26 Girl and Woman 2

 "Master Alice," the woman said.

 Alice is my sister's name. It was a name that had been called over and over again in the village where she grew up.
 This person knows my sister. But I don't remember seeing her in the village. So he must be the person who met my sister where she was taken.

 I don't even know where my sister was taken, so I don't know where this person came from.

If that's the case, ...... what are you going to do?

 I stared back at the woman and asked.
 The woman opens her mouth, choosing her answer carefully.

No, thank you. I just want you to know that I will do whatever it takes to keep me in this village.

 If I'm my sister's sister, why do you want me to stay in this village?

Because I think you might be a godson. I've been researching the Divine Child. I've been studying them, and I want to be around you who might be one.
"Maybe not?

 I feel like I might be a godson, but I don't know if I really am.

I don't care. I'm interested in you.

 The woman smiled, keeping her eyes on me.
 She's interested in me. Somehow, I don't think she's a bad person.

"So ......
I'm his sister.
I knew it!
Your name is Lelanda.
You must be Lelanda.

 Women smile at me, but I don't like to be called Miss Lelanda.

"Lelunda. I don't want it.
But ......
Shenzi, I don't understand. I don't like it.

 You never know if you're really a godson. It's a good thing that I was lucky enough to be able to leave the village by myself, not be in danger of death, make friends with the gryphons, and still end up in the beastmen's village,......, but I don't know if I'm really one.
 And even if they are, I don't like it when people call me "sir". I don't like the distance. It's better to be close.

...... Okay. Lern Da, then.

 I'm kind of glad the woman said my name.

"Or a godson, secretly.
"Secret? Could be.

 I can't say that it might be so. And I don't like the idea of it, because I feel like it would change things.

A name.
What's your name?
Oh. I'm sorry, sir. I didn't introduce myself. My name is Landono Stoffer. Landono is my name and Stoffer is my family name.
Can I call you Mr. Lan?
Is that what you call me? No, thank you.

 The woman, Lan, smiles elegantly.

"Why are you alone in the woods, Lan?

 Your name is long. My grandfather used to say that a man with a family name is a great man. Why would a great man be alone in the forest?
 Was he in trouble to the point of collapse?

 I look at Ran in front of me. Mr. Ran is wearing a fine robe. It looks expensive, but it's stained with dirt. His body looks worn out from having fallen over. There was a white cloth wrapped around her arms, perhaps she was injured.

 Ms. Lan has purple hair that reaches almost to her shoulders. Her eyes were a beautiful light blue, like the sky.

"I've been banished from King's Landing and Agatta.
"Exile? Oh, my God. And what's Agatta?

 I know what a capital is. It's where the king lives. But what's Agatta?

"Agatta is a large city with a great temple. I was in charge of educating the godson there, but it didn't go well. It was rumored that it was a divine punishment caused by the child, and I was banished by the country that feared the divine punishment.

 She was the educator for her sister, and things went wrong, and she was banished.

I'm not sure if there really is such a thing as divine punishment, despite the fact that I've tried to discourage her from studying a lot. If there really was such a thing as divine punishment, I'd be dead by now.

 If there really was such a thing as divine punishment, I'd be dead by now. If there is such a thing as divine punishment, then I am afraid that if I do something, someone else will suffer it. But only if I was the godson.

"So, Lern Da. I was banished from King's Landing and Agatta, and I've come to the conclusion that that country is no longer viable, so I've decided to leave. But before that, I wanted to see the village where the godson grew up, so I went there.

 The village where I was born and raised.

 I was born and raised in the village. My sister was my first priority, and I paid tribute to her with my harvest. I remember that a merchant who stopped by said that the village was well-off for a remote area. The crops seemed to be easy to grow, and the villagers were taking care of my sister after they had done the bare minimum to make a living. When I glanced at them for a moment, they shouted at me, "Don't look at me.

 The villagers hated me. They said I wasn't worthy to be their sister. My parents loved only my special sister. I just went along with life. In this village of beasts, I had feelings of wanting to do things, but I didn't even have those feelings in the village where I grew up. There was no such freedom. The village was all that mattered to me, so I didn't even think about going outside the village. I remember my grandfather well, but not so much the others.

"I learned that the crops were being destroyed by insects there.
What are you surprised about?
Are you sure that's where I was?

 I thought so, because as far as I knew, I had no memory of such a thing ruining crops. In the first place, if life had become difficult, I would have been the first to be killed in order to reduce the amount of food available.

That's right. Wasn't that the case when Lerunda was here?
"Hmm, I knew it. That's why I thought you might not be a godson after all.

 Hearing my words, Ran smiled happily and continued.

"Divine children are loved by the gods. Therefore, the gods will not allow the land where they live to be abandoned.
"What's that?
It's a sentence left by the church. The last time a child appeared in the world was a hundred years ago. So there's not much information about them. But there are some things about them. In the course of my research, I have learned that the land that the gods love will never be destroyed. It seems that even in the land that the gods have left, the land that they loved and cared for can grow crops easily and the environment can be very good. In the first place, it is said that the influence of the divine child is wide. It is said that the country to which the child belongs will at least be less affected by bad weather. The whole country.
...... So, what?

 It seems that gods and goddesses are much, much bigger than I thought. I'm a little surprised as I listen to her.

The upper echelons said that the thunderstorms were God's punishment for offending the gods, but that didn't seem right. If there was really divine punishment, it would have come straight to me. By the way, Lerunda, is this village a very nice environment?
Will the crops grow as well as in the village where you grew up?
No, it is not.
Then I believe that the reason why Lerunda's village has been so good is because of Lerunda. Now that Lerunda has come to the beast village, this place has been given a good influence. I still think that Lerunda is a godson.

 Mr. Lan laughed.

So ......
"...... Lan, you know a lot about gods. Can I?
Yes! Of course you can! But not now. But later. The beastmen's faces are getting scary. ......

 So I look at Gaius and the others. They're staring at me.

By the way, the gryphon that brought me here and the skyhorse that brought me here are ......
I signed up.
Oh, my God.

 Mr. Lan looked at me and Sipho with sparkling eyes.
 I look at her and beckon Gaius and Athos over.

"Lelanda, are you okay?

 Gaius was the first to ask, and I replied.

 Next to us, Mr. Athos and Mr. Ran are having a conversation. Mr. Ran was asking Mr. Athos to let him live in this village. Mr. Athos had a difficult look on his face.
 But he kept asking again and again, and it seems that Mr. Lan agreed to live in the village on one condition.

 ---- girl and woman 2
 (Maybe the girl, who is a goddess, heard about the goddess from the woman.