27 Godman, doubt.

 When I woke up, the familiar Goddess opened her eyes wide and said in a panicked voice.

You are finally awake.

 She smiled happily and offered me some water.

 I wondered why I had been asleep. I remembered that the country had begun to whisper about the possible appearance of a divine child. All the gods that exist in this world. Those who believe in the right god can hear the voice of the god. In our country, until eight years ago, there was a person who could hear the voice of God. But that person is gone now.

 And in a situation where there is no one in this country who can properly hear the voice of God, the suspicion has arisen that the Divine Child may be appearing in this world. More than a dozen priests, including myself, were determined to find the divine child somehow, so we performed a ritual that was said to possibly lead to death, and managed to hear the divine voice. Before he lost consciousness, we gave him the information we had learned about him. Remembering that much, I raised my voice.

"Kamiko-sama is .......
Did you manage to get her to ......?
Yes, we have.

 I was relieved to hear her words.
 Then I heard that I was the first to wake up among those who had performed the ritual, while the other priests had not yet awakened. And I've been lying there for four months. I was relieved to hear that no one had died.

 I'm glad that I was able to wake up like this, because it was the result of forcing myself to listen to the voice of God.
 I can't help but feel a sense of repentance for letting you live in a remote village for eight years because there was no one to hear the voice of God. If we had been able to hear God's voice correctly, we would have been able to welcome you as soon as you were born.

 While I was in such a state of mind, the Priestess said, "I'll bring you some food," and left the room.

 Dear Goddess.
 In the midst of all the information conveyed by the oracle, I was able to catch a brief, dim glimpse of her.
 I couldn't see her clearly, but I could see her. Recalling that image, I thought about the real Kamiko-sama.

 Oh, Kamiko-sama.
 God's beloved one.
 What kind of person is he? I can't help but feel inexplicably happy at the fact that I'm living in that time, at the miracle that you exist.

 I want to see you as soon as possible. I can't wait to see you. I want to take action for you.
 Then I was visited by many people. They were happy for my awakening and cared for me.

 I had never been approached by high ranking priests before I had the great task of hearing the oracle. But now that I had accomplished that great task, they showed up at my door. I feel a little mixed about that, but that's okay. I was able to welcome you, Godson.
 I told them right then and there that I wanted to see her.

 And three days later, I was ready to stand in front of her.
 I'm told that she hasn't been presented to me yet. However, word has spread among the commoners that she is a beautiful woman.

 I frowned at the fact that we were able to welcome her, but were not able to properly educate her when she was still young. I was a lowly priest and had no contact with the upper echelons, but I wondered if that was the policy of the upper echelons. I had a frightening thought that they might be thinking of giving you a sloppy education and using you as a pawn, and I also wondered what this country was going to do with you.

 Naturally, I feel that I have to make sure that you can live your days in peace, and I also feel that I have to give you a proper place to learn. I believe that a Shinto priest, being a Shinto priest, must understand his own position. This is my ideal.

 I am also troubled by the story that a woman who was a trainer of Kamiko-sama was expelled because she behaved in a manner unbecoming of Kamiko-sama. She also said that misfortune was coming to this place because of the woman who was in charge of her education, but I still can't sort out what's happening while I'm asleep.

 First of all, I'll talk to her sincerely when I can see her.
 That's what I thought when I was on my way to Kamiko-sama.
 But when I stood in front of her and looked at her, my thoughts were blown away.

I am the godson!

 The girl who confidently said that was indeed beautiful. She had blue eyes and long, golden hair. Yes, golden hair (・・・・). I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"......, my name is Illume.

 I don't remember what I said to her. I don't remember what I said to her. We just talked about random things and I left the room.

 I left the room and went to my room in the priests' settlement, which was built adjacent to the Great Temple.
 I was confused.
 I had heard rumors about you, and I was anxious, but I was really looking forward to meeting you. I could see her. I was so excited to meet something so beloved by the gods.

 But no.
 That's what I thought.

 Because in the oracle I saw for a moment, the color of her hair was not gold. It was dim, but I could see some of the color. Her hair was not such a beautiful golden color. It was more of a subdued color. It was brown, like any other hair color.

 Is it possible that the figure seen for a moment by the oracle was a mistake? Is it possible that my memory is wrong ......? No, I don't think so. Then, what does it mean? I'm still confused, but I'm considering the possibilities.

 The goddess is dying her hair. ...... No, this is not happening. Hair dye is expensive, and it is unlikely to be available in a remote village. In the first place, hair dye comes off when you wash your hair, so there is no way that the people who take care of the goddess do not know the color of her natural hair.

 It's a possibility I don't like to think about, but isn't it possible that the divine child in the hall isn't really a divine child? But after seeing the golden-haired goddess, I can't help but think that she might not be the real goddess.

 ...... I shuddered to think of the possibility that she might not be the real Kamiko-sama.

 ---- Priestess, I doubt it.
 (The awakened Priestess confronts her sister and her suspicions grow.