39 Girl and Birthday 2

 The day of my birthday.

 The first day of the divine moon in the sky. That's my birthday. The moon is named after a god. They use the names of famous gods. Mr. Ran told me that in many small villages, the counting of dates is ambiguous. However, I think my village had a proper way of thinking about such dates.

 ...... I can say that it was for my sister's sake, to celebrate her birthday. Also, my parents knew how to count such dates. So my sister's birthday was celebrated properly.

 When I first came to this beast village, I didn't pay attention to what day of the month it was. But Ran seems to have kept track of the days of the month even after she left the capital. Great.

 ...... When I woke up on the day of my birthday, I was so excited. Ran told me that we should celebrate together. I was so happy. I was happy, but I was also worried. It was the first time I'd ever been congratulated.
 I woke up and went to wash my face when there was a knock at the door. I answered and Gaius opened the door and walked in.

"Lelanda, good morning!
"Good morning, .......
Are you going to wash your face now?
Hmm, yes.

 I walked out with Gaius. I get some water from the well and wash my face. Gaius is standing by my side.

Lelunda, let's go!
"Where to?

 I hadn't seen anyone since we got out of the house. I wondered why I couldn't see the gryphons or the Sifo. Gaius took me by the hand and I walked on.

 We went to the square in the center of the village.
 There, everyone was there. When they saw me, they wished me a happy birthday.
 Ran-san was smiling at me. She smiled kindly and approached me, surprised to hear everyone wishing me happy birthday at the same time.

Lerunda, happy birthday. I told everyone and they all wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Nilsi and others.
I'm only here because ...... celebrates children's birthdays.

 Nilsi turned away when Ran looked at her and replied, "Happy birthday.
 It was the first time anyone had ever said happy birthday to me. Ran had told me that she would be celebrating, but to actually hear her say, "Happy birthday," was a shock to me.
 I had never been told that before. Something my sister had always been told on her birthday. A birthday celebration that I had never had. I was surprised that just being wished happy birthday by the people I love makes me so happy.

 It warms my heart.

"Lern Da, from me too! Congratulations!

 Gaius, still holding hands with me, smiles and says. It's so warm to know that these words come from the bottom of my heart.

"Thank you, .......
Lelunda, why are you crying?

 Gaius was startled. Nilsi, who had been looking away, looked at me as if in a panic.

"Hey, don't lose it! What's wrong?

 Nilshi hurriedly approached me and crouched down to meet my eyes.

"I'm just happy.

 I'm happy. Congratulations. The fact that you're congratulating me... It warms my heart.

"Hey, hey, what is it with you and crying with happiness just because someone says congratulations?

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. I'm sure you don't like people, but you're kind. I was so happy to see her kindness that my tears started to fall again. Everyone's kindness made me a crybaby.
 I'm so happy, so warm, I'm crying.

"Whoa! Why are you crying?
"Nilsi, you're ...... so sweet.
Thanks for the congratulations, .......
No, no, no. I'm .......
I like pompoms.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm happy for you. I'm ...... happy.

 Words from the heart. I'm so happy for you. To be congratulated. Congratulations from the people I love. That alone made me happy and I couldn't help it.
 Nilshi in front of me, Gaius who was flustered by my crying, Ran who had kind eyes, and everyone else said to me.

I don't know what you're talking about. ....... I'm sure you'll be happy with the congratulations and the celebration has just begun. ......
Lern Da, we all prepared for this! That's why we're still going.
"Lelanda, we planned to give you the best birthday ever. We all worked together to make it happen, so enjoy it!

 Nilsi, Gaius and Ran said.
 Have you just started? When I didn't understand the meaning of their words, I heard the voices of the gryphons behind me.

"Gurugururu~ (Lelunda's birthday~)
"Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.
"Gulu gulu gulu gulu.

 The little gryphons line up beside me, saying this. I am seated in a chair in front of the child gryphons. The gryphons sang a song I didn't know. The baby gryphons sang with their cute little cries. Mr. Lan said, "It's a song sung on birthdays. I taught it to them," she told me.

 I was happy that the baby gryphons sang such a song to celebrate my birthday.

 The female beasts danced to entertain me, and everyone gave me presents...the whole time, I felt like I was dreaming after I woke up.

 I felt like I was dreaming from the moment I woke up. Just being told congratulations and being congratulated was more happiness than I could ever imagine. But not only that, everyone gave me so many things.
 The food was gorgeous, and some of it was what Gaius had caught on his hunting trip with Athos.

"I killed it with my father!

 He said proudly, and when I saw his swaying ears and tail, I wanted to touch them, but I held back. Everyone was smiling, saying things like, "I prepared this fruit," and "I got this.
 It was a day to celebrate my sister, such a birthday.

 But now it was a happy and joyful day for me.

Thank you, everyone.

 Before I knew it, I was saying thank you.

"I love you all.

 And I was smiling. Everyone was smiling at me. They were laughing. It was a warm place. I was really happy.
 It was a day like a dream.
 I was thinking that day that such happy times and happy spaces should last forever and ever.

 ---- A girl and her birthday 2
 (Maybe it was a happy day for the girl who is a godson)