn't have the slightest idea that he doesn't want anyone to get hurt just because he is being punished by the gods. Seeing her like that, I shudder to think of the future of this country.

Even though she is a princess, do you really think you can say that to her?
I beg you to leave.
Godson, we'll take care of your troubles.
So please bless us.

 The priests turned me away.

It's ...... terrible.
Yes, .......
"Master Nina, it seems the High Priestess has become quite corrupt.
"Yes, .......

 I can't help but have that conversation with my maidservant.

 I'm not sure what to do. I'm afraid that if you don't take her away from the temple and throw her out in the middle of nowhere, she won't be able to do anything about it. But no one is willing to do that because of the possibility of divine punishment.

 They are afraid of God's punishment.

...... might not work anymore.
What do you mean?
This country. I love this country, but it may be ...... ruined. I'm afraid that one word from you will shake this country.

 If I still had the chance to meet you, I would like to exchange words with you as many times as possible, until you agree with me. But I'll never see you again. The fact that I offended you will be reported to your father, and I will not be able to stay in ...... King's Landing. The existence of an antagonist of the Divine Child is nothing but an enemy to the royal people.

 I think about the future of this country.
 I had a vague feeling that this country might be ruined, and it made me sad.

 Then I returned to the capital, but I was forced to go to a remote area.

 ---The princess and her sister
 (The Fifth Princess is worried about the future of this country)