72 A girl and a demon to exterminate 5

 The extermination of the demon was to take place only after careful preparation and completion of the preparations. In the meantime, we have to be as prepared as possible. ---Losing could lead to losing everyone. No, it probably will.

 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ...... When I told Mr. Dong that I might be a godson, he was surprised, but he made a gesture of understanding. He said that if I might be a divine child, it would make a lot of sense.

 It is said that if you are a divine child, everything will be fine, but if you are a human life, it will not really work that way.

 As for Athos's death, he said, "It's a miracle that only one person, ......, was killed. To be honest, I thought there would be more casualties. But the rest of us were able to survive. I don't think it's Lelanda's fault," he said. I thought, "......, you can think like that. Maybe everyone is ....... When I thought about it, I felt like I was going to shake.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. He didn't ask me to go to a dangerous place to kill a demon. I wouldn't mind being in such a place if I could do it for everyone. But when I told her that, she said I didn't have to do that.

 ---You're just a kid.
 That's what she said.

 I'm just a kid. I don't have the strength to be trusted with everyone I care about. I thought if I had that kind of strength, I could have been more useful in the upcoming demon slaying.

 In the meantime, I learned magic from the elves because I wanted to be able to use it more before the demon extermination. I learned earth magic, which Silva and the others were good at, but I couldn't do it well. I want to be able to use magic more. ---I want to be able to use magic more... If I can manage to kill the demon, no, we'll manage together. If we manage it, we'll have to learn magic for the next one. I want to be able to fight better. Then I'll be able to do my best for you.

 For starters, it's hard to get better at magic before we kill the demons. I'm halfway there. Even if he was a godson, he doesn't know what he's capable of.
 Just because I'm a kid, you say. Ran says there's no rush, that I should just get to know it little by little, but I still feel like I need more, more, more. I know I shouldn't be in a hurry, but I wonder if it's because I always feel so helpless.

"...... Gaius, let's go for it.
I don't want to die or anything.

 I don't want anyone to die. I don't want to lose anyone. The pain of losing Athos will always remain in our hearts. I don't want to lose anyone I care about ever again.
 That's why Gaius and I made a vow.

 We want to create a place where everyone can laugh. We don't want to lose anyone because we want to make that dream-like ideal come true.

 When Gaius and I made our vow together, we hadn't even met the elves yet, but I want to include them in the "everyone", or rather, I'm thinking of including them.
 It's not just me, or just me and Gaius. I want to create a place where we can all laugh. So I don't want any of them to be left out. It may be difficult, it may be an ideal. And although I would like to achieve that goal of not wanting anyone to get hurt, neither Gaius nor I have the power to do so yet.

...... I hate it when someone dies, don't you?
Yeah. ....... So I hope no one dies.

 I think the best thing is to get the strength to say, "I won't let them die. But I don't have that strength, so I can't say, "I won't let anyone die. I clench my fists tightly.

 To fight a demon.
 Just thinking about it makes my body tremble.
 I've spent time with gryphons and siefos, so I'm used to the existence of demons. But I've never met a demon that was hostile to me.

Gaius has been hunting ......, right?
Yeah. But I've never fought an intelligent demon before, and I'm scared of demons that the elves can't beat. ......
Yeah. ......
But we have to win. If we don't win, we won't be able to fulfill our dreams.
Yeah. ......

 Because I want it to come true. Because I want to make a place where we can laugh together. Because we all need to be there to make it happen.
 I'm not strong enough to help, so I can only help from behind, but I can still fight with you. It's no good fighting and losing. We have to win.
 As the two of us stood side by side talking, I was inspired to win.

 ---- And the day of the demon slaying arrived.

 -----The girl and the demon slaying 5
 (The girl, who is probably a child of the gods, laments her helplessness. She thinks that the "everyone" in the vow includes the beastmen and the elves. And the day of conquering demons is already here.