71 The minister begins his journey.

 I, Illume, am on a journey to find the real Godson. In the oracle, I was able to see the divine child. However, I don't know anything else about him. I must somehow meet the girl who is supposed to be the Divine Child, Alice's sister. How should I act first to do so?

 God's beloved children do not die easily. That's what I think. I believe they should be. But ...... does not mean that we can rest assured that Kamiko-sama is safe. I have to see her soon. I want to take action for you. Not for anyone else, but for you.

 ---I'm going on a journey to find you, but not alone. Even though I'm going to look for the Divine Child, I can't let it be known that the real Divine Child is not actually in the Great Temple. Because of that, we cannot organize a large group of people to go looking for the divine children, so we are only a few.

 Including myself, there are about five members who have been organized to search for the divine child. I am not sure if we can manage with such a small number of people, but we still have to accomplish this. I have to see you, Kamiko. No, I want to see you.

 There was a knight of the temple, a female priestess, a maid of honor, and a magic swordsman that the temple had hired.

 There were three ...... women. And only the knight and I are men. Why would I take them on a journey that could be dangerous, a journey where I didn't know what to expect, a journey where I didn't know where I would end up? I think it would be safer to take a man on a dangerous journey than a woman. ...... However, Jint-sama and the Great Temple said that there was no problem with this group.
 If you truly care about the existence of the Divine Child, the best thing to do is to put the Divine Child's will first, but I don't know what kind of will is at work in the members of this group who are going out to find the Divine Child. I wanted to be the first to contact the girl who is said to be the divine child, so that I could confirm her intentions first. If I can get in touch with her first, I can pretend not to see her, unless her will is to come to the Great Shrine. ...... I have to think about it before I meet you.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

I'm not sure what to do first. Master Illume.

 The young woman who was to follow me as my maid of honor looked up at me and asked. The women I was to take with me were surprisingly young and beautiful to look at. I almost wondered if they had been chosen based on that. I'm sure that's not the case. ...... But I almost suspect that it is.

 ...... It is also possible that the godson went to the neighboring kingdom of Migga, but Jinto said that it is unlikely. That's what I think, too. If the Divine Child had entered the Kingdom of Migga, the Kingdom of Migga would have criticized the Great Temple of the Kingdom of Fairytlov for having a false divine child.
 If that is not the case---......, then no divine child has visited the Kingdom of Migga. It is possible that the Divine Child is in the Kingdom of Migga and is unaware of it. ....... I think this is highly unlikely.
 If the Divine Child is living in the Kingdom of Migga, the Kingdom of Migga will be affected in some way, and the Divine Child will be able to receive oracles. If there are no such changes, it means that the Divine Child has not visited the Kingdom of Migga. Then where did he go? ---It's better to think of a place that is neither the Kingdom of Fairytlov nor the Kingdom of Migga. Considering the location of the village where he grew up, I believe that the forest south of the border between the Kingdom of Fairytlov and the Kingdom of Migga is the most likely place for him to have gone.

 However, this is just what I think. I don't know if that's really the case.

I think she might have gone into the forest.
"Into the forest?

 I was met with a quizzical look.
 The female priestess spoke to me.

You are a girl of Alice's age, aren't you? If so, I don't think she would go into the dangerous forest. There is no way a young girl can survive in the forest, and if she had, wouldn't the child be dead by now? You are a priest, and you want to do that? It is only natural for a person in the service of the temple to think of the possibility of seeing the Divine Child alive rather than the possibility of him being dead.

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... Is that right? So let's head to the village where the godson was first.

 The female priestess seemed to be determined not to enter the forest. If that's the case, ...... I wanted to be able to go into the forest so that I could get to the godson alone. ...... No, that's the worst case scenario. You can send the female priestess back to the main shrine, and the other members can follow her into the forest. We need to persuade the other members to do so. First, we need to get to the village where Kamiko-sama is. While we're there, let's try to persuade the others.

 I don't know for sure that he went into the forest, but I can't help but think so.

 ---- Priestess, the journey begins.
 The Priestess begins her journey. (The priest begins his journey.) The priest wants to go into the forest and the members do not want to go in. However, the priest has a strong feeling that the child may have entered the forest.