74 Girl and Demon Extermination 2

 It was only for a moment.

 The next thing I knew, the demon was up. It got up and moved its own stems and leaves. And with its body, it reaped what was left of everyone who ran at it.

 Even the earth magic of the elves.
 The weapons wielded by the beastmen.
 The gryphons, the siefos.
 The giant demon reaped it all.

 Its mouth, which should have been lying face down a moment ago, opened secretly. A large tongue can be seen from its mouth. It's blue, just like the mouth part.

Still trying to pounce on me? You're the bait.

 It was a voice that didn't feel right coming directly to my ears. It was as if the demon was speaking to us, not with its mouth, but with something else. Was this the voice that spoke to my heart, as Silva had said?

 I shivered at the sound of its voice.

 It was called "bait.
 That monster doesn't recognize the elves, the beastmen, or maybe even me. That's the only way I recognize it.
 Some of the reapers have fallen down. That's all the terrifying demon that called out to me did in an instant.

 The demon didn't chase after everyone who had been cleaved, but spoke to them. That's because the demon feels it can afford to do so. The demon in front of us seems to feel that we are not a match for it, as if it can do anything to us. How terrifying.

Did you think that you could defeat me with the help of a beast like this? I've been underestimated too.

 The voice echoes. A voice that's calm to the core.
 While the demon was calling out, everyone who had been knocked down rose up. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can help you.
If you're not the bait, then what are you? If you're not bait, then what are you? What are you babbling about when you're nothing but bait?

 Bait. You're the bait. ---- bait. Food. It's what every living thing has to do. I eat something to live. Just like I recognize nuts as food and eat them. This demon probably only recognizes us as food. Just as we try to hunt it and it fights back, this demon is trying to hunt us and we are fighting back.

 ---If you think about it, in a way, this demon is just like us. But I want my loved ones to smile, I want to help the people I want to be friends with, and I don't want to lose them. That's why I'm going to defeat this monster. That may be a selfish idea. But I don't want to lose them.

Well, okay. Then all you have to do is be aware that it's bait.

 That's what that demon said to me. That demon extends its stalk to Miss Sireva. The ones standing in front of her were Dong, Oshacio, and Sinorn.

 Ms. Sireva can use magic, but her physical ability is low. This is one of the characteristics of the elven race, so if she were to be caught by that demon, she might be in trouble. The three of us stood in front of it and responded with our long swords. Although they had been reaped off earlier, it seemed that the sword was not incapable of cutting the demon. However, it seems that its body is too hard to be cut.

 The demon seemed to be thinking of eating Ms. Sireva, and wouldn't touch anything else. But it's not that it can't touch her, it's that it won't. Can't we do something while the demon is still on its guard like this? As I'm thinking this, I see a person attacking the demon from behind. But that person was being dealt with by the demon so fast that I wondered if he had eyes in his back.

 The demon in our line of sight was looking at us as bait. It's not thinking of wiping us out. If they wanted to annihilate us, the demons in front of us would have eaten us by now. Dong and his friends were no obstacle to the demon, and its stalk grew toward Sireva. Then it tried to entangle Ms. Sireva, but was blocked by others. Some blocked, some jumped. But the place doesn't move for a while. ...... Is that demon playing? I'm not sure if plant demons have facial expressions, but they seem to have them.

 What's the point? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. And why are the gryphons and sifo flying in the sky after the first cleave, watching the demon and keeping a wary eye on it? Are they trying to time something? There was a suggestion that since Sifo can use fire magic, why not use it? But it was decided that it would be a problem if the flames burned the spirit tree. So I don't think they are trying to use fire magic.

 In the meantime, it seems that someone managed to cut the huge stalk of the demon. There was a shout of joy at the fact that it had been severed. A thick piece of the severed stalk rolls toward me. The gryphons and sifo in the sky kept their eyes on the rolling stalks as everyone jumped at the stalks with more energy to attack the demons. And then, the stalk moved by itself. Very close to us.

 It is the ramer that jumps at the stalk. The raymer leaps at the stalk and holds it in place with its claws as it spontaneously grows toward you. The stalk gouges the ground as it flails to escape its restraints. Was it aiming at us? Did you notice that it was keeping its distance? Look at the demon.

 ---- I thought our eyes met.

That girl over there, she's got some tasty looking magic.

 A voice echoed. A horrible voice. I look around. Gaius and the others with him didn't seem to hear me. Gaius is looking at me worriedly.
 He's talking to me. He's saying that my magic looks good. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

《As long as you can eat it, I'm willing to overlook the others.

 That demon is talking to me.

---- be eaten by me. Give me your supreme magical power. And I'll let the rest of you live for now, daughter.

 The demon said. The demon says in a terribly low voice.

Give yourself to me quickly. If you don't, go to .......

 The demon entangled Miss Sireva right in front of me. And tried to drag her close.

I'll eat you.

 That's what the demon said.

 ----- A girl and a demon 2
 The vicious demon spoke to the girl, who was probably a child. Give me your body, give me your body. The girl responds with ----)