59 Girl and Elf 5

 The herb garden managed by the elven village is one that was not in the wolf beastman village. Because they didn't cultivate medicinal herbs, when they were in the beastmen's village, they used to go outside the village to collect medicinal herbs. I'm sure that Zechi's eyes would light up when she saw this wonderful garden of medicinal herbs. I haven't seen Zesihi since we parted at the Elven village. I wonder which elf house she is staying at now.

 I was better at gathering medicinal herbs in the herb garden than Mr. Ran was. I was supposed to teach her how to collect the herbs. I was happy to be able to teach Mr. Lan, because he always taught me.
 I've always been a giver to Mr. Ran, but I was inexplicably happy to think that I was giving back to him for all he's done for me.

 Together with Ran, I finished gathering the herbs that the elf lady had told us to collect. She seemed surprised that we had finished much earlier than expected, but the elf lady was still not very friendly.

 Afterwards, we asked her if we could go see the other beastmen, and she said she would show us around.

 If he had told us where they were, we could have gone alone, but he refused to do so, so I thought that maybe he was trying to keep me and Ran alone.

 After that, I went to meet everyone.
 I went to see Gaius, Dong, Sinorn, Oshacio, Shinomi, Kayu, Nilshi, the boy beastmen, all the other beastmen, the gryphons, Sipho, and everyone else. Everyone seemed to be fine. But, as far as I could tell, they still hadn't told me their names.

 Everyone seemed to be fine, and they said that the elves were treating them well, so I was very relieved about that. But I wondered why they didn't tell me their names.
 Gaius also said that he had heard elves say words that sounded like names to each other. Considering that, I know it's not like they don't have names.

 They welcome us, but they don't want to get along with us. I wonder what the reason is. The gryphons told me that the elves don't want the gryphons and sifo to go outside the village, and that they are wary of the gryphons and sifo.

 He also said that there was a mysterious magic in the air around here.

 Mysterious magic.

 All of the beastmen had little magic power and could not use magic due to their race, even Ran-san could not use magic. That's why I think I'm the only one who can feel the mysterious magic that the gryphons and sipho are talking about. I can use magic in no small way.

 Elves are good at magic, and if I could find out what that magical power is, I think I could bring the elves closer to me.
 ---So I went back to the elf lady's house with Ran and tried my best to find out about this mysterious magic. But I didn't know how to go about exploring the magic, so I did it through a process of thought and error, grunting, "Hmmm...".


 I used my magic power to spread it around and got a strange feeling. Is there something there? No, something is there? I got that feeling. I wanted to know what it was, I wanted to know what it was. So I opened the door of the elf lady's house, stood outside, and looked at the place where I felt the strange sensation.
 The elf lady suddenly ran out of the room and chased after me, but I didn't have time to worry about it.

 The person I looked at was that old elf.

 I felt a strange sensation next to the old elf, or was it on my shoulder? There is something about that area that distorts the magic, or is different from the rest, I can feel it. It looks like there's something wrong with my eyes or something.
 As I was looking at the grandfather, the grandfather elf and I locked eyes.

 When the grandfather elf recognized me, his face became tense, and then...
"Come on down, girl.
 And I was called out.

 I wonder if the reason I was called by the grandfather elf was because he recognized my magical power. But why did the old elf have a difficult look on his face?

 I didn't understand. But if I could talk to this old elf, would I be able to understand why he has a difficult look on his face? And would he be able to tell me why the elves wouldn't tell me their names? With such high hopes, I followed the old elf's words and went downstairs. Mr. Ran hurriedly followed behind me.

 The grandfather elf said to me, "I didn't call for that woman," but I said with a strong will, "I can't let the child go alone," and the grandfather elf exhaled as if he had given up.

 As I followed the grandfather elf, I realized that I had lost consciousness.

 ---- Girl and Elf 5
 The girl, who was probably a child of the gods, felt a strange magic power and was called by the grandfather elf. What is it that awaits her when she is called?