56 Meet the Princess

 I, Ninaef Fairlie, a princess of the Kingdom of Fairytlov, have been busy making allies in the remote land of Ananaro.

 I think I'm gradually gaining allies, but to be honest, I don't know if I'm really doing it that way. I don't know if I'm really doing that.
 Because I have no idea how long the people who are currently on my side will be on my side. There may be many people who approach me because of my status as a princess. But I don't think I'm worth much more than being a princess.

 If I had more power, I wonder if I could move in any way. I wonder if I could have even admonished the divine child. The country is still in turmoil, with disasters happening all over the place. Honestly speaking, if there was no one to admonish her, and if she was living happily, there wouldn't be any disasters or ominous events like this.

 But then, I haven't heard any rumors of such incidents happening in the capital, so I don't know. I can't help but think that it would have been ...... better if Kamiko-sama had been a little less selfish and a little more understanding.
 I wonder where this country is really going from here.

 I think that the relationship with the Kingdom of Migga is deteriorating. I heard the lords talking about the appearance of a certain number of soldiers from the Migga Kingdom.
 It seems that the residents of the area are worried because they have seen Migga's soldiers in the forest, where soldiers from the Kingdom of Fairytlov also roam. I, too, felt a great deal of anxiety about what would happen next.

 It was during this time that I received a letter from my father.

 The letter said that there was a rumor that a prince of the Migga Kingdom was staying in a city adjacent to the border, and that I should make contact with him if possible.
 There are voices in the upper echelons of the country that want to go to war with the Migga Kingdom, but I guess your father doesn't want to go to war with the Migga Kingdom. He probably recognizes that the Divine Child is an important person, and he tries not to offend the Divine Child because he knows that if something happens to the Divine Child, it would be a big problem, but the Father would not be inclined to start a war with another country just because the Divine Child is there.

 If you can get in touch with the prince, it might help you avoid a war with the Migga Kingdom in some small way. ...... is only a hope, but I thought it might be true.

 In the first place, I don't even know if the prince would meet me if I sent a letter, although considering that he is also relegated to the frontier, he may not be that important.

 When I sent the letter, the reply came sooner than I expected.

 The prince also had something on his mind, and we agreed to meet at a village on the edge of the border, accompanied by each other's guards. Some people thought it was dangerous, of course, but I still thought it would be better to make some contacts with the Migga Kingdom for the future.

 To be honest, I wondered how the prince could have agreed to my request for a meeting.

 I was invited to the village chief's house, where the meeting took place.
 I met the seventh prince, Hiccup Migga. It was the first time I had met Hiccup. Rather, I was the fifth princess, and Hiccup was the seventh prince, so there was no problem even if something happened to each other.

 The first princess, the first prince, and other early-born beings interact with each other, and I know the crown prince of the Kingdom of Migga. I know the crown prince of the Kingdom of Migga, and he has visited the castle of the Kingdom of Fairytorff. The crown prince of Fairleigh Troff, his brother, and his sister, the first princess, are probably known to other countries, but just as I am not known to other countries, Hiccup is probably not known to them. If you think about it, although we are two years apart in age, I feel that we are in similar positions.

 When I met Hiccup for the first time, I had the impression that he had sorrowful eyes for a twelve year old. If you are royalty, you are raised differently from ordinary children. They will have a better life than ordinary children, but I believe that they will experience many things because of the obligations that come with royalty. I thought that might be why Master Hiccup had such a cold look in his eyes.
 I thought he looked like a doll with beautiful silver hair. Perhaps that cold and melancholy expression makes him seem more like a doll.

 Hiccup first of all apologized to us for the disturbance in the forest. He also told us that the King of Migga has no intention of going to war with our country. I believe that the fact that our country has protected the Divine Child is the reason why he took the trouble to tell us this. Ordinarily, there would be no one who would want to make an enemy of the Divine Child. He is a being loved by God, and there is no way he would want to cause displeasure to him.

 Nevertheless, Hiccup occasionally looked as if he wanted to say something to me. I wondered if there was something on his mind. Is it that he is reluctant to talk about it in the presence of his guards? I was curious as to what was bothering Hiccup.
 As we were leaving the village chief's house, Master Hiccup said, "I hope to see you again," and at the same time, he held out his hand. I understood that he wanted me to shake his hand, so I did. After shaking his hand, I noticed a piece of paper left in my hand. I hid the paper, keeping a nonchalant expression on my face so that my guards would not notice it.

 That was the end of the encounter between me and Master Hiccup.

 When I returned to my room, I looked at the paper that had just been placed in my hand. I opened the folded paper and traced the words with my eyes.

 There was only one word written on it.

 But that one word was enough to astonish me.
 It said, "Is the godson of your country really a godson? That was it.

 Meet the ----- princess.
 (The princess met a prince from a neighboring country who had probably had an encounter with a girl who was a divine child. (The princess met a prince from a neighboring country who probably had an encounter with a divine girl, and was asked the question.