60 With the princess, report.

 ---- Is the Divine Child of your country really a Divine Child?

 I, Ninaef Fairley, have been pondering the meaning of that letter.
 I have been thinking about the meaning of those words. Because a priest is an oracle, an official godson found. To say that it is not really a divine child is to antagonize the gods. However, I have noticed that ----, what if Alice is not really a godson? But then I realized this possibility.

 The reason for this is that even though Alice is protected by the Kingdom of Fairleigh Troff, the Kingdom of Fairleigh Troff is experiencing a number of natural disasters. The idea was that the reason for this was that the kingdom was making the divine child, Master Alice, feel uncomfortable. But what if that premise is not true, what if Alice is not a divine child?

 The ---- oracle must be real. There is no reason to create a godson who is a lie. Then, why is it possible that the divine child is not Alice? Did she try to bring him here and bring him by mistake? I think that's a possibility. Because all the oracle recipients had collapsed in reaction to receiving the oracle.
 In the first place, why did Master Hiccup think that Alice might not be a divine child? I wanted to ask Hiccup why he thought so.
 I wanted to know, both as a princess of the Kingdom of Fairytlov and as an individual.

 ---I don't know what I would be able to do as the fifth princess if I knew, but I wanted to know the truth.

 But the reason why Hiccup took the trouble to tell me so that others wouldn't find out about it is because he might not have considered the possibility that the Migga Kingdom might not be the real one. In fact, this matter has too much influence to be made public.
 But from the perspective of the Kingdom of Migga, the fact that the neighboring kingdom of Fairytlov is protecting the child must be frustrating. The Kingdom of Migga must have wanted to protect the Divine Child too. ---It would have been more convenient for them if the gods of the Kingdom of Fairytlov were not gods.

 They could accuse them of protecting fake gods. If the king of Migga knew, he would do something like that. Then why hasn't Hiccup told the king about it? And why did he decide to tell me?

 I was curious. I wanted to know.

 So I wrote a letter to my father telling him that I had met Hiccup and that I wanted to be friends with him. If he didn't want to go to war with the Kingdom of Migga, he would read my letter and try to bring me and Hiccup closer. Both Hiccup and I are royalty, even if we have little say in the matter.

 I didn't say anything to your father that Hiccup told me. I didn't tell him that Alice might not be a godson. I didn't know if that was really the case. If I had been sure that she was not a divine child, I might have told her, but I did not know if now was the right time to tell her. I was also worried about what would happen if I told the country that it was in ruin. I also wondered what would happen if those who only saw Alice as a divine child, who did everything she was told because she was a divine child and acted for the divine child, found out.

 ---I think she's selfish, and I don't like her character. But she's still a child. The other day, on her birthday, she was dressed so that her face could not be seen. They said they couldn't expose the face of a sacred child. The thought of a divine child being presented to the public and not being a divine child makes me squirm. Although rumors about his appearance are spreading, they have only spread around the capital. In this remote area, the only rumors are about the appearance of a divine child. Perhaps the temple knows that the child may not be a child. I'm aware of that possibility. It's a possibility, but it's a possibility.

 But if that's the case, does that mean that she realized that Alice is not a divine child after she protected her as a divine child? If that is the case, where is the real divine child?

 There are many thoughts involved. It's a complicated tangle. I'm getting confused in my mind. I need to check the facts and figure out what I want to do in that case. In the worst case, Master Alice could be condemned for a crime she didn't commit. She could be accused of deceiving the godson.

 Thinking about this, I decided that the first thing I should do was to talk to Hiccup. It would be good if I could get a chance to do that with a reply from your father.
 With this in mind, I waited for a letter of reply from your father.

 After a while, I received a reply that said that Hiccup and I would proceed with our engagement, and that ---- Alice's mother was ill.

 The ---- princess and the news.
 (The princess continued to think about the prince's words and approached the king. (The princess kept thinking about the prince's words and approached the king and received the news. (What does the fact that the happiest person in the world, the mother of the divine child, has fallen ill do?