36 Conversation between the girl and Ms. 1

 After leaving Athos' house, I went to my house with Ran.

 I squeezed Mr. Ran's hand while we were listening to the conversation at Mr. Athos' house. Mr. Ran squeezed my hand back. I felt relieved by that.

"Ran, sir.

 When I got home, I opened my mouth.
 I was sitting across from Mr. Lan. Mr. Lan is waiting for me to say something.
 My head is all jumbled up. I don't know what to do. I wonder if it's my fault that I'm in this situation.

"Maybe I'm a ...... godson," I say.

 I say to myself.
 I might be a godson. It's something I've been feeling for a while. Maybe not, but maybe it's true. That it could be a godson.

 I honestly didn't care either way. Because I am who I am, whether I am a godson or not. I'm happy now, so I didn't care either way.
 But now my life is changing because a godson has appeared. Because of the birth of the Divine Child. He is not special to me, but he is special to those around him.

...... Yes. I think Lernda is the godson, not maybe.
I think Lernda is the godson, not ...... the godson.

 The godson is special. I think that because the godson appeared ......, the country that got the godson will become stronger. And the countries that couldn't get them are trying to compete with the countries that have them.

 The appearance of this special being, the Divine Child, has affected many places.

"If the ...... godson hadn't appeared, wouldn't the cat ...... beast man be sad?

 If the godson had never appeared. I can't help but think about it, such a scenario comes to my mind. If it hadn't been for the gods, Nilshi's village wouldn't have been attacked. If it weren't for the godson, Nirsi's village wouldn't have been attacked, and they would still be living in ...... peace and quiet.

If the gods hadn't shown up, it wouldn't have been so hard, would it?

 I don't know what's going to happen now that the godson is here. We don't know how the country that got the child will act. That's what Athos and the others were worried about.

 I wonder if they wouldn't have been troubled like that if there was no godson. If it weren't for the godson, would ---- the people you love not have been troubled?

I ...... am glad to see you all. I love you all.

 I'm happy to see you all. I love you all.
 Mr. Lan is listening intently to my words. I continue.

"But ......, I'm human.

 I'm human. I'm human. I'm a different species than all the beastmen. And humans do terrible things to beastmen. And humans do terrible things to beasts, and they're kind to me.

"...... and maybe a godson.

 A godson, maybe. Not just human. Maybe he's the reason I'm ...... annoying everyone and everything I love.

I'm happy. "I'm happy. But ...... they're ...... having a hard time with me?

 I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm happy with the gryphons and the sifo and Gaius and Athos and everyone else.
 I'm happy because I have the gryphons and Sipho and Gaius and Athos and everyone else. Everyone gave me a happy time that I have never felt before.
 They gave me so much, so much.

 But I think I'm only giving them a hard time. Am I the reason they're having such a hard time?
 I want you to smile. I love you. Because I've felt your warmth. I wish everyone would just smile and go to .......

"Lern Da.

 I looked down and you reached out to me. He squeezes my hand.
 When I look up, he's smiling gently at me.

You're right that it's happening because the gods have appeared.
"...... Yes.
But the misfortune that has befallen the beastmen now could have happened at any time.

 But the misfortune that has befallen the beastmen now could have happened at any time. "Ran, you're right that it's happening because the godson has appeared," he said.

Some of the humans don't see the beastmen as people. Some of them are in the heart of the country. This happened because the Kingdom of Fairytlöf got the Son of God, but it could have happened for other reasons. The Kingdom of Fairytlov and the Kingdom of Migga are not on good terms. So whether the Son appeared or not, one day sooner or later, the Kingdom of Migga would have asked for slaves.

 Whether the godson showed up or not, it happened. That's what Mr. Lan explained to me. It was just a coincidence that the godson appeared.

"So, Lern Da.

 She looks me straight in the eye.

"You don't have to blame yourself for being here. Even if Lerunda really is a godson, it's the country that's to blame. The ones who are trying to enslave the beastmen. Lerunda doesn't have to blame himself.
"But .......
Not "but. It's not Lerunda's fault. I can assure you that. So don't look so worried, okay?

 She squeezed me.
 I cried a little when Ran squeezed me.

"Are you sure ......?
Yeah. It's really not your fault.
Are you sure you're okay with me being here at ......?
Yeah. I'm fine. Athos and the others are very fond of Lern Da, and I'm sure they'd like you to stay.
...... Suppose I was a godson?
Yes. Yes, you would.

 He squeezed me and patted me gently on the back. I was relieved.

"Thank you. Thank you for saying so.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 ---- A conversation between a girl and a woman 1
 (The woman answers the girl's concerns, who is probably a child of God)