84 Discussing with the girl 2

 Mr. Dong's words quieted the place for a moment.
 Gaius and I wish we could make that wish come true together. I think it would be great if we could all have the same wish, me and Gaius. I look at everyone.

 One of them spoke up.

"I wish I had a place like .......

 When one person speaks up, others begin to speak up.

"I think it's a great idea.
"Me too.
I really wish I could find a place like .......
Yeah. Me too.
I'd like ...... to be a place like that.

 Everyone spoke up, and no one said it couldn't be done. I thought that fact was great. I was glad that people wanted to do it.
 Mr. Dong smiled, satisfied with his words. He smiled and said.

"Then we'll make a place where we can feel safe. That's why we need to find a place where we can live. A place where we can grow spirit trees and where we can live comfortably.

 We'll make it.
 A place where we can feel safe.
 A place where we can grow spirit trees and where we can all live comfortably.

 It may be hard to find such a place. It may be hard to find it. But I want to find it.

 Everyone nodded at Dong's words. No one's saying we can't. Everyone believes we can. I thought that was great, great.

"We'll find a place where we can be at peace. And we will protect that place. We have to find a place where no one is missing. The process may be difficult. But we have to do it for our future.

 Mr. Dong tells me.

 Our goal. The dreams and vows that Gaius and I have wished for will become the wishes, dreams, and vows of everyone.
 It may be an ideal, but it's an ideal that no one will ever forget. It may be difficult to say that no one will be lost. But if we don't aim for it, nothing will happen. Even if everyone else says it will never come true, even if everyone else denies the dream, we who want to make it come true want to keep believing in it.

You may have to borrow the power of Lernda, who may be a divine child, for that purpose. But I don't want you to do anything rash. I don't want you to use too much magic and fall down like before. We'll do our best so that Lerunda won't have to go that far.
"Yeah, ......, I'll do my best, too.

 Everyone is kind.
 If you think I might be a godson, then you can use me to your advantage. I'm sure you can use me as a shield, but you don't want to, because I might be a godson, and I don't think people can hurt me, considering what I've been through.

 Everyone is so kind, it warms my heart.

So, I'd like to ask Fresne, the contracted spirit of Lelunda.

 Next, Mr. Dong looked at Fresne. Perhaps it was because he called Frenais by name that the elves looked at him a little. The elves seemed to be bothered by the fact that she was so special to them. Fresne looked at the elves as if to say, "Good grief.

"What do you want to ask?
What is the best place for a spirit tree to grow?
What kind of place is a good place for a spirit tree to grow?" "A place with good magic flow for spirits. And a place with good water. Well, ask me and I'll tell you if this is a good place.
I'll take care of it.

 One by one, they talked about the problem.

Now, where do we go first?
"Well, ......, how about going south for a while?

 Mr. Lan opened his mouth.

Yes. I think the first thing we should do is to get away from the Kingdoms of Fairytlov and Migga, who know about the existence of the Divine Child. Perhaps the Kingdom of Fairytlov is aware that the protected child is not real. Then, there is a high possibility that they will come looking for Lelunda. So the best thing to do is to leave. Let's go further south. Eventually, people may reach that far, but we should stay out of their reach. We should do this for the sake of Lerunda, the beastmen and the elves. When we are able to create a place where we can truly feel safe, we will be able to build roads and maybe even interact with humans, but until we can do that, we should stay hidden.

 It's my fault that I have to leave. Not only that, but the beastmen and the humans may come to us because I may be a godson. Not only that, but the beastmen and elves might be enslaved as well, so the best thing to do right now is to get far away from the land of humans.

"Well, then... let's go south.

 And so, with no clear conclusion as to where we should go, we decided to go south.

 ---With the girl, discussion 2
 (Maybe the girl, who is a goddess, is happy that the dream of the girl and the boy will become the dream of everyone. And the girls are going to the south.