85 The Princess and the Company

 I, Ninaef Fairlie, have become engaged to Master Hiccup Migga. Although it was only an engagement, I seemed to be getting to know Master Hiccup. Hiccup and I would travel to and from each other's frontier cities.

 I met a girl who might be a godson.
 That's what Hiccup said.

 Of course there was the possibility that Hiccup was lying. But it never seemed to me that he was lying.

 I was able to ask him a few questions about where he had met the girl who might be the Divine Child. She said she met her in the woods. But I couldn't talk about such complicated matters in front of people.

 --Maybe this is something we should tell each other's kings. But I was hesitant to tell my father, and Hiccup seemed to be keeping it to himself. Why did Hiccup only tell me about the existence of the girl who might be the divine child? Is he expecting something from me? Is he expecting something from me? Or did he just want to tell someone?
 The godson. Even if the godson isn't real.

 What will happen to our country? The Kingdom of Feelytrov will not be safe. If the people find out he's not a godson, they won't be quiet and they'll be in trouble for impersonating a godson. I honestly don't know how the Kingdom of Migga will be affected by the Kingdom of Fairytlov.

 ...... Honestly, if the girl that Hiccup encountered is real, I have no way to find her. I can't do that. Then what to do. What should I do?

 The first thing I'm thinking of is to give Alice, who is protected as a divine child, the ability to do something if she turns out to be a fake. Right now, I'm gradually gaining allies in the outlying areas, but I don't have the strength to move if something happens to this country.
 It would be nice if I could get a reliable contact at the High Priestess, but that is difficult at the moment.

 And to deepen our relationship with Lord Hiccup. I've heard that Hiccup has a knight under his command, and that Hiccup's servants seem to adore him with all their hearts. But Hiccup doesn't seem to have much regard for them. Why does Hiccup have such a sorrowful look in his eyes? He can use magic, and he has talent.

 Why does he always have that look in his eyes as if he has given up on everything? If he could truly cooperate with Hiccup, it would make it easier for him to move on if the kingdom of Fairytlov collapses in the worst case scenario. I wonder if I could get to know Hiccup better, if I could find out why.

 ---In the midst of all this thinking, a merchant came to me.

 He belonged to the Venetian merchants, a powerful group of merchants at home and abroad. At first, I had no idea why such a person would come to me.

 The merchant smiled and said.

The merchant smiled and said, "The owner of my business is an old friend of Miss Landono Stoffer who used to be the tutor of the Divine Child. We gave up on this country when she was sentenced to exile. However, if the Kingdom of Fairytlov were to completely collapse, it would have a great impact on our business association. Therefore, we are trying to move to prevent that from happening.

 Landono Stoffer, the woman who was tutoring Alice, who is protected as her godson. I don't know where she's gone now. I heard through the grapevine that she's disappeared from the country. She's already unveiled her child, but she hasn't made any big move. I'm not the only one who thinks this country may be doomed. I feel a little relieved by that fact.
 This country, or rather the people, are delusional in their belief in the existence of the Divine Child. They believe that as long as there are gods and children, this country will be safe and will not collapse.

 That's why they believe that there is no such thing as a god child when they can protect it.

So, why did you come to me?
"After gathering information, I was curious about Your Highness' behavior. Her Royal Highness has a clear view of reality. Any other royalty would have been upset by my statement. The fact that you don't shows that you understand the current situation of this country correctly. You're royalty, even if your right of succession is low. Considering the future, my Lord wishes to have a cooperative relationship with you.
"A partnership: ......?
"Yes. We will use you. We use you, and you use us. That's the kind of relationship He wants.
Use you?
Yes. Use and be used.

 I opened my mouth when the woman smiled and said that.

 ---The princess and the Chamber of Commerce.
 The princess heard the prince's words. (The princess heard the prince's words. She wanted to know more about the prince, and as she continued to think about what she should do from now on, a certain business association contacted her.