61 Mother, remember.

I can't let you die. We need to deal with this as soon as possible.

 I hear voices.

 I'm lying in bed. My body is weak. Why am I, the mother of Alice, the divine child, in this situation? Isn't this just like old times?

 Alice has been a blessing to me, an angelic child. Alice was the reason I was able to live a full life. But how could this happen to me? ----.

 As I looked at my husband, who was standing beside the bed looking at me with concern, I thought back to the past.

 Until my grandfather's generation, my family had been a noble one. That's what my mother used to say. She said that even though we were now living in the countryside, we should not forget the noble spirit of the nobility and respect for our ancestors. My mother said it so many times that I could recite the stories of my ancestors by myself. The ancestor she loved the most was a beautiful being with beautiful golden hair and clear blue eyes. So, she was very special to me as well.

 After my mother passed away, I met my husband and got married. At that time, my body was failing. I was not a strong person. The winter of that year was colder than usual. It was said to be one of the coldest winters in over a decade. So, it was only natural that I, a weak person, would get sick.
 At that time, I was ready to die. I thought I was going to die, and the doctor who managed to see me said that tonight would be my last night. The doctors were amazed at the miracle. A short time later, I found out that I was carrying a baby in my belly.

 ---- I felt that the life in my belly might have saved me. You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier. This did not change after I learned that the child in my belly was a twin.

 Oh, there are two lives in my belly. I'm going to have two children. How happy I am. My husband and I waited with anticipation, wondering which one would look like the other. No matter what kind of child I have, I will love it as much as I can. No matter who the enemy is, I will be on their side.

 That's what I was thinking at the time.

 But when I saw the first child born, my eyes were drawn to him. He doesn't look anything like me or my husband. However, when I saw the baby, I somehow felt that the ancestors my mother loved so much and told me about so many times might have been like this.

 I was told that having twins would be very difficult and that I might die, but I was not worried. I had been told that I might die once, but my children had saved me. I had a strange feeling that I would be okay this time.

 I was sure that I was attracted to Alice, the older twin sister, but I also wanted to take care of Lelanda, the younger sister. But as she grew older, I began to think that "Alice" was special. Alice was a beautiful child, not like me or my husband, but she had a beautiful face.
 Some of the villagers even argued with me that Alice was not our child. But she was certainly my child, and I knew I had to protect her. So I kept telling them that she was special, that she was my child, that she was ancestral, that she didn't look like us.
 I kept telling her that she was special, that she was my child, that she was ancestral and not like us. But Lelunda was a child who could be left alone. I was desperate to protect Alice rather than Lerunda, who was a villager just like us and could be found anywhere. As a result, Alice was accepted by the villagers, and they came to love her.

 Around that time, rumors began to circulate that Lernda, Alice's other daughter, was a strange child. Even though she was Alice's twin sister, she was not beautiful. That she was too normal, even though she was the twin of a very special person. At first, I was angry with my daughter for saying such a thing. But really, Lernda was a strange child.

 One time, a kid tried to mess with her. But strangely enough, Lernda didn't get it. In fact, the child who tried to mess with Lernda got into more trouble. She knew she shouldn't have felt this way about her own daughter, but it still seemed creepy and alien.
 She was growing up a little faster than the special Alice, and that also bothered me. Even when my husband and I left Lernda alone for a day and then rushed to check on her, she was so calm, even though she couldn't do anything on her own. A creepy child, a funny child. In contrast to Alice, Lerunda was creepy. I thought it was creepy, but I thought it was because she was my daughter.
 But then my husband, who should have felt the same way, said.

"She's crazy. Alice is such a pretty girl. She's not even pretty.

 I felt that my husband, who was so kind to me, was the one who said that, and I also felt that Lelanda was creepy in the back of my mind, so I began to dislike her. One of the reasons for this was that Alice, the special child who had been the love of my life, was in a bad mood when we left her alone.

 Alice was special looking, and I was convinced at the time that she was the child who had helped me.
 As Alice grew older, her specialness became more apparent. Everyone gave her things because she was special and it was her house. Also, since the time Alice was born, the village had a good harvest, and someone said that this was because of Alice. A special child who gives us happiness. I had come to believe that with all my heart.

 Lelunda, on the other hand, was creepy, but I was hesitant to abandon her because she was still a child. So I let her live with me. I gave her food and clothes from time to time. I didn't let her have much to do with the sacred Alice, because I didn't want her to have anything to do with a creepy child. Lerunda grew up to be a very quiet child. Lerunda's reticence, fuzzy hair, and nonchalant demeanor irritated my husband and me. We thought that if she cried and screamed more, she would be more lovable.

 One day, some time after the twins turned seven, a priest came to the house. He said there must be a child in the house. When my husband and I heard this, we both thought it was Alice, even though we had two children. It couldn't be Alice. And as Alice's twin sister, a special being, a divine child, Lelanda was discarded as unnecessary.

 After that, my husband and I were taken in by the temple and lived a life befitting the parents of a divine child.

 In the midst of these days, I sometimes felt a strange feeling in my body. But I thought it was just my imagination. I thought that nothing bad would happen to me since I was the mother of the Divine Child.

 When I talked to my husband, he said.
When I asked my husband about it, he said, "Haha, maybe our angel gave birth to a brother or sister.
 I thought so too. I thought it might be the same.

 I thought that Alice might have conceived a sister or brother who was different from Lerunda, and who was worthy of being Godson's sister or brother.
 But that wasn't the case.

 I fell ill.

 All I could think of was why. I'm the mother of a child and I really care about her. Alice should have blessed us as parents. So why did you go to ----.

I'm sure it's true.
...... By the looks of it, I'd say so.

 I can hear the voices of the servants of the High Priestess. It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if there is anything you need to know.

 ----- mother, I recall.
 (Perhaps the mother of the divine girl and her sister is ill. She doesn't understand why. (Maybe the mother of the divine girl and her sister falls ill, and she doesn't understand why, just laments why and why, mistaking her sister's good health for her good health.