25 Girl and Woman 1

 When we returned to the beastman village, the people around us were surprised to see that we were carrying a human with us. I guess humans are an object of caution among the beastmen. I thought I had to help him, so I brought him along, but I was worried about what would happen if the person I brought along was a bad person. But I have a feeling that this person will be fine.

 I see a person who is eating a simple stir-fry made from rice and harvested crops right in front of me.

 A grown man.
 I can see that it is a woman. Her clothes are stained with dirt, and I wonder what kind of life she has lived. I wonder what kind of life she was living. Maybe she was living outside all the time. But even if she lived outside, her clothes are dirty.

 I stare at the woman in front of me, thinking that.

 Or rather, everyone in the room is looking at the woman. I know it's because everyone is on the lookout for this woman who has fallen down.

 It's not common for people to fall down and stay in the forest.
 I was also abandoned and lived in the forest, but there are not many people like that.
 This woman has some dirt on her, but she has a beautiful face. I don't know how to describe it, but I've never seen her move so beautifully, or ...... like that.

 After finishing his meal, he said
"Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your help.
 He bowed his head. The gesture was also somewhat elegant.

"If you want to thank me, tell her. I brought him here because he said he would help you.

 Mr. Athos said this and put his hand on my head as I stared at the woman. The woman looks at me. She looks surprised. I wondered if it was because I, a human child, was in a village of beastmen.

"...... child? So you're a human child in a beast village?
Yeah. But even if you are human, you are still our precious child.

 Athos said, looking at the woman with a bit of caution.
 I wonder why he looks a little scared. I mean, it's nice to have a precious child. I'm glad you have a precious child.

"......, I see. I have no intention of taking the child out of this beastman village. It is true that in the country where I came from, there was a great deal of disrespect for beastmen, but ...... I was also saved by a beastman when I was a child, and if the child wants to stay here, I will not take him out.
 ...... I wonder if this woman is from the country where the village I was in belongs. I'm not sure if there are any other such places nearby, because I honestly don't know where any of these countries are.
So, why this place? This forest is where we were born and raised, but it's a dangerous forest for humans, isn't it?
 Athos said this in response to the woman's attempt to make him relax his guard. Gaius also grabbed the sleeve of my dress anxiously.
I've been looking for a ...... person.
"A person?
Yes. I don't know his name, but I was curious, so I followed him. I wanted to see if there was a possibility. I'm a researcher, so when I get curious, I go to ....... Then I ran out into the woods alone, and embarrassingly ...... collapsed. I really appreciate it.

 Is he good at studying? But what does it mean to be looking for someone whose name you don't even know?

Um, so, ...... maybe that's the child you're looking for.

 The moment the woman opened her mouth, Gaius' grip on her sleeve tightened. I felt Athos and the other adults' guard rise.

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not going to take you out of here just because you're a child looking for me! In the event that the child you are looking for is that child,......, we will do whatever we can to help you in this village. So, first of all, please let me just confirm it.

 The woman was very desperate.
 I can only think of one thing that could be the child I'm looking for.
 She was so desperate that she seemed to be on her knees begging for help, so I could understand why Athos and the others were confused. I'm confused too.

"Gaius, I'll talk.
"You'll talk?
"Hmm. Just the two of us, with this man.
No! No! What if something happens?
Okay, Sifo, with me.

 I told Gaius I wanted to talk to a woman alone, and he said no. But when I said I'd take Sifo with me, he said .......

 I also told Athos that I would talk to her alone. Mr. Athos also looked troubled and objected, but I told him it was okay. Then I told the woman, "I'll talk to you. I'll talk to you over there," and Sipho moved with him for a little while.

 I could see Gaius, Athos and the others looking worriedly at me from a distance.
 I was somewhat pleased to see that they were worried about me, and I turned to the woman.

I'm not sure if you're Alice's ...... sister or not.

 The woman bent down, looked at me, and asked.

 A ---- girl and a woman.
 (The girl, who is probably a goddess, starts a conversation with a woman who has fallen ill.