24 girl and what to pick up

"I made this for you!
"Yoo-ying, did you make it?
"I made it for you!

 Yuyin, one of the child gryphons, gave me a figurine in the morning, which was made by combining tree branches and tying them together with string. It was in the shape of a house. For some reason, he made a figurine that could not fit in my hands.

 The two brothers, Leon and Yuyin, seem to have grown to enjoy making things since they made the baskets to carry the beastmen, and are happily making various things. At first they were making things they didn't understand, but as they spent time in the beastman village, they remembered that ornaments were good too! But after spending some time in the beastman village, he seems to have remembered that figurines are good, and is making them dexterously. Their mother, Wanong, looked at them with kind eyes as they were making things together, and it made me feel warm.

"Thank you.
"Gurururururururu, gurururururu. I'll make more.

 Leon said, and then he realized.

"I forgot to wash it!

 Yoo-ying had come from outside, and there were footprints on the floor of the house. Yoo-in's face is flushed. He had promised to wash his feet before entering the house, but he forgot to do so. Yoo-in's expression of disappointment is rather cute. She looked at me as if she was going to get angry.

"Be careful with ...... next time.
"I'm sorry.
Good. ...... I'm going outside. I'll clean.

 At any rate, I told her to go outside so that the floor wouldn't get any dirtier, and she obediently went out. I drew water from the well outside the house and washed my face with the water. After that, I wet a rag with a little water and wiped Yu-In's footprints.

"Gururururu? (Aren't you angry?)
"No, just be careful.
"Gurgle! (Be careful!)

 I was wiping up the footprints on the floor when I was approached by Yu-In, who was peeking in from outside the house. I wasn't angry.

 That was the conversation that started my day.

 Life in the beastman village is fun. The people I love are laughing at me and showing me that they care about me. That makes me happy. My heart is warm, and every day is filled with joy, so I think I'm in a happy situation.

 Warm and fuzzy. I love you all. I'm happy every day.
 Feeling this, my mouth dropped open.

 I wonder if there's anything I can do for them. So I'm willing to help in any way I can. There's not much I can do, but I want to do it for the people I love.
 When I was forced to do things in the village where I was born and raised, I did them without hesitation, but I enjoy doing them for the people who say "thank you" to me. I wish I could help as much as I can because I think it makes me happy to see them smile.

 At the apothecary's sister's, I'm slowly learning about gathering and mixing. I've heard that I have an aptitude for sacred magic, but it's not a power I can use freely at present. Then I'd better learn a lot from the medicine woman. That way, when someone gets hurt, I can help them.

 I also learned that medicinal herbs and poisonous herbs are quite similar, so you have to be careful. I was shown the actual plants, but to be honest, it was difficult to tell the difference. I could tell the difference when they told me, but I could not tell the difference unless they told me. I was told that you can tell the difference by looking at the underside of the leaves. I thought it was amazing that pharmacists could distinguish such things.

 As I was learning about medicinal herbs, I realized that there are many things in the world that are poisonous to people. I was really lucky that I didn't go out without food and didn't eat anything that would upset my stomach.

 When I go into the forest to gather herbs, I go with the gryphons. But the adult beastmen also came with us because they were worried about the children alone. The gryphons and one of the sifo will come with me, but they're worried.
 Today, Mr. DONG came with me.

 He was one of the first beastmen to come to the gryphon nest.
 He's a big guy with great muscles.
 He's also one of the few who can use body-enhancing magic, so I've been learning from him when he's not busy.

 Today, Wanong, Raymer, and one of the baby gryphons, Lumiha, came along with me.
 I rode on top of Raymer and moved.

 But we're not flying, we're just moving along the ground, and Mr. Dong is walking with us.
 Look for places where medicinal herbs are growing, and when you find them, get off the ramer and collect them. It is important to distinguish between medicinal herbs and poisonous herbs, but the way you collect the herbs will also affect the quality of the herbs, so be careful and use a knife to avoid damaging the herbs.

 During this time, Mr. DONG does not speak.
 Mr. Dong is a quiet person. So when it's just me and Mr. Dong, there's almost no talking.

 While I'm collecting, Mr. DONG keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings, and he also trains himself by wielding the axe he uses for hunting. It was very cool to see a big man wielding an axe.
 When I said "cool," Mr. Dong looked away as if he was a little embarrassed. His ears reacted a little. The ears and tails of beastmen can easily show their emotions.

 Raymer is with us. But Lumiha ran off to go for a walk, and Wanong ran after her, so the two of them are nowhere to be seen.
 We continue to collect in silence.

 I messed up a lot. I can't do it well, and I end up with poorly made herbs. Someday, I want to be better at it. The herbs that the pharmacist lady collected were very beautiful. I want to be able to do something like that.

 Sometimes when I could do it well, it made me happy. I silently showed Dong-gu the herbs I had successfully collected, and he nodded and patted my head. He nodded and patted me on the head. Although we didn't speak, I felt that Dong-gu and I were somehow communicating with each other.
 And so we continued collecting for a while.

"Guru, guru, guru, guru.

 (Lelunda, I picked it up!)" said Lumiha, jumping out of the grass. Behind her is Wanong with a troubled expression. Floating slightly in the air, Wanon grabs a person with her paw.

"A person?
I was chasing after Rumiha, and when I got quite far, she collapsed.
Oh, my God.
Round and round. It's true. I brought him here because he seems to be still alive.

 The person who seems to be limping seems to be still alive. Then we have to help him.

 I've got to help him.
 Just when I thought I had to save him, I heard a loud noise. The sound of your stomach? Very, very loud.

 Is he hungry? Maybe that's why he collapsed.

 Having come to that conclusion, I decided to rush back to the village and give him something to eat. Mr. Dong was a little reluctant to see that the person he picked up was human, but he ended up carrying the person back to the village.

 The ----- girl and the things she found
 (Maybe a griffon picked up a person while a girl who is a godson was collecting)