37 Conversation between the girl and Ms. 2

Lerunda, I have a question for you.
"Hmm, what?
Lelanda, if ...... you were really a divine child, what choice would you make?
"Choose ......?

 I couldn't help but question Lan's words. What kind of choice would you make?

Lelunda, I know this is hard for you to hear, but I'm going to tell you a story that might happen. It is a problem that Lerunda will inevitably have to face if he is a divine child.

 Mr. Ran said with serious eyes. A problem that may happen in the future. If I'm a godson, there will be problems. It's scary to hear that, but it's a problem that I have to accept.
 I nodded at Ran's words.

"The Divine Child is special to the world. They are children who are loved by the gods and are said to have special powers. In fact, they may have powers like no other. That power can have both good and bad effects.

 A godson can have good or bad influence. That's how powerful they are. They have special powers, Lan says again.

If you can get your hands on a child, your country will be richer. That's how many people perceive it. In fact, we took Lelunda's twin sister into the temple because we wanted to protect the existence of the divine child as a nation. In some cases, it was because the child was sacred, but most of all, it was to obtain the child. It's never just good intentions or kind feelings that make a child protected.
"...... Yes.

 I listened and nodded to Ran's story.

A country that has a godson is a threat to other countries. In history, there have been countries that have protected the Divine Child and acted as they pleased, resulting in the Divine Child's resentment and ruin. If you are hated by the Divine Child, that alone can lead you to ruin. However, it is not impossible to manipulate the gods while trying not to be hated by them. All you have to do is make the world a happy place for them.
"A ...... happy world for him?
Yes. Create a world that is kind to the child and pretend to be a happy world only in front of the child. And it's not impossible to manipulate her in any way you want.

 Create a world that is kind to the child. Create a world that is kind to the child. Pretend that the world is happy only in front of the child. And manipulate her in any way you want.

 It's even possible to do that.
 Let's think about this in terms of me. If someone is nice to me, I might believe them. If someone is kind to me and creates a happy space, even if it's not really like that. But even if it's not really like that, you may still die believing in that kind world. Believing in a kind world. No matter how cruel it really is.

"So, ...... Lern Da, you should be where you want to be.
What do you mean?
There are some beings in the world who will negotiate with a godson to keep him close. For example, Lelanda, would you try to help the beastmen if they were in trouble?

 Mr. Ran asked. It was natural for me to nod my head in agreement with her question. I love everyone, and if they are in trouble, I will help them, I think.

What would you do if someone tried to negotiate with you to help the beastmen and wanted to keep you by their side? What would you do if someone told you that if you came to us, you would help the beastmen and make them happy?
"...... That's...

 What would you do if I told you that I would help the beastmen and make them happy? Instead, I should go there. If that's all there is to it,......, I thought it might be okay. If only I could go and make everyone laugh.

"If it makes you laugh...
I don't know if your nodding off there will really help them or make them happy.
Even if they say they will help you, you don't know if they will really protect you. Even if they say they will help us, we don't know if they will really protect us.

 I don't know if they will keep their word that they will help us, Lan said. They could pretend to me that everyone is happy, and then do something completely different.

And the beastmen, ...... Lelanda said, would not be happy to give themselves up for their own safety. No one wants their loved ones to be sacrificed for them. You should be more aware of the importance you place on yourself.

 Mr. Ran looked straight at me and said. You need to be more aware.

"You're valued. You're loved. We all grieve when someone we care about goes through something terrible. That's how you feel about the beastmen. We all want Lerunda to be happy and laugh and spend time with the people she wants to be with.

 Ran-san said the same thing that Gaius had said to me.

You are important to the beastmen, and they are important to you, so if you are important and want to be with them, you should be with them. It's best for everyone to be happy together. It's not enough for one of us to be happy. No one can be happy if one is unhappy for the sake of the other.

 It's not enough for one person to be happy. It's best to be happy with both, Lan says.

"...... Yeah.
If you really are a godson, you will be faced with many choices. If you are really a godson, you will be faced with many choices. You will have to choose whether to live in the world of humans or live with the beasts.
"...... Yes.

 If you were really a godson, you would be faced with a choice. There comes a time when you have to choose what you want to do. And if it's a divine child, it will affect you in many ways.

And where you choose, there can be great consequences. It could lead to a lot of things. You have to think about that. But you can make the choice you want to make.
...... It's weird.
Yeah. It's a difficult question. That's why, when Lelanda is troubled, she has to consult with anyone who will help her to make a well-thought-out decision.
"...... Yes.

 I nodded. I nodded. It was difficult, but Ran's words made me realize that I needed to think about it.

"Ran, sir. I'm Kamiko, or should I say ......?

 I asked Ran what was troubling me, what I was thinking.
 I think I might be a godson. I don't know if I really am, but if there is a possibility that I am, should I tell everyone?

That's a ...... difficult question. I think it's okay to talk to Athos about it, if you don't mind.
"...... Yes.
You can't show that you're really a godson, so it's difficult. Let's think about it when the time is right.
"...... Yeah.
You look like you're asleep. Good night for now. We'll think about it tomorrow.
"...... Yes.

 I nodded, went to bed, and fell asleep.

 ---- A conversation between a girl and a woman 2
 (The girl, who is probably a godchild, nods to the woman's words)