73 Girl and Demon Extermination 1

 Finally, I'm going to conquer a demon.

 There are so many emotions dancing in my mind, the fear of facing a demon, and the feeling that I have to do it .......

 I walk with Gaius, Ilkesai, and the other children.
 Our first priority is to provide logistical support. Because we don't have the strength to fight it directly. The fact that we are going to fight a demon makes us realize this even more.
 The child gryphons are supposed to be with us to provide logistical support.

 Plant demons, horrible demons, demons that demand sacrifices from elves.
 We're about to face it.
 I'm feeling scared.
 I squeezed the hand of Gaius, who was standing next to me. Gaius also squeezed my hand. I think Gaius is anxious, too.

 I shook the other children's hands too. Because he was anxious. I'm worried, we're all worried. I'm anxious, but I don't want to just stand by and watch. That's why we're here, to fight together.
 Squeezing each other tightly, we resolve to do our best.

 It's about a two-hour walk from the elven village.

 The first thing that comes into view is a huge tree. It seems to be glowing a little. Despite the distance between us, the presence of the tree was amazing. It was a fantastic sight. The sight took my breath away, and I wanted to get closer and closer. But then my feet stop me.

"Don't come any closer.

 Ms. Sireva tells me. I'll stop.
 Yes, there are demons under the Spirit Tree. Even if I wanted to get close to it, I shouldn't.

 The demon is ...... tormenting the elves, and I wonder where the demon is that is demanding sacrifice. I looked around from that spot, feeling uneasy. I honestly don't know where the demon is.

 A plant demon.
 We're in the middle of a forest, so there's a lot of plants.
 Sireva says.

"That's the demon over there.

 I hear her voice, sounding like an abomination. She points to the foot of the Spirit Tree. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea. It is smaller than the ...... spirit tree. But it's thicker than most plants. At the end of the stem, there is a flower. A big, big red flower. It's facing down. Lying prostrate on the ground, it ----- turns upward as if a person were to raise his head.

 The center of the red petal is blue. The blue part opens. Is it a mouth? The whole center of it.
 The mouth, which opens with a crack.
 Did it eat the elves with its mouth? I got scared just thinking about it. My body trembles a little.

---- I don't think they've noticed us yet.

 Ms. Sireva exhaled in relief.
 A huge plant. It's so big, even from a distance. I wonder how big it really is.

...... We will defeat that demon in the name of the Spirit Tree. Failure is not an option. If we fail, we die.

 She said, looking around at the elves.

We can't continue to be sacrificed like this. We can't win with our strength. We are unwilling to do so, but we will defeat it with their help. If we do not defeat it, our future will not be open. ...... Lelunda.

 I'm sure you've heard of it.

"...... Lelunda, you have been a catalyst for us. For that, I thank you. We gave up and didn't even fight because we thought we couldn't win. You said you could. And I believe you. The spirits seem to agree with you.

 Sireva turned away.

Let's go. Are you ready, beastman?
...... is fine. I'd like to hear you call me by my name.

"...... If you win this, I'll call you.

 That's the signal.
 That's the beginning.

 I'm trying to figure out when I can do the most damage to the demon in my sight. The demon plops down again. It doesn't look up.

 Everyone is moving towards it.
 The gryphons, the shepheons.
 The elves.
 The beastmen.
 They're all going towards it.

 At my side were Wanon, the child gryphons and children including Gaius, and a few elves and beastmen who stayed behind for logistical support.
 I'll do whatever I can.
 I don't even know what I can do, but I'll do whatever I can. I'll do whatever I can to help them.

 I hoped, but before I could, the demon slammed reality into me.

 ----- The girl and the demon slayer 1
 The girl, who is probably a child of the gods, is on her way to exterminate a demon. The girl sees a huge demon in front of her eyes. The demon slams reality into the girl's vision.