49 Girl and Boy's Oath 2

He said, "----, I don't want this to happen anymore. It doesn't matter if you're a beast or a human, you want to make sure that the people you love don't have to go through this.
 ---I wanted to create a place where everyone could laugh, a place where people could live without being attacked or anything like that. .......

 I repeat what Gaius said in my head.

 When I understood what Gaius wanted to achieve, I thought how wonderful it would be. I thought how happy I would be if I could create a place like that where everyone could laugh and live together.
 I wish I could create a place where the people I love can laugh, regardless of whether they are beasts or humans.

 All I could think about was Athos, and how he died like that. All I could think of was that I wanted to protect him. I wanted to protect everyone. I wanted to be strong enough to protect them. I wanted to be strong enough to never lose them again. That's all I could think about.

 But that's not what Gaius did. I'm sure Gaius feels the same way about wanting to protect everyone, but he's also thinking beyond that. Gaius is amazing, I thought.

I'm confident I'm talking out of my ass, and it's a stupid dream, I know.
That's not true!
"Lern Da ......?

 I shouted and stood up, causing Gaius to look surprised. I stand in front of Gaius. And I said.

I think ...... it's a very, very ...... nice idea!

 I thought it was a really, really cool idea. I thought it was a really cool idea. What a wonderful, wonderful thing it would be.
 If we could create a place where no one would be treated badly just because they are a beast, like Athos. If we can protect everyone and create a place where we can live with laughter, ----, what a good thing that would be.
 It may be difficult, yes. No, it will definitely be difficult. Humans are more powerful than beastmen. That's why Athos had to die the way he did. It is because humans have a terrible idea that they can do anything to beasts that such a thing happened.
 That's why I don't know how hard I have to work to make it happen. But I do.

Me too. ......
"Lern Da?
Me too! I want a place like that.

 I want to build a place like that. I thought how nice it was, and my voice came out. I thought, "I want to build a place like that, too. ...... I wanted to build a place like that, too," and my voice got louder.

"Everyone smile! Let's make a place where everyone can laugh and live happily at ......! Let's make it!

 Gaius laughed when I said that out loud.

Gaius? ...... Lern Da, you don't think you can do it?
No, I mean... You really want to make one, don't you? I think I want to make one, too.
Yes, I do. ......

 Gaius laughed at my words, and stood up.
 Then he stands right in front of me.

"Hey, Lelunda, give me your hand.

 I don't know why he's saying that, but I put out my right hand. Then he asks me to clench my fist. Without knowing, I clench my fist. Gaius puts his fist on my hand.

"My father told me that among the beastmen, this is what you do when you take an oath with an equal.
"Vows: ......?
Yes, my father told me that you do this when you swear to do something important that you want to make come true.

 Gaius laughed at that. Then Gaius continued.

"Lern Da, I'm .......
"I want to build a place like you said. No, I'm going to make .......
Yes! I'm gonna build it, and we're gonna do it together.
...... I'll be stronger and stronger for it.
Yeah. ....... I'm gonna be strong enough to protect it.
I don't know exactly what I'm going to do to make that place .......
Mr. Lan, we'll talk to you. Gaius is different. He's one of a kind.
Yeah, you're right.

 The two of them exchanged such a conversation while facing each other.
 Then Gaius took a breath and said loudly.

I don't want anyone else to get killed like my father did. So I'm going to make a place where everyone can laugh!

 Gaius looked at me. I raised my voice in response.

"Yeah. I'll help you with that. Because I want to build it too! And I'll be strong enough to protect everyone I care about!

 With fists clenched, they made such a vow together.
 It might be difficult, it might not be possible. It may be difficult, it may not be possible, but I am certain that I want to make it happen, that I want to create such a place. I really wanted to create such a wonderful place with you.

 The only people who heard such a private vow from me and Gaius were Sipho who was looking at us and the stars shining in the sky.

 ---- girl and boy vow 2
 I'm not sure what to make of that. That's why they made a vow. That's why they vowed that they would create such a place even though they were young.