54 Girl and Elf 1

 I don't know much about this race of elves.
 I only know about elves from what I've been told.

 It is said that elves are good at magic. I don't know if that's really true. But they are thinner and less fleshy than the beasts.
 Beastmen are much more stocky, so if you compare them to elves, they are quite different. I look at their pointy ears with a strange feeling. Human ears are not pointy, and beastmen's ears are beastmen's ears.
 The elves and Mr. Dung are facing each other. Gaius and I were close enough to hear what they were saying. The elves looked at us like we were children, but we wanted to hear what they had to say, so we stayed close, even though we were a little scared. The other children were afraid of the elves and stayed with the adults elsewhere.

The other children are with adults elsewhere because they are afraid of the elves. ......... We have been forced to leave our home.

 Mr. Dong explained to the elves, choosing his words carefully. The color of the eyes of the elves is usually green. Some are a little different, but most are greenish. Their hair color is usually golden? Very beautiful. Green, squinted eyes are cold. But if you think about it, from the elves' point of view, the sudden arrival of a new, unfamiliar person in the place where they used to live, it's probably inevitable. I, too, would be surprised if a new person came to the place where I used to live. I guess that's why I have cold eyes. I wish that cold eyes would become warm eyes. Maybe they'll become kind if we let them. I hope we can get along. Because I think it's better to be friends with someone than not be friends with them.

I ran all the way here. And I ended up at this lake. It's a good place to live.
"Hmm. ......

 The elf nodded at Dong's words.
 I thought that if they understood why we were here, they would be less cautious. But the elves kept their cold eyes on me, and I felt uneasy.
 I wondered what the elves were thinking. Why are they still looking so scared? How can I make them smile?

"If that's the case, will you come to our village?

 The Elf, who had been silent as if in thought, said.
 We can go to the village of the elves. I think that would be great. But I was surprised to find an elven village nearby. I thought everyone was searching the area and found traces of someone living there, but no one said they found a village. I wondered if a village could be so hard to find.

 Dong and the others fell silent. I wonder what they're thinking. I think it's a good thing that we can go to the elven village, but I wonder if there's something on everyone's mind.
 I wonder if it's because the elves are still giving me the same cold look. I wonder why the elves invite us to their village. Do they want us to live with them? But when I thought about it, I never said anything about that.

 ...... Dong nodded, and we all decided to go together the next day. He had a difficult look on his face. But he said he thought it was the best choice.

 After the elves disappeared, there were some who wondered if it was okay to go to the elven village, but many thought it would be better to go.
 To be honest, I didn't know which was better, me or Gaius. I said that I wanted to get along with the elves, but Gaius said that they might not want to get along with me, and I realized that there was that possibility. They are asking us to come to their village, but it doesn't mean that the elves are inviting us because they want to be friends with us. I wanted to be friends with the elves so much that I didn't really think about it. I wonder if that's the reason why people are worried about whether it's okay to go.

 I want to get along with the elves, but I don't know if I can.
"I want to get along with .......
"Then let's make it happen.

 I'm sure you'll agree. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 I wonder if I can get along with the elves.
 I wonder what an elven village is like. If I could get to an elven village, would it change anything?

"Beastmen are physically strong and good at elven magic. So I think it would be great if we could get along and walk together .......

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

I thought that would be great. Yeah, I think that would be great.
"Yeah, I'd like to get along.

 I'd like to get along with you. Thinking about going to the elf village the next day, I was just filled with that thought.

 ---A girl and an elf.
 (Maybe the girl who is a goddess wishes that the beastmen and the elves could join hands)