76 Girl and Demon Extermination 4

 The spirit tree, which had been giving off a faint, blue light, turned on another light.

 That light flies toward me. I am mesmerized by the light as I hold onto the sifo.
 The sifo says, "Hihihin! (Don't let go of my hand!)" and I cling desperately to it, trying not to let go. The demons are still attacking me.

 Looking down, I see beastmen, elves, and griffons desperately jumping at the demon.
 And the light that flew at me came right in front of me. Strangely enough, I could see the shape of the light. It was transparent, so thin that it looked like it was about to disappear, but I could see that it was in the shape of a person. This is a spirit. This spirit must be losing its power. You can see it. The genie under contract with Ms. Sireva did not look like this. I wonder if there is any difference.

 This spirit is right in front of me, and it's saying something. I know it's pleading, but I can't understand a word it's saying. But I thought that the fact that the spirit was right in front of me in this situation meant that it was trying to lend me strength.
 I don't have time to ask Sireva what I should do to get the genie to lend me power. Sifo was single-mindedly avoiding the demon's attack. A part of the cut demon moves, and no matter how many times it is cut, the demon is unfazed. New body parts sprout from the cut parts, and the magic sometimes eats them, sometimes cleaves them away. If we are to overcome this situation, we can't continue as we are. Something must be done to change the situation.

 I look at the genie.
 This genie is here to help me. Then I..., I got an idea.
 I hold onto the sifo and shout to the genie-like being right beside me.

"Your name is Frene! Will you accept me?

 I wondered if spirits, like gryphons and sifo, could make a contract by naming themselves. That's what I thought.
 That's why I shouted the name that came to my mind immediately.

 The magic power drained from my body. I felt like I was losing more than when I made the contract with the gryphons and the sipho.

 In front of me, I can see the spirit ---- Fresne more clearly than before.
 It's in the shape of a person. A girl? I could only vaguely, vaguely see it a moment ago, but now it's taking shape. A girl with light green hair. And she's right beside me.

"Freneh, can you attack that demon with all your might?

 I'm a little disappointed that I have to ask such a question when I just made a contract. I wish the contract could have been completed more slowly.

"Yes, Lern Da. Let's do it together.
Yeah. Lerunda, imagine the wind.
The wind?
Yes. I am the spirit of the wind.
"Wind. Attack with wind. ......

 Frené, the wind spirit. Frené, she says to me.

 "Imagine the wind. So, does Freneh mean I have a high aptitude for the wind? I don't know. And why is it that Fresne became healthy after making the contract? I'll have to ask her when we've defeated the demon.

 But still... Wind. Wind attack. I remember when Gaius ran out to find Athos and was cornered by the adults. When I acted like I wanted to protect Gaius, those adults directed some kind of wind magic at me and Gaius. It was like a tornado. It was a strong magical wind.
 Yeah. Let's imagine that.

 Imagine that, that kind of wind.

Put some magic into it. I'll do the rest.

 I remember that wind. And while you're on top of the sifo, cast your spell. Imagine the wind. A strong, powerful wind. Like the horrible tornado of that time.

 The wind blows.
 There was no wind like this before. So this wind was created by my magic.
 Strong, strong wind dominates the place. I can feel my magic in it. That wind, filled with my magic, is heading towards that demon.

 I'm not in control. It was all I could do just to put such a large amount of magic into it, just to imagine it. So I guess it's thanks to Fresne that this magic is going towards that monster.
 The magic that Freneh and I created together is attacking the demon.
 It doesn't dexterously strike the beastmen, elves, or griffons. It was only directed at the demon.

 ---The Girl and the Demon Slayer 4
 (The light that flew to the girl, who was probably a divine child, was a spirit. The girl made a contract with that spirit. And the girl and the spirit make a magic of wind.