75 Girl and Demon Extermination 3

 The demon asks me.

 There's no time.
 It's about to pull Miss Sireva into its mouth.
 What should I do?
 I don't have time to think about it for a long time.
 I have to decide. I don't have time to ask someone else to decide.

 I have to... I have to...


 I found myself calling out for Sifo. I was calling out to Sifo when he came into view.

 Sifo answered my call. Shepho came to my side. I jumped on top of her, ignoring Gaius and the others who were trying to stop me.

"Please, Sifo. Get me over there.

 I don't have time to worry about it. I have to do what I have to do. I don't want to lose you again. So that's why I'm gonna...

 I don't have time to listen to the voices stopping me. I don't have time to be held back by a reaching hand.
 Sifo obeyed my words. He looked me in the eye and saw that I was going to do something and he acted. Sifo believes in me. Even though he doesn't know what I'm trying to do, he still believes in me. That's why he's flying with me.

 The distance between you and the demon is getting shorter.
 I felt the demon sneer at me.
 It seemed to be happy that it could eat me in front of its prey.

 I'm scared. I'm afraid of the monster in front of me. I've been thinking that I'm afraid to get close to such a monster. But what's the point of being afraid? If I don't move because I'm afraid, I'll only lose. I wished I didn't want to lose it, and that's why I swore I wouldn't. ......... I can't not move because I'm afraid. No, I don't want to.

 The demon kept me in its sights as it approached, and let go of Ms. Shilleba. And then it stretches out towards me.
 But I'm not going to let it get me.

 The demon stops moving against it.

"I won't let ...... eat you.

 I say this on the sifo.
 The demon's movement remains stationary. I think the demon thought I was going to meekly give myself away.

 That's what I would have done if I had been ...... a while ago. If it was me when I was abandoned by my parents and met everyone.
 But I know that everyone cares about me. I feel it. I'm glad to know that's true, not just a conceit.

 I remember Gaius' words when I first used sacred magic. I thought it would be good for everyone to be saved, no matter what happened to me. Because I love you. Gaius told me to take care of myself. He told me that they cared about me. That's the first time he's ever said that to me. I'd never been told I was important like that. It was the first time someone had scolded me for my sake like that.

 I remember meeting Ran and what she said to me. I told him that I would negotiate with someone to help everyone. I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time. But I was also told that even if I agreed to the bargain, I did not know if everyone would be happy. There are times when pretending doesn't work. Sometimes it's the opposite that hurts. And you said it too. You don't want the people you care about to be sacrificed.

 That's what they told me. They told me. And they showed me with their attitude and words.

 So they won't be happy if I throw myself out here. In the first place, I can't say that this demon won't eat them even if I give myself up.

 ---I came this close because I wanted to catch it off guard. I knew that if I approached it, it would think that I was about to be eaten. That haunting voice said I would be eaten.
 On top of the sifo, I'm looking at the monster.

 The demon is laughing.

You're a girl who makes foolish choices. Then I'll force-feed it to you.

 I hear the demon's voice. It's forcing me to eat it.

 At the same time, the demons that had been standing still began to move.
 The green stalks and leaves of the demons are aimed at me. Sifo dexterously runs between them. Sifo runs through the air at high speed.

 The demon sees me as its prime prey. That's why it's trying to eat me instead of eating everyone else around it.

 It wants me.

 I'm afraid of that fact. I've ridden sifo many times before, but never at such a high rate of speed. I clung desperately to the sifo's body.

 I wondered what I should do now. I was able to get Sireva to let go. I could get her to pay attention to me. They'll all take action in the meantime. I can see that they haven't given up on defeating this monster even after all that. Then what about me? Am I just supposed to run around? Isn't there something I can do since I'm so close?

 I have magic. I know that I have an aptitude for sacred magic, but what about other kinds of magic? Will I be able to use them if I try hard enough? Is there a spell that would work on this demon? I clung to Sifo's body and desperately hoped. I want to do something for everyone. I wanted to use an effective spell on this demon.
 When I wished that, the spirit tree glowed faintly.

 ----- The Girl and the Demon 3
 The girl, who is probably a divine child, has an answer for the demon. The demon sees the girl as the perfect prey, and reaches out its hand, aiming for her magic power.