29 Girl and fore touch 1

 Open your eyes.
 I see the ceiling, which has become familiar to me.

 I had grown accustomed to life in the beast village. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I drew water from the well and washed my face. I ate breakfast made from nuts and flour that I had picked up in the forest yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, I didn't have much food. This may be because I did not have the habit of eating breakfast when I was in the village. Since Gaius told me that I should eat breakfast properly after I came to the beast village, I have been eating breakfast properly.

 Today, I'm having breakfast alone, but sometimes Gaius and other villagers bring me food. It's fun to eat together. In this beastman village, I learned for the first time how much fun it is to eat together and laugh together.

"Good morning, Lerunda.
"Good morning, Lelanda!

 I ate breakfast, changed my clothes, and went outside to see Lema and Luma's gryphon brother and sister.

Good morning.

 They greeted me with good morning, and I said good morning to them too.
 I went with them to the square in the center of the village. It was early in the morning, so there were not many people around. What I'm going to do here is to practice the magic of strengthening my body. Mr. Dong is teaching me, and I'm having trouble using it. I have the magic power, so I should be able to use it, but it's difficult.

 In the first place, I was so self-conscious about the one that healed my injuries before that it's hard for me to consciously use magic.

 Magic power. Magic power. It's like a lump of power inside me.
 I've been able to feel it, sort of. I know there's something there when I focus on it.

 I saw Dong's use of body-strengthening magic, and it was amazing.

 He could run fast and jump up and down. Beastmen are naturally more physically capable than humans, but they were able to move even more than that. Gaius also said that he doesn't know if he has magic power, but he wants to use it to enhance his body, but he can't feel it at the moment.

"Hmm ......

 I groaned and felt the magic within me. There's something warm, something. I know it. I know it, but I don't know what to do with this magic when I use my enhancements. Mr. Dong seems to have been able to use the power without being aware of it and doesn't seem to know how to explain it to me.
 I thought maybe Mr. Lan, who said he came from King's Landing, could use magic, but it seems that Mr. Lan can't use magic.

 I'll move this warm magic. While I was carefully moving it so that the warm magic would gather in my hand.
Lelunda, good morning!
 I was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Gaius, who called out to me.

"...... Ah.
What's wrong? What's going on?
I was practicing my magic. I lost my concentration.
Oh, yeah? I'm sorry, I just looked like I was standing there.

 Gaius apologized with a sullen look on his face. But it's true that if you hadn't told me, it would have looked like I was just standing around all morning.

"Okay. Gaius, no offense.

 I know you didn't mean it, so I said it. And then his sullen face changes. Your ears are moving.

"Magic practice, is that strengthening?
"No. I don't know. I don't know.
You can feel magic, can't you, Lerunda? What's magic like?
Well, it's kind of warm.
It's warm. I want to use body enhancement too, but I don't know what magic power is.

 Gaius says regretfully.

Gaius looks disappointed. (Gaius, are you depressed?)
"I don't know what magic is either.

 Lema and Luma's baby gryphon siblings are crying from side to side to comfort Gaius, who sounds disappointed. Gaius doesn't understand the language of the gryphons, but the gryphons surround him with their cries, and he asks, "Are you comforting me? Thank you," he said, patting them.

 Magic power.
 The magic I feel in my chest, I wonder if I can pass it on to Gaius. I thought that since Gaius wanted to feel magic so much, he should be able to share some of it with me.
 So I hold Gaius' hands in both of mine.

"Lern Da?

 What's wrong with Gaius? Gaius calls my name as if to say, "Lern Da?


 That's all I say, and I try my best to move the magic I feel deep inside my body to my hands. The thought of using my magic for Gaius was much easier than when I was practicing earlier.
 My magic power is gathered in my hands.

Hands, you know?
It's kind of warm. ......, are you gathering magic power in your hand?
Hmm. It's magic.
That's magic. ......

 It was much easier to gather the magic for Gaius when I did it for him. Whenever you have time with Gaius, you can help him by touching his body like this and letting him feel the magic. I thought about this as I put magic power into my hands.

 Gaius said that he couldn't feel the magic inside him, but I thought that if he could feel my magic every day, he would be able to feel the magic if there was magic inside him.

 So I suggested that, and Gaius agreed, "I want to feel magic too! He agreed. After that, I did that in my spare time. In the meantime, I had become able to use physical enhancement. Gaius also said, "Maybe there's something inside of me! I thought it might be Gaius's magical power.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea.

 The ---- girl and the herald 1
 (Probably, the girl who is a godchild is spending her days in the village of beastmen peacefully with some changes.