48 Girl and Boy's Oath 1

 The destination has not been decided yet. ---Sinorn, Oshacio, and Dong, who were trying hard to organize everyone instead of Athos, said.

 They said they were aiming for a place where everyone could feel safe. The gryphons and sifo can't carry such a large number of people, so they are all walking. The gryphons and sifo are keeping an eye on us to make sure we are not in danger. I was told that this alone was a big help. If it weren't for the gryphons and the sifo, it would have been very difficult to go south like this.

 I also heard that people who went out to look for Mr. Athos were almost followed by humans as we walked. I had been so busy that I had not been able to find out why the people who had gone out to look for Athos had not returned. They said that they were trying to go back to the village, but that if they did, the location of the village would become known, and they were trying to get around the humans. So the gryphons found them and managed to get rid of the humans who were trying to follow them.
 We don't even know where we're going. But he said that the southern part of the forest should be untouched by humans. At least not by the kingdoms of Failytrov and Migga. So we have to run for now.

 I'll do what I can.
 I'll do the best I can.

 And I want to protect them. To not lose anyone I care about anymore. To not let anything sad happen. What do I have to do to make that happen? What should I do?

 That's all I could think about.

 It was night. My second night of running away from the village. Yesterday Mr. Ran held my hand and said good night. The baby gryphons were with me. Rahmer and the other adult gryphons and all the adult beastmen were taking turns on the night watch. I wanted to help, but was told that the children should sleep. I said that I would be grateful if all the people I had contracted to help me keep watch at night.
 I saw Gaius trying to get somewhere at night. I was afraid that Gaius would go away like he did when Athos disappeared, so I chased after him.


 I knew I had to call Gaius, so I raised my voice.
 Gaius looked at me with a surprised look.

 I hadn't been able to talk to Gaius since that day. Both Gaius and I were upset about Athos's death, and then everyone in the village was in a panic about abandoning the village.

Lerunda ......, I thought at the time that you were able to speak out loud like that.
Yeah. ....... I had to speak up, I thought. ......

 I knew I had to speak up. I had to find Gaius. I thought, "I can't say I'm not good at speaking.

I see. ......
Yeah. ......

 Gaius sat down on the ground. I sat down next to him. I noticed that Sipho was looking at me. Gaius didn't seem to notice. He's just looking at me like nothing's wrong.
 There was a slight lull in the conversation.

"Dad, ...... died, didn't he?
"Yeah, .......

 Mr. Athos is dead. I won't see him anymore. Gaius' face contorts in sadness.

I wonder why ...... my father had to die like that. ....... Because we're beasts? Because we're not human? But how could he do such a terrible thing?
"Yeah. ......

 I'm thinking the same thing as Gaius. I don't understand why he had to die that way just because he wasn't human. I don't know how he could do such a terrible thing.
 Gaius is sad. Gaius looks like he's in pain. I reached out and squeezed Gaius' body.

"Lern Da. ......?
"Gaius, you look like you're in pain. Gaius, you look like you're in pain. When you're in pain, being squeezed makes you feel safe.

 Gaius, you're crying. He's crying in a hushed voice. He's sad that Athos isn't here and that he was killed in a terrible way. I'm crying with her. I felt sad and wondered why.

 After we both cried as much as we could, I was told, "Lelunda, get away from ...... me," and I sat down next to Gaius again.

"...... Gaius, I'll do everything I can.
"What can you do?
Yeah. ...... I'm going to practice so I can speak up if something happens. I'll practice. I'm not good at talking because people are so nice to me, so I just let it happen. But then I thought, ......, that's not good enough.

 I'm not good at it, but I can't just say I'm not good at speaking when something happens. We have to speak up and protect them. What I want to protect.

Isn't that right? It might be a little uncomfortable at first to not talk like Lerunda.
Yeah. ....... And there's more I can do, more I can do.
"...... What makes you think that?
...... Yeah. Gaius, I know you're not going to like me, but can I tell you something that might happen?

 I looked at Gaius, who was sitting beside me, fearfully. Gaius looked at me as if he didn't know what I was talking about, but he said, "I won't hate you, just tell me. I was relieved.

"Do you remember what ...... Nilsi told you about the divine child?
You know, the one that my dad told me about, ......, the child loved by God? You said that the Migga Kingdom attacked Nilsi and his friends because of it, right?
Yes. I think I might be a ...... child of the gods.

 Gaius shouted in surprise. I was scared. I looked down, scared, and spoke.

"A protected child. My twin sister. My sister was taken away from ......... me because I've always had strange things happen to me.
"Strange things are ......
When I was looking for Gaius, they couldn't touch me, those people.
Oh, that's right. That's right.
Mom, Dad, ...... and the people in the village. I tried to hit them, but I couldn't.

 Gaius doesn't know that I have such a strange phenomenon in the first place. I was happy in the beastmen's village and didn't think I needed to say that.

"I can't slap you or anyone else. That's why I was able to protect Gaius. I thought it was because you're a godson. That's what Ran says.

 My voice trembles. I'm scared. I don't know what I'll do if Gaius hates me.

Maybe it's because I'm here that things are happening. So, I'm sorry. Mr. Athos died because of me. ......

 Ran-san said it wasn't your fault. But I can't help but wonder if it's because the godson showed up. I wonder what Gaius thinks. Knowing that I might be the godson...

 I was scared.
 I was scared, but it was a gentle hand that touched me.
 I realized he was stroking my head and I looked up and saw Gaius.

"I'm just a kid. I don't know anything about gods and children. It could be a trigger that's happening. I don't know if I'm a child or a godson. ---If Lelunda hadn't come running, I'd probably have been captured by humans at best, dead at worst.
Yeah. ......
"So I don't hate you.

 I was relieved when he said that. I was scared. I was scared that people would hate me if they knew. Because I love you all. I love Gaius, too.

"He's special. Mr Ran said. Maybe not a godson. But if you're a ...... godson, I know I can protect you all if I try hard enough. So I'm going to do my best so I don't lose her again.

 She's special. If I really am a godson. I know I can protect you if I work hard. She wants to make sure she doesn't lose them. That's what he thinks.
 Gaius had a serious look on his face when he heard my words.

"Me too, .......

 Gaius is looking at me.

"...... me too. I don't want this to happen again.
I've been thinking a lot about ...... my dad getting killed.
...... Yeah.
"I don't want this to happen again. It doesn't matter if you're a beast or a human, you want to make sure that no one you care about has to go through this.
"...... Yeah.
Maybe not. But I wanted to create a place where everyone could laugh and live without people attacking them or anything like that. ......

 Gaius said in a strangled voice.

 ---- girl, and the boy's oath 1
 (The girl, who is probably a godchild, tells the boy, who is a beast, a secret, and the boy says what he thinks.