38 Girl and Birthday 1

"Oh, by the way, Lerunda, isn't it your birthday coming up?

 It was Mr. Ran who said that.

 Several days have passed since then. In the end, I still haven't told Athos that I might be a Divine Child. I may have to tell him someday, but I haven't been able to do so yet because I've been wondering when I should tell him, and whether it's something I should tell Athos, who is currently busy with the cat beasts.

 Ran's words about birthdays reminded me of birthdays in the past.

 Basically, it was the custom in my village to celebrate all birthdays in the same month. But in that village, where my sister was special, we celebrated her birthday - in other words, my birthday - in a big way. It was a day to celebrate only my sister, to pay tribute to her, and to say "Happy Birthday" to her. I was left alone with my chores. I didn't even say "Happy Birthday" to my sister. I was not allowed to approach my sister on her birthday, a day when she was the star of the show.
 Mr. Ran must have been aware of my birthday because he was my sister's educator.

"......, yeah.
Then I guess we should celebrate.
Celebrate .......
How can I help you?
...... birthday, sister, celebrate, day. I, ......, have never been celebrated before.

 My birthday was a day to celebrate my sister. I've never been celebrated before. I just watched my sister being wished happy birthday all the time. That's what I thought birthdays were for. On my birthday, which is a day to celebrate my sister, I wondered if I, ...... who had never been celebrated before, would be celebrated. It was strange and I didn't really feel it.
 When I was thinking that, Ran hugged me tightly.

"I'm going to celebrate ....... I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
"...... All of us?
Yes. So look forward to it.
Nilsi, you guys are not going to ...... celebrate, I don't think.

 Nilsi and the cat beastmen are wary of humans. They accepted my presence and Ran's, and that's why they became residents of this village. But I also know that they sometimes look at me harshly.
 After listening to Nilusi's story, Athos continued to talk with them about what they should do. They have not yet come to a conclusion as to what to do. So, the village is a little tense.

 I can see that everyone is feeling a bit anxious about what is going to happen.
 The Nirsi people, in particular, always look scared, partly because their village has been attacked. I wondered if Nirsi and the cat beastmen would celebrate me.

They will celebrate you, I'm sure. No, they will.

 Mr. Ran smiled at me.
 Will you be celebrating? ....... Just thinking about it made me feel strange.
 After parting with Ran, I rested my body against Raymar's golden feathers and looked up at the sky, thinking.

 Mr. Ran smiled at me when he wished me a happy birthday. I'm sure I'll never be wished happy birthday in the village where I grew up, I thought. I thought that happy birthdays were my sister's privilege. Just the fact that you are celebrating makes me happy. Those words alone make me happy.
 It's a strange feeling, I can't imagine. But I'm happy.

"Guru? (What's going on? )

 When the cat beastmen came, I was worried that maybe it was Kamiko's fault, and I told Ran. Even after I've talked to Ran and felt a bit relieved, I'm still worried about the child and its effects. I don't know what the best thing to do is. Such problems are happening in the village right now.
 I wonder if it's okay for me to celebrate my birthday in such a situation. I was happy that Ran-san said she would celebrate my birthday, but I also thought so.

"Guru guru guru guru...
"Raymar, did you hear me?
"I was so close.
Are you sure you want me to celebrate ......?
Guru, guru, guru. - Lelanda, don't think about it.
"Without thinking?
"Guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru.

 Raymer continues. His gentle eyes look at me.

"Guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru, guru.
"......, I guess.
"...... Yeah.

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

 ---- girl and her birthday 1
 (Probably, the birthday of the girl who is a godson will come soon)