51 Girl and what's to come 1

I see.
Well, ......, Lerunda and Gaius are thinking about such things.

 The day after we made our vows together, Gaius and I went to Mr. Dong and Mr. Lan together to tell them about our decision.
 Gaius and I are holding hands.

 ---We want to create a place where beastmen can live in peace.

 Mr. Dong and Mr. Lan didn't laugh at us when we told them that. Gaius and I are both children, and our dream is like a dream that we don't even know if it will come true. We were just saying that we wanted to make a dream.
 Mr. Dong and Mr. Lan accepted it.

That's difficult.

 Mr. Dong said with a difficult look on his face.

"It's difficult," Dong said with a difficult look, "but it's a ...... good dream.

 Then he continued. It's a good dream, Mr. Dong said, his mouth hanging open.

Yes, it's a good dream. In order to make this dream come true, we must first think about how we are going to move forward. In order for Gaius and Lelanda to have the future they desire, we must first make a living.

 That's what Ran said.
 It is important for us to live our lives in order to make our dreams come true.


 Gaius and I both nodded our heads in agreement with Dong's and Lan's words.
 Gaius and I, our vows. The future that Gaius and I wanted. To make it come true, we must look to the present.

"We're fugitives now. "We're on the run. We're lucky to have the gryphons, Sipho, and all of you to keep us safe, but I honestly don't know what the future holds. Lerunda, Gaius, you may be children, but we are certainly in such a difficult situation that we must still be considered as a number.

 We're fugitives, Mr. Lan said. We are fugitives. We had no choice but to run, so we did.
 We're making progress now, but we don't know what's going to happen next.

 Mr. Ran has been talking about me and Gaius in a very difficult way, as children but also as people. He understands that I'm not only protected, but also that I want to know.

Your dreams are difficult. It's really hard. But how wonderful it would be if they came true. I would love to see that dream come true, the moment you wished for it. That's why if you really want to keep working hard to make your dreams come true, I can help you do that.

 Mr. Lan made sure to tell us that our dreams were difficult, and then he smiled.
 Hearing her words made me want to do my best. It would be much, much harder than I imagined. But I still want it to come true.

I'll help you with your ...... dream.

 Mr. Dong also said so.

However, as Ran said, ...... it is important to stabilize your current life.

 Gaius and I both nodded as we listened to Mr. Dong's words.

 We must not only look ahead, but also look at the present in order to fulfill our vows.

 After all, even after making the vow, the life of a fugitive will not change. I'm just continuing my journey, not knowing where I'm going. They are discussing what to do in the future.
 There is talk of establishing a village somewhere, but it might be dangerous if it's not too far from the kingdoms of Fairytlov and Migga.

 Shinomi, Kayu, and the boy beastmen.
 They all look anxious, and sometimes they cry that their feet hurt. I asked one of the gryphons to carry everyone whose feet were hurting.

 The gryphons and the sifo are taking care of the surroundings. So to be separated from them, even if it was just one of them, would have slowed us down a bit, but we accepted that it was unavoidable. I am trying my best to walk on my own feet and not on the backs of others. The gryphon that I have a contract with looked at me apologetically for not riding me, but I told him it was okay.

 I want to get stronger and stronger. I can't keep relying on everyone at a time like this. I thought that I need to be able to work harder on my own feet and with my own hands.
 I want to prevent things like Athos from happening in the future. I wanted to do everything I could to make that happen.
 For that reason, I wanted to reduce the anxiety of everyone who was anxious.
 The adults were anxious, but the children were more anxious. So I wanted to cheer up my friends.

 I'll do what I can do. I don't know what we're going to do or how we're going to do it. I don't know.
 I'm going to do what I can to fulfill my vow to Gaius, to protect what I want to protect.

 ---The Girl and What's to Come 1
 (Maybe the girl who is a godson is doing what she can to fulfill her vow.