62 Girl and Elf 6

 I wake up.
 When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar sight.

 I saw a wooden wall, and I wondered where I was. Why was I unconscious in the first place?
 By the way, I thought Ran was walking with me. I looked around, but Ran was not there. Mr. Ran should have been with us, but where is he? The door is on. A bleak room? But where am I? In a tree? I don't know where I am.

You're awake.

 The door opens.
 And just as I think it's open, a grandfather elf comes in.
 The grandfather elf is looking down at me.

"...... Where is Mr. Lan?

 Those were the words that came out of my mouth. I wondered where she was.

The human woman would be somewhere else.

 The grandfather elf not only wouldn't tell us his name, he wouldn't even call us by our names. It's like he doesn't even want to recognize us individually.

So, I have a question for you.

 The grandfather elf looked down at me and said. To be honest, I was nervous about having to face the grandfather elf one-on-one. But I didn't look away from the elf's eyes because I knew that my conversation with him would be important in determining my future.

...... What do you want to ask me?
You are able to see ...... the genie, or even feel it, even if you can't see it.
"...... genie?

 I nodded my head at the question.
 You can see the genie in me? Even if you can't see them, do you feel them? I wonder if the strange presence I felt had anything to do with it. I'm sure you've heard of it.

"...... mysterious magic, a hint of spirit?

 The old elf let out a sigh at my words.

I'm not sure how a human being, let alone a little girl who may not even know what magic is, can sense a spirit. ......
"Grandpa Elf doesn't like humans?
"Grandpa Elf"? You mean me? Well, I don't see how he could have any good feelings towards humans. Humans are barbaric creatures who can't even use magic and who enslave us elves.
"...... There are many kinds of humans.
"Many? The humans I have known have not been good creatures in the least. And yet, humans are able to sense spirits. ......

 I'm not sure what to make of that. Maybe all the people who came to meet the elves were bad people like that. Because people who live normal lives don't go to see elves. In fact, they are unlikely to leave the village where they grew up. If I hadn't had such a chance, I might not have left the village either.

You don't like beastmen either?
"They are barbaric beings with beast blood in their veins. How can I like them when so few can use magic and so few can feel the blessings of spirits?

 Terrible, I know. But this is how the grandfather elves evaluate humans and beasts. But why would the grandfather elf tell me such a truth that he has never revealed in front of us before? I don't know. I don't know, but the grandfather elf continued.

You can see the spirits, though you are unwilling to do so. We can't treat such a being so carelessly.

 This is why spirits are so special to the elves. The words of the old man's elves clearly show this.
 I can feel spirits. That's why the elves can't treat me badly. Then what about everyone else? They say they can't treat me badly, but what are they going to do about everyone else?

What will happen to the others?
"Sacrifice." "...... Go ahead.

 I'm not familiar with the term. But I know what it means. It was in one of my studies with Ran. It's the act of offering a person as an offering to a horrible being. The fact that he was going to sacrifice us all blew my mind.

"...... to the spirits?
Don't be ridiculous!

 You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life. That's why the old elf shouted that he was wrong.

 He seemed to be angry with the spirit for saying that he would do such a thing. The grandfather elf is angry. He's looking at me with a hard stare.

 Scary, I thought.
 But I knew I had to ask.

"Well, to whom? And you said I was welcome.
"...... I said welcome, as a sacrifice. How else would we elves accept humans and beastmen? Even if they are lowly creatures, they are worthy of (・・・・) sacrifice instead.

 The words of the grandfather elf stuck with me. Instead, he said. Instead of who, instead of whom? When I thought about it, I mumbled.

"Instead of the elves?

 The elves were fewer in number than we were. I took that for granted. But what if they weren't? What if there used to be more elves here? What if they were reduced in number by an act of sacrifice, as the old man said?

Sacrifice to whom?

 It's not a spirit. Not to the spirits that the elves worshipped. Then to whom? Who would the elves, who are so good at magic and so awesome, have to sacrifice to?

 As I pondered this, right in front of me.
"A demon. Intelligent demons. ---- like the gryphons and skyhorse you have with you.
 The grandfather elf said.

 ---- girl and elf 6
 The girl, who is probably a godchild, has a conversation with the grandfather elf. And then she learned their true meaning.