28 Ms.'s record

 "Records of the Shenzi.
 Recorded by Landono Stoffer.

This is a record of Lerunda (*1), who is presumed to be a divine child.

 1 Although I am reluctant to refer to a girl who is a divine child by her first name, I have used her first name in accordance with her wish.

 First of all, what kind of existence is a child of God? Here is a summary.

 They are loved by the gods.
 The land they live in is prosperous.
 They can give blessings and make knights.
 They have special powers.

 That's about all we know. There's really not much information about the godson. The most recent record of a godson is a hundred years ago. They occasionally appear in this world.

 I have been studying them, but the only information I have about them is what is left in the literature.

 Next, I will summarize the information about Lerunda, who I believe to be a divine child.

 Seven years old.
 Hair and eyes, brown
 About 120cm tall.
 Behaves like a small animal.
 He has an aptitude for healing magic.
 She has a contract with a gryphon and a skyhorse.

 According to the records in the literature, the countries that Kamiko hated had a disastrous end. Because of this, it was said that if you displeased the Divine Child, you would be in serious trouble. Currently, however, the Kingdom of Fairytlov is not experiencing any of the calamities described in the literature.
 It is true that the Kingdom of Fairytlov is undergoing gradual changes, but it is not the same as the disaster in the literature.
 The reason why there are no disasters in the Kingdom of Fairytlov is due to the character of Lerunda. Lerunda seems to have no hatred for the Kingdom of Fairytlov, despite the fact that she was neglected and abandoned.
 In short, whether or not a calamity would occur would depend on the feelings of the divine child. Lerunda does not have any negative feelings toward the Kingdom of Fairytlov. I was able to hear from him about how Lerunda used to be in the past, but I can only say that it was a very difficult life for a young child. However, after listening to his stories, I realized that Lerunda is a divine child.

 Because, normally, if you are not fed, you will starve to death. There is no such thing as a convenient way to find something to eat. There is no such thing as a coincidence of being about to be violated and not being violated.
 In the first place, the village where Lernda was born and raised was suffering from insect infestation when I visited. The food harvest was not going well, and he looked gloomy. Lerunda said that this was not the case, at least not during his stay in the village. Since Lerunda was not well-liked in the village, he would have been the first to be cut off if there was nothing to eat in the village. Perhaps it was because Lernda was a divine child that she was prevented from being in such a situation.
 Because of her beautiful appearance, Alice had been offered many things in that village, which was prosperous for a remote village. This was also known from the testimonies of the villagers, Alice, and Lerunda.
 However, the reason why such a situation existed in the first place was probably because of the existence of a divine child named Lerunda in that village. And the reason why the kingdom of Fairytlov had a good harvest was probably to keep Lernunda from starving. I suppose that the reason why the Kingdom of Fairytlov had a good harvest was to keep Lernda from starving, not knowing how a poor harvest would affect Lernda, who lived in a remote village.

 It is said that the influence of a deity differs depending on the deity who loves it. Currently, it is not clear which god Lernda is favored by. However, there are some things that can be seen by looking around Lerunda.
 For example, the gryphon and skyhorse with which Lelunda has a contract. These two demons have one thing in common: they can fly. Perhaps they are gods of the sky and flight. Or it could be a god who is closely related to the gryphon and skyhorse, regardless of their similarities. We don't know at this point.

 Next, the relationship between the beastmen and Lerunda. It is very good. I thought that Lernda might be a god who has a close relationship with the beastmen, but from what Athos, the head of the beastmen's village, says, I don't think so. It seems that Mr. Athos was very wary of Lerunda at first.
 The beastmen of this village revered the gryphon as if it were a god because it lived in the forest. It would be unreasonable to expect them not to be wary of a human girl who was living with a griffon, a god. In addition, there are many human countries, including my hometown, the Kingdom of Fairytlov, that have beastmen as slaves. There are a certain number of humans who consider non-humans as slaves. For this reason, it is natural for beastmen to be wary of humans. Lernda has overcome this wariness in the course of her daily life, and has become a part of the beastman village. When I had my first conversation with Lerunda, the beastmen were watching anxiously. It was because they were wary of me.

 Lerunda lives comfortably in the beastman village. Gaius, a beastman boy who is a good friend of Lerunda's, said that Lerunda was happy to have made friends and to have had his head stroked for the first time, something he would have experienced in his normal life. Lerunda feels happy to be living in this village.
 Lerunda refers to the gryphons and skyhorse as family. Her parents and her sister, Alice, who are now in Agatta, are her family. Lerunda does not hate her parents or her sister, nor does she have any fondness for them, she just sees them as family.
 Lerunda was not born and raised in a village where he could act on his own will. If Lerunda had acted on his own will and lived freely in the village, something like the miracle that happened in the beastman's village would have happened, and the nation would have been able to detect the divine child immediately.

 The miracle of Lerunda curing the dying beastman happened before my visit to the beastman village.

 Lerunda is happily living in the beastman village. She listens to the villagers' requests, studies magic, plays with gryphons and sky horses, and listens to me talk about the divine child.

 This land, where Lerunda, probably a divine child, lives and loves, is surprisingly bountiful. The beastmen, unaware of the fact that Lerunda is probably a divine child, are saying that this is a good year.

 If this bountiful harvest continues next year and the year after that, we can be sure once again that Lerunda is the Son of God.
 I believe that Lernda is a divine child, but he said he doesn't know, he just thinks he might be. The temple of the Kingdom of Fairytlov is out of the question because there is no one who can receive the oracle, but if you can see the high priest of another country, you may be able to find out if Lerunda is a divine child or not. But I'm not even sure if that opportunity will ever come.

 It's only been a few days since I set foot in this beastman village. The beastmen are wary of me, but as a researcher, I can say that it is a blessing to be able to see a girl who is probably a divine child up close.
 My current goal is to somehow be accepted as a member of the village by the villagers of this beastman village, and to pursue the existence of the "divine child".

 Records of the ---- woman
 (The woman in the beastman village will probably record the girl who is the divine child.