47 Thank you, it's frustrating.

"What's going on?

 I, Illume, continue to be imprisoned in the basement.
 I told them that Master Alice might not be a divine child, so I was locked up in the Great God Hall. I don't know what kind of intentions the High Priestess has.

 I was thinking that I might be erased, but there is no sign of that at the moment. I'm eating well. I don't know what's going on out there. I don't even know what my position is.
 And the last thing on my mind is the godson.

 If Alice is not a real divine child, then where is the real divine child? How could such a mistake have happened in the first place? Will the other oracle priests besides me wake up yet?

 As I spend my days here, eating and sleeping, I lose track of time. I wonder how much time has passed since I was locked in here. ---And since then, Master Jint has never visited me. I used to think she was a noble and respectable person. I thought that if I talked to her, things would turn around for the better. That's what I thought. I thought so, but this is the result of my action.
 I must have misjudged Ms. Jinto. Perhaps I consulted the wrong person. If I had consulted someone else, a different result might have been waiting for me.

What am I supposed to do?

 I muttered to myself.
 The only people who come here are the ones I have to take care of in order to survive. The only ones who come here are the ones I have to take care of to survive.

 It occurred to me to get out of here, but even if I did, I'd end up in the sights of the High Priestess. It's hard to get out of here in the first place. If I try to escape, I won't be able to do so unharmed.
 As a priest, I can't use offensive magic. I have no aptitude for that. I'm too exhausted to stay in this windowless room.

 The only thing I can do while I'm overwhelmed is think.

 Kamiko. Thinking about the existence of the Divine Child. A being we need to protect. A special being called a child. It's a problem that such a being spends so much time without being welcomed in the Great Temple. It is said that the Divine Child should be welcomed in the Great Temple because of its special power. If she is not welcomed, there is a great possibility that she will suffer a great deal of trouble because of her special power. Historically speaking, the Divine Child is a special being and is loved by the gods. However, they are not perfect, and some of them may have a hard time. One of the purposes of the Great Temple is to protect the Divine Children and to walk with them, as they are the ones who will be affected.

 However, I don't think that the current situation, where the temple just nods to Alice's words and neither guides her nor walks with her, is the way the temple should be. The Great Temple will guide you, protect you, and walk with you. That's what I thought. I think that's what we should be aiming for.
 I was willing to receive the oracle to find you in order to achieve this. I thought it was the best thing for you. But, but ...... maybe that was not the best option for you. If that is the case, is it good for you that Alice, who may not be Kamiko-sama, was welcomed by you? No, but it is a problem that someone who may not be a goddess is being welcomed as a goddess. Is there anything that I can do for the Divine Child?

 Nevertheless, we, the recipients of the oracle, have told him where he is, his age, and as much as we could before he lost consciousness. And yet, what is the meaning of the current situation where we may have mistakenly identified you? Could it be that there was a child of the same age in her house? Kamiko's parents came here with Alice. How could they dare not tell her that they had another child? Normally, if there is a possibility that my child might be a divine child, would they not tell me about it?

 I keep thinking about things that I can't help but think about. What I'm thinking about most is the Divine Child.
 Oh, God. God who showed me the image of the Divine Child. What can I do for you?
 I begged. But the gods won't answer.
 Originally oracles were only able to receive you in large numbers. One person praying alone won't get it.

 ---I must think and act on my own, with my own strength.

 ---- Priest, it's frustrating.
 (The priest continues to think while locked up.)