77 Girl and Demon Extermination 5

 Me and Frené's magic.
 I don't even know what it's called, wind magic.

 It was more powerful than the creature could handle. The demon's body was being chopped up. Some of the magic was eaten away, but it was still the most damage I've ever done to an opponent.

 The magic power drained from my body.
 If I let go of Sifo, I might just fall off, and I desperately grabbed onto Sifo.

Lelunda, you'll probably have to destroy the part that the demon is guarding.

 Fresne, who was floating next to me, said.

 The part that the demon is protecting? I wondered, and looked at the demon again. The demon certainly seems to be protecting a part of its own body. No matter how many times the stalk is torn off, it remains intact or grows back, but it looks like it's trying to keep the wind from blowing on the part that connects to the big mouth.

 I wonder if that's where it is. The stems seem to be unconcerned even if they are cut, so it could be the big mouth, the petals, or the connection.
 If we don't destroy those parts, we won't be able to defeat the demon. Then that's where we should aim. And I'll need everyone to aim.

"Everyone but the stems!

 I shouted. As soon as I scream, the demon's mouth turns towards me. And it aims at me even more than before. Since I had used wind magic, its hand had grown stronger. I was able to break the demon's leeway. I'm relieved about that. The demon must have recognized me as a potential threat, not just bait.
 At my words, everyone begins to move to target that part of the demon. It seems that the demon no longer has the luxury of time. The demon is not taking the same care not to kill me as before. The beastmen and elves that were blown away have fallen and are not moving. Even the gryphons are jumping and being blown away by the stalks. But they don't seem to be hurt that badly.

 I got scared.
 We're slowly hunting them down. But that doesn't mean anything if we're all dead. I want us to win.

 I want to...
"Lelunda, let's aim with wind magic.
 I shook my head at Frené's words.
"......, I want to heal everyone.
 I said, "I want to heal everyone," and put some magic in my mouth.

 I think I've consumed a lot of magic power after signing the contract and using wind magic. When I collapsed once, I was told not to push myself too hard, but I wanted to push myself. Even if I had to push myself, I wanted to make sure that everyone would not die.
 When I said that, Fresne looked at me as if she had no choice but to hold my hand. At the same time, something warm entered my body. Is this magic power? Is Fresne's magic entering my body?

"If you're going to use magic, use this. Lelunda, you're going to collapse.
Thank you.

 Fresne gave me his magic to keep me from falling. And I said thank you.
 I wish with all my heart for the magic he gave me. I want to heal everyone who's been cleaved, fallen, or injured below me right now. I don't want them to die. Because I hope so. Because I want us all to win. With that in mind, I wish. I wish with all my magical power.

 And the magic will drain away again. I put so much magic into it that the magic Fresne gave me is gone.
 It's glowing. The glowing magic is flowing into everyone who is down or bleeding. I stop attacking and wish. That wish becomes magic, and sacred magic is formed. Maybe Fresne is helping too.

 Mr. DONG is slashing at her, battered and bruised. I hope he heals. The wound is healing. Oh, this is how my power can help everyone. I hope for more. I hope they're all okay. Maybe I should've done this from the start. But I wouldn't have been able to use so much magic if I hadn't made a deal with Freneh.

 My magic will continue to heal everyone. And slowly the demons are being hunted down. They're outnumbered and they're coming after us. The wounds from the wind spell I just cast with Fresne haven't healed the demons yet. It's regenerative ability hasn't caught up.

 And the demon's end is coming.

 The blue part of the mouth has been cut. The connection between that part and the stem was also cut. It was Dong's and Sireva's final touches. Dong's sword sliced through the mouth, and Sireva's magic hit the monster with all her might. That was the end.
 The demon's attack had reached everyone, but my magic and Fresne's had healed most of their wounds. I was still up in the sky, watching the demon crumble. I was still above the sky as I watched the demons fall.

 The crumbling demon is a piece of bait.
I'm not sure what to make of this.
 It was trying to tell me something.

 Something about the Spirit Tree.
 But before he could finish his sentence, the demon died.

 And I'm facing the Spirit Tree.

 ---- The Girl and the Demon Slayer 5
 (The girl, who is probably a goddess, uses magic. And the demon dies. The tree is right in front of the girl.