83 Discussing with the girl 1

 After the demon slaying, we were all having a discussion. Not only where we should go from here, but also how we should move from here.

 ---It's a discussion that includes the fact that I might be a godson.

First, we need to figure out where we're going.
Where do you want to go, Shillelagh?
...... We know no other place. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. But where there is no such thing as a demon. And I would like to go somewhere where there is no one who wants to enslave us.
This is of course true ......, but it is quite possible that such beings will appear after the initial migration.

 I listened to Sireva and Dong having a conversation as I rode on top of Raymer. Next to me is Freneh. The other contracted demons are there too. Gaius is at my side listening.

"That's not all. If Lerunda is a child of the gods, then at least humans will touch us if they find out. No, not only humans, but other beastmen could also be after Lerunda. Then surely we shouldn't assume that we can escape.

 I might be the godson.

 That fact makes things even more complicated. The fact that I might be a godson is the only reason I have to think about it.
 When I think about it, I feel a little depressed. I'm in trouble because I might be a godson.

Lern Da, don't be depressed. I'm not blaming you. And if you're a godson, then we'll understand. At that time, when Athos died, I think it was thanks to you that only so much damage was done. I honestly didn't know what was going to happen at that time.
"...... Yes.

 I nodded as Mr. Sinorn continued.

It's not your fault. It's not your fault. Lerunda's presence has helped a lot. It's because of Lerunda that I was able to defeat the demon that was under the spirit tree. And the Spirit Tree. So you can be more proud of yourself. I'm sure you're not the only one.
"Yeah ...... sorry. I'm sorry I interrupted you.

 I'm sorry I interrupted you to comfort me.

It's okay. We shouldn't even be thinking about running. We should get the strength to fight, yes. Not to run, but to protect. I don't want Lelunda to get in trouble.

 We were running, as Mr. Sinorn said. We ran because we were threatened. We ran because humans were attacking us. And where we ran, we met elves. All we could think about was getting away to a peaceful place.
 But that's not good enough. Now we find a new place to run to? And then where? Can we really escape? There are problems like that. You can't live like that for very long. So, what should we do?

 We should certainly try to fight instead of run. To protect. Because there's nothing you can do but run, run, run. Because then we'd just have to run forever.

Right. We should look for a place where we can live for a long time, not just keep running away. Then we should look for a place where we can live comfortably.

 Mr. Oshacio also said.

 We should not keep running away, but find a place where we can live forever. Even if we don't know what will happen to us after that, the first priority is to find a place where we can live forever. And to protect them so that they can live there forever.
 I thought that was a good idea, too.

 Mr. Dong heard their conversation and looked at me and Gaius for some reason.
 Then he opens his mouth.

"Lelunda and Gaius came to tell me something. ---After Athos died. They want to build a place where beastmen can live in peace.

 That's what Gaius and I swore. It may not be possible. But we hoped and we swore. That's the kind of place we want to build.

 Everyone's eyes turned to us as Dong-san said.

"I think we should do what you wished. I think we should follow your wish. It may be difficult, but if we don't try, we'll never be able to do it.

 Our unspoken desires. The vow that Gaius and I made as just two people.
 To make it not just mine and Gaius's wish, but everyone's wish. That's what Mr. dong is saying.

"With our own hands, we'll build a place where we can live in peace, and we'll be strong to protect it. Wouldn't that be great?

 Mr. Dong looked around at the faces of everyone and asked.

 ---The girl and the discussion 1
 (Maybe the girl, who is a goddess, will talk about the future with everyone she cares about. What are we going to do now?