58 Girl and Elf 4

 Why don't the elves tell us their names? Or is it that they dare not show it to us? Are they just forgetting to tell us their names? Or is it that they are trying not to tell us their names? Is there a meaning to the fact that they dare not tell us their names?

 If we wait a little longer, will they tell us their names? Is it okay to ask her name? I don't think it's right to force someone to tell me something they don't want to hear.
 That's what I was thinking.

 I slept for a while, and in the morning, the lady elf who was letting Ran and I live here brought us breakfast. It was full of plants I had never seen before. There was no meat, but I guess elves don't eat meat. I wondered if elves don't eat meat.

To help you get used to living in an elven village, you'll be staying with me first. Come outside the house after you have eaten your breakfast.

 That's all he said, and he left the breakfast behind.

"...... Hey, Mr. Lan.
What's up?
...... You never tell me your name.
Oh, yes, I did. Do you think I don't need to tell you my name? It's possible that the elves don't have individual names, but they have been named in the literature in the past. ....... I don't think it's possible that they don't have names.
Why don't they just tell us their names?
It's not that they don't want to be friends, although they are welcome.
"...... is difficult.

 You are welcome, but you do not want to get along. I don't even know what that means. If you welcome me, you should be nice to me. I don't want to be friends with them, but what's the point in welcoming them?

The elves may have their own reasons, but there are still many unnatural aspects to them.

 As we talked, we sipped our breakfast. This soup is delicious. I've never tasted anything like it. Maybe there's a flavor that's been passed down through the elves. ...... It was delicious. Lemma ate the soup with gusto. Apparently it's a favorite of gryphons as well.
 After we finished eating, Ran and I went outside the house as the female elf had told us to do. We were surprised to see that the house was on top of a tree, so the sight when we opened the door was very nice. I didn't turn around when I was shown to the house, so I didn't know that I could see so much down there. Oh, I saw Gaius. I waved to Gaius, and he waved back to me.

I'll go down first.

 The female elf said, and climbed down from the top of the tree using a ladder. Ran and I followed her. Lema is flying down. This tree is quite tall, so I'm a little worried that I might fall. We descended carefully and slowly.

I will show you around the village.

 The female elf said nonchalantly, and walked on. There was no time for that yesterday, which is probably why she's showing us around today. I was relieved to see Nilshi, Shinomi and the others. I was glad to see that everyone seemed to be in good health.

 The first thing that struck me yesterday was how strange it was that the houses in the elven village were built on top of trees, but I realized that there were many things that were different from those in the beastman and human villages.
 There are plants growing there that I've never seen before. The fields are on the ground, not in the trees. But there are also fences to prevent demons from coming. There was also a unique building. A church? Something like that. It's a huge building supported by many trees, I guess you could call it. It's a big building that looks like it's sitting on top of overlapping branches. I didn't notice it yesterday because it was at the back of the village, but it's an amazing building.

This is a place to offer prayers to the spirits. We're not going to force you to do anything.

 That was all the explanation I got. This lady elf has little to say. It is possible that she is the only one who is not good at speaking and does not say her name. ...... I'll have to ask her if she told everyone else her name.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
Yes, they are.

 The elf lady didn't seem to be interested in continuing with Ran's words. A large, large church. A big, big church, built on a tree, a place to pray to the spirits.

 I thought that the elves really have a deep connection with the existence of spirits. The elven woman looks at the church. Is she thinking about something? After looking at the church for a little while, the woman nonchalantly led us to other places.

 That was it for the rest of the day.

 There was no meat for lunch either. I wondered if they were a tribe that did not eat meat. I asked the female elf if I could have lunch with her, but she refused.

 I was wondering if we could have dinner together and get to know each other. I wondered if they would eat with me someday. With these thoughts in mind, I ate dinner with Rema and Ran.
 And in the afternoon, I was asked to help them collect medicinal herbs at the herb garden in the village.

 ---A girl and an elf 4
 (The girl, who was probably a child of the gods, was guided through the village and helped to collect herbs in the herb garden. (As usual, she didn't tell me her name.