78 Prince, what to think.

 I, Hiccup Migga, thought back to the conversation I had just had with Ninaef Fairlie, the fifth princess of the Kingdom of Fairytlov, who had become my fiancée.

 She was surprised by my words. She was expressing her astonishment at the fact that I had met a girl who might be a godson.
 My fiancée, Nina, had a thoughtful expression on her face as I spoke. And then she said. I thought that might be the case. I guess that's why the godson who was taken in by the Great Temple of the Kingdom of Fairytlov had some doubts.

 By the way, the village of the beastmen, which had become a husk of a village, was said to be a good place with abundant nature and growing crops. There is talk that it would be better to set up that place and go out to explore the untouched forest. ...... Perhaps the reason why that land is so good is because it is the land that the girl who might be the godson loved.

 Perhaps it's because it's the land that the girl who might be the godson loved. I don't know if she is still alive or not. To be honest, I think it's more likely that she's dead. However, if the mysterious girl is really the Divine Child, I think it's impossible for her to be dead.

 Still, I wonder what will happen to the kingdoms of Failytrov and Migga. The current relationship between the two kingdoms will change when the blunder that the Great Temple of the Kingdom of Fairytlov was protecting a fake divine child becomes public. My father can't start a war with the Kingdom of Fairytlov because they have the divine child. The fact that the Kingdom of Fairytlöf has the Divine Son makes Father anxious and he is increasing the number of slaves. If he found out that Fairytlöf's son was a fake, he would have no hesitation in saying something like "the crime of deceiving the son is serious" and start a war.

 ---The cat beastmen that were captured before were mostly used as battle slaves under the knights. But ...... I have heard that some of the captured women are being sold to brothels.
 I've been receiving reports from my men about the condition of the beastmen I've captured and reduced to slavery. Frankly, it's heartbreaking. There are a good number of them in the kingdom of Migga who have been deprived of their freedom and are suffering like that. Father is willing to enslave non-humans. In fact, he would even enslave humans who disobeyed him. There is a certain amount of opposition to this, which I can feel even more now that I have come to the frontier.

...... I don't know what's going to happen now.

 To be honest, if the girl being protected in the Kingdom of Fairy Trop really isn't a godchild, I don't know what the people who are opposing her will do.
 Nina also doesn't seem to be willing to tell the king of Fairytlov, her father in short, that I might not be a divine child. I don't know what Nina, my fiancée, is thinking at the moment, but she seems to be a calm, forward-thinking princess for her age.

 Maybe that's because she's in the same low position of succession as I am. The position of royalty with low hereditary rights is much more complicated than people in other positions think. You can be abandoned at any time. Such a position. Not many people can remember the names of the royalty with low hereditary rights among the people.
 To me, my father is an absolute being.

 I can't disobey my father. I've been following his orders.

 Right now, he's in a good mood because I'm engaged to the fifth princess of the kingdom of Fairytlov, but when things cool down, he'll order me to take on more slaves.
 It's also rumored in the capital that my brother, the fourth prince, was able to reduce one of the dragon people to slaves. It is also rumored that the fifth prince is driving away the people with unusual customs by order of his father. ....... I don't know how the existence of the Divine Child will affect this situation.

 The mere fact that a divine child has appeared in the world is a very influential thing in this world.

 I don't know what I can do in the face of that influence.

 For now, I can only deepen my friendship with my fiancé. I haven't gotten to know my fiancée Nina that well yet. Since I don't know how the two countries are going to turn out, I don't even know if I'm really going to get married to my fiancée, but it's best to at least have a good idea of how Nina plans to move forward.

 The only thing I can do is to hide the fact from my father that the girl I met at ...... might be a godson and pass that information on to Nina. If I were a more open-minded person, I might have taken more action, but I'm afraid of my father. I can't deviate from what he wants me to be. Even if he were to disappear, I would not know how to act. I hate myself, but that's who I am.

 ----- Prince, I think.
 The prince is engaged to a princess from a neighboring country and is thinking about many things. But for now, he can't leave the king's rule.