55 Girl and Elf 2

I understand Lelunda's desire to be friends. Lerunda is a sweet girl, and I knew she would say that. But just because you want to be friends doesn't mean you can be friends. I have never met an elf, but I am sure that elves have had their share of disputes with humans. Humans enslave even elves. In the kingdom of Fairytlov, the number of elven slaves was small, but they still existed as slaves. ......

 That's what Mr. Lan said when I went with Gaius to tell him.
 Then he looked me straight in the eye.

I don't know what the elves have in mind when they invite us in. They don't seem to have any clear hostile intent, but that doesn't mean they are on our side. So, ......, maybe something terrible will happen.
"Something terrible?

 I asked, and Mr. Lan said.

We could be in worse trouble than being captured by humans.
...... Really?
Yeah. It is a possibility that ......, even if they are not hostile, they may demand things from us that we do not mean. For example, a person who seems to be kind may not really mean it. That's why we need to be vigilant.

 Vigilance, I think, ....... I was able to make a deal with the gryphons and the sifo, and I've made friends with the beastmen I've met, but that's just a matter of luck. Even when I was in the village where I was born and raised, I happened to be lucky most of the time, and I've been thinking lately that if I'm a Shinigami, then maybe my ability as a Shinigami is to improve my luck.
 It's not a perfect ability, so it's not like everything will work out without me doing anything. I know that from what I've done so far. But it's true that I'm probably luckier than other people. But I think I'm probably luckier than others, and I'm sure I'll have a good harvest where I live.

 If my luck is a little better than other people's, I wondered if the elves I met had a higher chance of being good people.

 When I mentioned this to Ran, she said, "That's a possibility, but there's also a possibility that it's not.

"Well, it would be best if we could get along with the elves. Well, let's try to get along.

 Gaius and I nodded at Ran's words.
 I'm nervous. I wonder what kind of relationship we'll have with the elves. I fell asleep leaning on Lulmar's body with a strong desire to become friends with the elves.

 The next day, I was picked up from the elven village early in the morning.

 I think the person who came to pick me up was the same person I saw yesterday. I think the person who came to pick me up was the same person I saw yesterday, although I can't be sure because the elves look quite similar.

 The number of people coming to pick us up was not as many as yesterday, but there were a good number. The elves are surrounding us as we carry our luggage and move about. They still have the same cold look in their eyes. As Ran-san holds my hand, I wish he would smile. I wonder how I can make them laugh. As I stared at them, my eyes met with one of them. I smiled at him, but he turned his head away. I was a little shocked.

 I was a little shocked, but I wanted to smile and talk to them more because I wanted to get to know them.
 The gryphons and the sifo are of course on their way to the elf village with me. The elves seemed to be wary of the gryphons and Sifo.

 Raymar shouted in circles and told me that the elves were concerned about the gryphons and Sifo. The Gryphons and Sifo are my family, and I love them, but I think they can be scary to newcomers. In the case of the beastmen, I thought that they could accept the gryphons easily because they thought of them as gods. I wonder if the elves are afraid of the gryphons and Sifo, and that's why they don't smile at us. If that's the case, maybe it's okay to tell them that you're not afraid.

If I tell them that I'm not afraid, will they smile?
I don't know.

 I don't know." Mr. Lan and I were having a sneaky conversation. I was talking in a quiet voice, and he was staring at me. We were in an elven village, a little distance from each other.


 I was surprised at the sight of the elven village. The village of the beastmen, like the village of the humans, had been built by cutting through the forest. But in the Elven village, the place where they lived was left ---- untouched, and they built their houses there without cutting through the forest. They built their houses on top of the trees as if they were part of the forest. It was like that.
 It was the first time for me to see such a sight.

 I couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow!
 We were greeted by a large group of elves.

 ----- girl and elf 2
 (The girl, who is probably a godchild, arrives at the village of the elves. Will the girl's wish come true?