52 Girl and what's to come 2

 Where will we go from here? What will we see in the future?
 I don't know, the future.

 At least now that we've crushed the village we were living in and escaped our pursuers, we've lost our safe haven.
 The gryphons and the sifo have been keeping us safe, and we've been able to get by.
 However, there are many times when I feel uneasy, such as when I hear the cries of demons at night. The gryphons and the sifo have been good friends to me. They even made a contract with me. But if I can get along with all demons, it will be nearly impossible. Just as I can't be friends with everyone, there are many kinds of demons, just as there are many kinds of people.

 I have a goal in mind and I have decided to work towards it.
 If I could find a new base, I would be able to relax more, but I haven't yet.

We ...... wonder what will happen now.

 "What will happen now?

I don't know. But ......

 I looked at her and continued.

It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay.

 I think that because I have you. I thought everything would be okay with everyone. And when my parents abandoned me and left me alone, I was able to manage. I was worried, but I managed and I met everyone. I feel like I can do anything if I meet everyone and they're there.

"You're all here. So I'm okay.
 I'm here, I'm okay. I can say that with certainty.
"...... Yeah.
...... I'll protect you, too.
Protect you?
Yeah. ....... I'm gonna protect you. That's my goal.
Oh, yeah?
I wonder if I'll ever be able to protect them. ......
You can do it if you work hard.

 You said you wanted to be able to protect the fleas, too. I answered her.
 I thought I could. I believe that if you want to, you can. No, I said that because I want to believe.

 I can do it. No, you can do it. You can do it, I said, because that's what I wanted to believe about my goal.

 I wonder how long it's been since I ran from my pursuers. I don't know, I'm losing track of time. Ran told me that three weeks had already passed.
 I didn't feel like it had been that long at all. Mr. Ran said that after three weeks of moving around, we might be able to see the end of the forest.

 The end of the forest.
 I see. The forest may seem to go on forever, but there is a future. My world was a village, a forest, and almost nothing else. There might be new places to go in that world. The thought of that made me a little excited. I'm not sure what will happen now, but I might be able to reach places I've never seen before with everyone. I was a little excited at the thought.

 I don't know what's waiting for me down the road. No one knows what's waiting for us after the forest is cut off. But I think it's okay because we're all here. It's okay that we're all here.

Maybe they'll decide on a new location for the village.
Yeah. ......
If we can find a place where we can feel more at home, I think we will be able to live the same life as before.

 Mr. Ran squeezed my hand.
 The adults agreed that if I could find a place where I could feel at home, I could live there for a while. After that, they said that they would think about it after they had rested and settled down. Once you've settled down, you'll feel a little less anxious. They'll laugh more. Will we all be able to laugh? That's what I thought. I realized again that I like to see people laugh. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and I want to keep doing that.

 I want everyone to smile, even if just a little.

 To be with everyone, even if only a little. That's why I'm working hard at ----. It would be nice to find a new base and relax again, I thought.

 After a while, I saw a large lake. Ran said that maybe I could see the end of the forest, but the forest was unbroken. It was just a space in the forest with a huge lake. I've never seen a lake like this before. We decided to make this our base for the time being.

 We were all tired from moving around so much since we escaped, and we needed a break.

 That's why we decided to set up a base there. There were fish in the lake, so it would be easier to get food.

 The adults went out to explore the area with some gryphons, while the rest of us made a place for everyone to sleep and so on. I did my best. The magic that strengthened my body helped me in those tasks. I was happy to be able to help everyone.

 We made a place to sleep, cooked food, and began to live there, and then we met a tribe.

 ---- A girl and her future 2
 The girl, who was probably a child of the gods, began her life with the beasts by the lake.